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How to Narrow Your Search for Freelance Writing Jobs

Updated on April 23, 2012


Not all freelance sites are created equal. Finding a couple of sites that cater to your needs will limit the amount of time you search for just that right paying job. Some sites require you to apply, register or post your profile. Some charge a fee to use the site and others lists job requiring a physical move.  The right one for you is out there.  Here are a few you can eliminate or add to your favorite sites.


            Poe War ( requires you to post a resume’.  This will cost you $25.00 but includes a free newsletter.  Jobs are listed in general writing, freelance, technical, copywriting, blogging, social media and others.  Clicking on jobs that interest you, will lead to a brief description of what the client wants.  Clicking on more information will give you the pay, time limit and an advertise number to follow through the process.


            Freelance formerly called Get a Freelancer, ( is a good source for small businesses.  You can sign up for free and agree to their terms and conditions.  Then you are offered to become a Gold Member for $24.95 per month.  58% of the projects are won by Gold Members, who also pay less commissions and rank higher in listings. The jobs listed include software writing, data entry, sales and marketing, legal services, types of jobs needed by small businesses. Hit the browse and search button to see jobs listed. You receive the name and brief description and can follow up with your bid.


            Freelance daily ( boast they do all the work for you.  They search over 250 URL’s per night and read more than 400 ads, then publish the findings in a daily newsletter printed Monday thru Friday. To join this site you pay $97.00 per year. You can receive a free trial for one week.


            Freelance Free ( requires you to register to join the site.  You must provide a user name, your name or company name and e-mail address.  They will send an e-mail to you to activate your participation.  They offer many types of jobs including, Data entry, Programming work, and web design. You bid on jobs from which they provide the status, open, frozen or closed. You can follow activity on your projects, escrow payments, ratings or reviews and referral links.


            Writelance ( another site that you must sign up before you can use the site.  They require a brief information sheet and will e-mail you with a confirmation number and site.  Clicking on this will lead to the job listings.


            Genuine jobs ( require an application to gain access to the job search site.  Clicking on a title of a job will lead you to a brief description and what is required by the client.  This site has many ads so keep scrolling down until you find the information you are searching.


            Guru ( is a site to hirer freelancers.  You want to post your resume or profile and also check on the postings.  You must registry with the site and check the project list.  Submit a proposal and bid on the projects.  The site simplifies the process by stating: request a deposit, deliver the work and get paid.  If it was only that easy!  


            Ifreelanace ( requires you to post your profile, and then get access to 1000’s of jobs. The site had more interior design, web design, 3-D animation, graphic design and logo design than writing assignments. There is a good display of the bidding details to follow along when waiting for the winning bid.


            The previous sites require some personal information to be given before they allow you access to their sites.  This information often is sold and forwarded to other data banks.  You might receive unwanted e-mails and requests.  The following sites jump right into the job listings and request nothing from you.


            Sunoasis ( site has you just click on freelance jobs that interest you. The site gets paid from companies who pay $100. to post their jobs for 45 days.  They have categories for education, law firms, and legal copywriters, pet writers and more.  Scroll down looking for a job the interest you.  Each listing tells the position, location, job status, salary, expiration date and job ID.  This site also lists jobs from other sites.


            Writing Career ( is a good educational site as well as freelance opportunity site.  They offer career guides, such as: medical writer, children’s book author, food writer and more. Some articles are free others charge a small fee.  Next choice is free writing career articles.  These are free articles written by authors like you sharing trial stories. Podcasts are digital media files as audio or video.  This site has many educational choices.  Writing career help offers answers to such questions as ‘I need to learn more about…’ Just click and go to any of the many helpful suggestions offered at this site.  They also list freelance jobs with project ID, title, description including the budget, date and number of hits.  Good site to keep on favorites. 


            Freelance Writing ( includes a video tutorial series.  You can go back to the start and watch them. They post articles and a Morning Coffee Newsletter. You can pull up job postings for the last 6 days. They list many writing jobs, but most require a move out of state. This is more like a classified listings.  The web site is tricky, hard to find what you are searching.


            Freelance Writing Gigs, ( is a writer’s job network.  They list job leads, writing tips, business help, and job hunting tips. Click on writing jobs, leads you to a daily update, but you can go back to check previous jobs.  They posted a lot of technical jobs.  The site gives the job locations; very few are work from home. The site also lists jobs on Craig’s list.


            Journalism jobs, ( is a job board for media professionals. You click on jobs that interest you and receive the company name, position, location, job status, salary, ad expiration date and the job ID.


            Writers Weekly ( has a list of recent markets and jobs.  They list only magazine paying markets. Some magazines pay by the word, some for the complete article.  The magazines listed include, Air Line Pilot, Small Farm Today, Adirondack Life, Balloon Life, Fishing Fact Magazine and many more. The site has a new writer’s resource center and helpful articles on writing for magazines.


            Writing Bids ( is a good site because it lists other site jobs.  Why look at many, when one covers them all? Listed is a quick search for Article writing, content writing, copywriting, website, book, health and more. Click on the name of interest and scroll down to all postings. Each posting has the job ID, title, description with budget, source, date added and number of hits. You can check just today’s posting or check all previous postings.


            Online Writing jobs, ( is the same site as Writing Bids. The information is exactly the same just the color of the background is different.  You pick which one you like best.   


            Choosing a web site for freelance writing can be difficult.  Pick the ones that provide you with the information you need. Every writer is searching for different jobs so don’t waste your time on sites that don’t match your personality.



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