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How to Make Quick Cash

Updated on January 7, 2011


Making some quick cash the same day you need it is a handy skill to have.  You will have a list of unconventional ways to make that happen and more importantly make the money come in fast.

Follow this tips and you will earn a little extra emergency cash.

Getting money today

Getting cash the same day its needed is not easy but here are some ideas that can work.

1. Recycle Cans - Walk around the neighborhood and locate aluminum cans thrown out, take them to a recycler and you have some cash.

2. Metal Detector - Rent a metal detector and look on beaches and parks for coins and rings.  Finding old habitation areas can produce old coins as well.

3. Yard Sale - Turn your trash to cash, sell your items in your yard and post some signs to attract buyers.

4. Donate Plasma - Donate your plasma for $40 or so up to 8 times a month and you get paid the same day in cash.


None of these ideas will make you rich but they will allow you to earn some quick cash the same day you try them.  There are hundreds of these ideas that make you bits of cash here and there so good luck.


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