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Save Money on Gas Tips

Updated on November 13, 2014

How to Save Money on Gas

Try Shifting Into Manual

Manual transmission is truly excellent. Everyone should at least try it out once. You can pretty much determine if you want a sporty shifting (at higher RPM) or a fuel efficient shifting (at low RPM). there are also higher losses associated with automatic transmissions, due to the way an automatic transmission shifts. A manual transmission can be so much more efficient with your fuel if you know how to do it right.

You need to shift up early and then shift down late If you have a manual transmission and want to save great money on gas. Most drivers are instructed that they need to shift at certain RPMs. You need to get a good feel of the vehicle and the road conditions to figure out when you need to properly shift.

A vehicle that goes up a hill needs to pull much more and should be driven at a higher RPM, or else it will jump on you. Also, if you are driving along an empty road, you can then drive at an extremely low RPM. This is high gear for those that do not know. If you want to drive faster, you will need a bit more power, shift down quickly, get up to speed and then shift up once more.

Shift in Automatic

you probably should use your cruise control if there isn't a lot of traffic. This will keep the speed constant and you won’t need to accelerate either.

Use can use the overdrive gears, which will keep your RPM down and your money situation a lot better. Also try shifting into neutral when you are standing still to effectively reduce transmission strain and cool off the cars transmission.

Learn how to Brake Better

Car usually consumes more of its gas as it accelerates. Force equals mass times acceleration. Moving cars don’t require much gas to keep themselves moving. In order to greatly improve your gas mileage, you need to keep the ride smoother than usual.

Check out these simple examples:

30% of drivers in heavy traffic cannot control their speed with the accelerator pad. Instead drivers speed up and slam on the brakes whenever they get the chance to. This makes the guy driving behind you quite nervous and they too need to accelerate and brake more often. Keep a little more distance from other drivers and you will see how you won’t be really using your acceleration pad as you have been before.

If the traffic is moving along, you will rarely need to brake. If you pay close attention vehicles ahead of you, then you can anticipate when other vehicles slow down and then you can ease off the gas pedal. Now, you won't have to lose all your power to friction and you can keep your speed without having to accelerate like before. this is the most effective way to save gas and can easily get you 10% - 20% much better gas mileage, In heavy traffic.

Turn the air conditioner off

Whenever you can, try to turn your air conditioner off when the weather outside deems appropriate.

You will be surprised to see that so many drivers still use their air conditioner in the in the spring or fall time when they really don’t need too. This too is a great way to save money on gas. The only thing about this is that you have to keep remembering to consciously do this.

Reduce the weight of your vehicle

Remember that the force equals mass times acceleration. We already established that a driver shouldn't accelerate as often as they do.

Try to reduce the weight of your vehicle by emptying the trunk and removing heavy items that you really don't use or need anymore. Always keep a full spare tire and car jack just in case any emergency arises that you need to use one.

Turn the car off

When your car on, it uses a bit of gas. Your car uses a fixed amount of gas over a period of time when the car is idling, This is especially when the air conditioner is on.

If you turn off your car for more than 20 seconds at a time, the balance of energy will be positive
What this means is that you can save gas if you turn your car off while waiting at a long traffic light, railroad crossings.

Any time you can foresee that you will not be moving for more than 30 seconds to a minute, you should turn off the car engine.

Drive Hybrid Cars

Try avoiding fast braking. Hybrid cars usually have the ability to transfer the power of breaking into electrical energy and store them in their batteries. If you need to slow down faster, your brakes will engage and your energy will then be gone.

Start braking much sooner and don't slam on your brakes in the last minute the next time you are approaching a traffic light. This will dramatically improve the efficiency of your hybrid vehicle.

By starting to slow down sooner, you can avoid approaching a complete stop, before the traffic light switches to green and the cars in front of you start moving. So you can keep some of the inertia and don't have to accelerate as much. This will save you more gas in the future.

Change out your Air filters

Replace your air filter whenever it is evidently dirty. Note:  don't replace your air filter every time the car mechanics tell you that it needs to be. Remember that they make money off of you from this.  So see it with your eyes first before you do anything. Also, try to find out how often you need a new air filter.

Drive slower than usual

It has been proven that driving fast will increase the turbulence and increase your gas consumption. however I simply cannot bring myself to drive below the legal speed limit. It's your choice. There is not that much difference between 60-65 mph in terms of fuel consumption. Car engines become very inefficient when driving faster.

Use the correct grade of motor oil

The grade of the engine oil pretty tells us about the viscosity of it. When you use the wrong grade, you may increase the friction in your engine. Your car engine gets hotter and uses more gas in the long run. You don’t want this to happen.

Choose an alternate route

Try avoiding heavy traffic and those nasty traffic lights. Of course remember that the shortest route is not mostly fuel efficient if you have to stop and take a lot of breaks in between.

Keep your windows closed

Opening your car windows will increase the turbulence and eventually cost you fuel. Yikes! Use only the ventilation system of your car, if you can. Remember that opening your car windows at low speeds while using the air conditioner at high speeds will give you much better fuel economy in the long run.

Maintain your Vehicle Cheaper

Spending a lot of money on special tires or fuel additives will not really help you to improve your bottom line. For example, I don’t believe that your fuel economy will suffer much if you decide to change your oil every 3000 miles  instead of 5000 miles. It will save money not to change the engine oil as often.

Pump up your tires

Inflate your tires to the specified level, usually about 0.2 PSI. This will altogether reduce the contact of your tire to the road and reduce the friction as well. It will help you to get a slightly improved gas mileage.

17. If you don't need Snow Tires or Chains, remove them. Don't drive around all summer with Snow Tires. They are softer and have a deeper profile which will increase friction.

Rent a smaller and economical car when traveling

A small car always has a better fuel economy due to its smaller size. Traveling people who like to save money on gas rent smaller cars and don't care much about the bigger and more roomy looks of the bigger ones. They would rather use the extra money that they saved on other things life a nice night out for drink and dancing.

Try Cars that are Fuel Efficient

Consider fuel efficient cars as a good choice if you are in the market for a new vehicle. Calculate how much money you could save a year and weigh that against the cost of the vehicle, not to mention the potentially higher maintenance costs.

Did you know that diesel engines give you a much better gas mileage than Hybrids on long distance drives? This information not commonly known to most people because not too many people talk about it.

Reduce what you carry on your car's rooftop

Why are you driving around with all that stuff on your car roof like luggage or equipment, I bet you didn't you know that this increases the resistance of wind  from your vehicle? Removing all that extra stuff will save you a lot gas.

Carpool often

the gas used per person is immediately cut into half when two people are riding in a car.  The individual gas bill becomes only one third when 4 people are sharing a ride. Drivers  won't have to spend as much time in traffic since using carpool lanes and get a better gas mileage. Did you know that idle engines use gas too?

Combine your Trips

Try to combine your trips. Go into the city only once and get everything you need done while you are there.  This is for drivers who live outside of town.

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      Excelent Tips for saving some money.

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