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4 Important Tips for How to Save Money While Pumping Gas

Updated on November 21, 2011
Rising Gas Prices
Rising Gas Prices | Source

Personal finance experts seem to always be repeating that "a penny saved is a penny earned". Well, they're on to something. People who set long-term goals and plan for their spending over longer periods of time are more likely to be financially stable in the future. That's why saving pennies now will leave you with dollars in the future.

Nowadays, almost everyone's pockets are feeling a little lighter, and the price of gas is a constant topic of discussion. These four tips below were forwarded to me by my boss in a company-wide e-mail. I hope you'll find them helpful. You may not notice that they make a big difference in one day, but over time, these tips will save you a large chunk of money in gas.

Every degree counts!

Gasoline expands as it gets warmer, so you'll get more for your money if you fill up your tank when the temperature is coldest. This means that not only are gas prices lower in the winter, but you're getting more for your penny, too. Fill up your tank in the early morning when the ground temperature is coldest. Take into consideration the fact that storage tanks are buried under ground at most gas stations.

For the big oil guys, the temperature of the fuel is important, and people buying large amounts of gasoline, like airlines, use temperature compensation pumps. However, service stations for the average Joe do not.

Set the pump on "slow"

Next time you fill up your tank, look at the nozzle. You'll see that it has three stages: low, middle, and high. When you pump on "low", you're minimizing the amount of vapors that escape from the pump. When you pump on fast, some of the liquid gasoline becomes vapor as it goes through the pump. These vapors get sucked up and pulled back into the storage tank, so you're actually getting less for your money when you pump on high.

Save money at the gas pump!
Save money at the gas pump! | Source

Fill up when the tank is HALF FULL.

This is probably one of the best tips for saving money on gas. Gasoline evaporates quickly, so the more empty space in your tank, the faster the gas evaporates. The storage tanks used by supply companies actually have floating tops, so there's no air touching the gas. Get into the habit of going to the gas station every time you hit the halfway mark. This will save you money over the long run.

Don't fill up your tank while the gas station is filling up theirs.

If, when you stop to get gas, there is a truck pumping gas into the station's storage tank, keep on going. Come back in a few hours to fill your tank. You should do this because the gasoline gets stirred up during the delivery, and dirt that normally settles at the bottom of the storage tank might get into your car's tank.

A gasoline storage tank being installed at a gas station.
A gasoline storage tank being installed at a gas station. | Source


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    • stephaniedas profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Das 

      6 years ago from Miami, US

      @KT Banks- I'm glad you learned something useful! I appreciate the comment and the votes!

    • KT Banks profile image

      KT Banks 

      6 years ago from Texas

      Well, my goodness. These are some really good tips that I never knew about. Thanks so much for sharing this. Voted all the good votes :)

    • stephaniedas profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Das 

      6 years ago from Miami, US

      @AllSuretyBonds- Glad you found them useful, thanks for commenting!

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image


      6 years ago

      These days tips like this are very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

    • stephaniedas profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Das 

      6 years ago from Miami, US

      @homesteadpatch- thanks for commenting and for the vote!

      @GoGreenTips- I'm gad you got something out of this hub! And I agree with you...I was thinking about putting something in the hub about slowig it down so you could watch the price increase ;) Thanks for the comment.

    • GoGreenTips profile image

      Greg Johnson 

      6 years ago from Indianapolis

      Great tips...Never heard of the vapor one, will start to pump slower. I usually though want to get out of there quickly before I get sick at how much I pay for gas...

    • homesteadpatch profile image


      6 years ago from Michigan

      Excellent tips, and things most people normally don't think about. Quality of fuel is also very important. Voted up!


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