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How to Make it Rich as a Car Valet

Updated on May 2, 2015

What is a Car Valet?

When I'm out on a date and I take my lady to a nice and expensive restaurant, I want the luxury of driving up to the restaurant and be treated like royalty. I would like to hand over my vehicle and have it running when I leave the restaurant. No more worrying about where to park it and how far from the restaurant. That's where a car valet comes in. He or she greets you at the moment you pull your car up, hold the door open, gives you a stub and takes care of your car. They take care of the vehicle and park it in a reserved area, lock it and place the keys in a secured and centralized box. When the summoned, a car valet will retrieve the keys from the box and fetch the vehicle.

Upon pickup is when the car valet is tipped or paid. This amount may vary depending on whether the restaurant or hotel provides the service to their patrons. Most upscale restaurants provide complimentary car valet services and tips are only encouraged.


Car Valets are Everywhere...except at Hospitals

Car valets are employed at almost every hotel and resort. Restaurants from the very prestigious to the casual fares use car valets when parking is a premium. Roy's, an Asian Fusion restaurant in Newport Beach, Rancho Mirage, Scottsdale and Hawaii offers a complimentary car valet service to their guests while dining at Roy's. Most patrons will still tip the valets for their service.

One place that does not employ car valets is at hospitals where it is highly needed. Imagine driving a loved one to Emergency and having to be in two places at one time. Do you help your loved one to the Admitting desk or do you park your car? Most people would assist their loved ones through the front door, holler for the nurse to take over then run back to their car before it gets towed.

If a car valet met you at door and gave you a stub, you could help your loved one through the harrowing experience of being admitted without the concern of parking your car. When your loved one is out of danger, you can pick up your car from the valet and park it appropriately in the visitor parking complex.

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No Competition...Road to Richness

Having a car valet service at hospitals make perfect sense. In Alberta, Canada, a politician named Brian Jean of the Wildrose party wants to make free two-hour parking mandatory at all Alberta hospitals. If parking was free, hospitals could offer a complimentary car valet service to their patients' loved ones.

For most who have to drive their car to a hospital, the stay is often extended and parking cost is expensive. Having a car valet park in residential or neighbourhood areas may save on cost. Some hospitals are located in residential areas while other hospitals are right in the middle of downtown where parking costs are ridiculous.

Car valets can set up shop in front of the Emergency at hospitals. They can rotate cars like they do at some hotels. Patrons would have to leave their keys with car valets so that their vehicle can be moved around. When their loved ones are out of the woods, they can return to the car valet, tip them and get their keys back.

Next Steps

To start your own car valet service at a hospital, check with local laws and talk to an administrator in the Parking and Transportation department of the hospital. Note that some hospitals do not take care of the parking that is onsite. Instead, they outsource the facility use to a third party. Scout out a hospital parking lot and see if there is a parking company associated to it. Talk to the parking attendant and ask for the manager in charge of the parking at the hospital.


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