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Hire Me! Creating Compelling Online Profiles That Tell Employers to Hire You

Updated on April 1, 2013

How Searchable are You?

When it comes to hiring, what you say in your CV carries a lot of weight on whether you are going to clinch that job you have been pinching for. Sadly, most of us have very neat and perfectly written 'old' resumes but very shabby online profiles, or none at all. It is like we have still not realized that the online profile matters as much as the conventional CV.

If you are still one of the old alums who do not believe your online profile has a lot to play in sketching your employabilty meter, here is a little something to mull over.

The internet technology and social media have completely revitalized the way employers are looking for new talent. Sending an application letter to your employer is simply not enough. Or haven't you realized how in today's job market computer literacy is always a must? How do you tell your employer that you are computer literate without even arriving at the job interview bench?

The answer lies in online profiles, and on how searchable your profile is. There are several social networking platforms you can use to create an online profile. Some of the most common ones include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, G+ and the good old blogs.

However, having an online profile is in itself not enough to improve your employabilty meter. What you do (or don't do) with your online profile matters a lot. To begin with here are some suggestions to improving your online profiles across all the major social networking profiles.

Creating a Perfect Profile Suited for Online Employers and Job Recruiters

  • Learn from the Best

Going through online profiles of well-respected industry players is key to modelling your own online profile. As a media practitioner, for example, I make sure that I seek out profiles of lead players in the industry and imitate a thing or two from their profile. I study the tags they use on their profile and though I may not copy-paste anything from their profile, it directs me towards what is working.

  • Conveniently update you Profile Bio

Make your bio appealing to your target audience, in this case potential employers and headhunters. Flaunt your qualifications for good measure, skills and hobbies.

  • The profile Photo/Picture Talks

Are you looking to be hired via the social media? Is seeking out professional connections the reason why you are on social media? If yes is the answer to these two questions, then for chrissake you need to leave the memes and other funny and un-befitting avis to high school kids! Make sure that your profile has a professional looking recent photograph of you-preferably a clear head shot. A profile without an image is often times not even given a second thought. As they say in my field, a good picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Don't Be Redundant

Engage in mature social conversations. Remember that your online profile not only lets you connect with important contacts and networks but also sells you to the possible employers and headhunters. This also entails giving recommendations of friends you know to employers, sharing links to jobs they are qualified for with them and et cetera. The logic here is the more you give, the more you are likely to receive.

  • Google your name to Find out What is Available About You

Most likely, potential employers will Google your name to find out what is available online about you. Sometimes, the good ol' Mr. Google might popup something we could have preferred to remain private or something we did and forgot that it exists. Why not take the time to Google and clean up your online skeletons?

  • Research the Online Job Market

Like any other brand marketing, research is crucial when you are trying to sell out yourself to possible employers and headhunters in the cyberspace. Try to find out which words employers and online recruiters are using when looking for employees or advertising for job descriptions in the internet and use them in your profile bio and else where in your profile. Chances are if you adequately researched this, an employer or recruiter will land on your profile.

Looking for Reasons to Create an Online Presence, Look no Further

Most companies are turning to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to announce for job openings. You won't also believe the amount of headhunters scouring the social media looking for new talent to poach.

Facebook Pages have taken the game an inch higher and liking a Company's Page will most probably mean that you will be among the first peolple to know about job openings in the company.

Blogs are an invincible tool when it comes to marketing yourself online. Blogs written with the sole intention of marketing yourself to employers tell them you are more than just another job seeker out there. It is a way of marketing your expertise in your particular niche.

Conventional networking used to be the bomb in those days. Nowadays online networking has revitalized everything and made networking even easier. Strive to make your connections in LinkedIn more than just mere online presences.


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