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Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Credit Card

Updated on September 24, 2014

The Importance of Credit Cards

Credit cards are very useful and they come in handy. These little plastic cards pack a lot of power and you no longer have to carry cash with you when you have a credit card. The information stored in your credit card are always on the risk of getting lost especially if you are fond of shopping online. Some websites aren't what they seem and it can be an avenue to get hacked. So how do you protect your credit card?

How to Protect Your Credit Card

Keep Your Credit Card in a Safe Place

See to it that you store your credit card in a place that is not easily seen by those who have evil designs. Keep it well that it cannot be snatched. Place it inside your wallet where it cannot be easily seen by others. If you have a lot of credit cards and you are going shopping, choose only one or two and leave the others at home. Besides, you are not planning on maxing out every one of your card, are you?

Check Your Card

Before leaving a store or any establishment, double check if you have your credit card with you. Leaving it some place can subject it to unauthorized transactions. It can also be vulnerable to theft.

Check Credit Card Receipts Before Signing

Do not sign blank receipts. Before signing any charge slips, check the amount first if that is yours and that is the amount that you have purchased.

Use Internet Credit Cards

Some credit cards have e-credits where a separate credit card is used for online shopping and other online transactions. It has a different card number. Usually, this e-credit card has a lower credit limit but it is attached to your main credit card.

Destroy any papers that has your credit card info on it

If you have papers or billing statements that reflect your credit card information and the likes, destroy them by shredding them or tearing them apart. Dumpster divers might get ahold of it and use it.

Giving Out Credit Card Information

Be wary when someone asks for your credit card information. If you are not sure about who is asking, don't give it to them.

Know your rights as a credit card holder

In case your credit card and private details are compromised, there is a law that will back you up. What's important is that you report a lost or stolen card as soon as possible.

Report Lost or Stolen Cards

In the event that your card is lost or stolen, don't waste time in calling the credit card company hotline before someone else will be able to access your card.


Review your bills and countercheck if you are the one who made the purchase. In order to track this, make a list of the purchases that you made with your card.

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