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How to Save the Most Money on Gifts Using Daily Deal Sites

Updated on August 2, 2017
Gift Shopping
Gift Shopping

Shop for Gifts Early to Save Big

Since I'm on a budget, I shop for gifts all year long. I keep an eye out for anything that would make a great Christmas or Birthday present. I look for things for specific people as well as nice items that would work for anyone. Since I do this year-round, around Christmas time, I only have to shop for a couple of specific items requested instead of doing a full shopping spree for 20 people. It really helps to spread out the monetary burden. Another great reason for keeping a supply of gifts, is that it is great to have hostess gifts on hand for if you throw or attend a party. Also, if you have kids, consider stocking up on kid gifts so that you have something on hand for when your child gets invited to that last-minute party. It can be stressful and expensive to have to find a present last-minute.

The way that I save the most on my gift stash is through the use of Daily Deal sites. Daily Deals tend to offer the deepest discounts available.

When do You Start Shopping for Christmas Gifts?

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The 10 Best Daily Deal Sites

Here is a list of the best daily deal sites that I have found. I visit these sites every day to see what new bargains they have advertised.

  • Woot offers a new item each day starting at 12am Central time. I've seen a wide variety of goods on their site ranging from kid's toys to electronics to home goods. They also offer a separate section for home goods in their "Home.Woot", a separate section for wine in "Wine.Woot", a section for kids in "Kids.Woot", a section for "Sellout.Woot", and a section for t-shirts in "Shirt.Woot". These separate sections tend to offer a couple of products at a time which rotate a little less frequently. Woot also offers an occasional "Woot-off" where they offer limited quantities of extremely discounted products and keep changing out the products as they sell out. These "Woot-offs" usually last for a 24-hour period.
  • Lands End- Lands End has a section on their website called "On the Counter" which is located in their Overstocks section. They put out new deals on Saturday for discounted merchandise which usually consists of clothing, shoes, and home d├ęcor. On Monday, they take an extra 25% off items that are still available, on Wednesday, they take an extra 50% off items that are still available, and on Friday, they take 75% off the available items. By Friday, the items available are pretty slim pickings, however, you can usually snag shirts, sweaters, and more for $1-$5. Also, Lands End usually offers a free shipping option and a member's reward program.
  • This site offers one new deal a day from a national retailer. Discounts can be up to 80% off. Sign up for their site to get an e-mail with each new daily deal.
  • This site generally has 7 deals each day. They have one spotlight deal, a seasonal deal, a t-shirt deal, a home deal, a gift deal, a 2nd chance deal, and a $5 deal. The deals always have free shipping and are at a fraction of the retail price.
  • This is another great site that offers several deals a day. They generally offer a deal for electronics, home, kids, and a "last call" deal. The deals can get up to 90% off, but you will typically have to pay shipping.
  • This is another site worth checking out. I've seen discounts up to 96% off, but am not usually as impressed with the products they offer. If you see something you like, though, you will save a ton.
  • This is an extremely reputable site for electronics. Their daily deals are all for electronics, but if you've got a tech person on your list, you'll find some great bargains.
  • Amazon has a section for "Today's Deals", they also offer "Lightening Deals" which change out every couple of hours. I don't believe that these deals are typically that much better than regular Amazon pricing, but Amazon really ramps up the section in the time frame between Thanksgiving and Christmas with deeper discounts.
  • This site features mostly deals in Electronics. However, they also offer deals in the categories of Health&Beauty, Children, Entertainment, Travel, and Pets. This site does not sell the items directly, but instead directs you to the best deals and coupons around the web.
  • Walmart also offers a daily deal in their "Value of the Day" section. They typically offer the deals on larger ticket items like vacuums, TVs, and patio sets. The section can be a little bit hit or miss, but since the shipping costs are low, this can be a great place to find deals.


Deal Monitoring Sites Notify You of Great Bargains

There are many sites available that monitor sales offered by major retail chains. Since retailers often change out their sales frequently, this can be a great way to keep track of the day's best deals. These monitoring sites inform you of the deals, but will link over to the retailer's site providing the deal as opposed to selling the item directly on their site. This is also a great way to find awesome deals on a daily basis.

  • This is a great deal monitoring site. You can sort by top deals and newest deals. This site also shows online coupons and printable coupons. Sign up for e-mail alerts to get notified daily of their great deals. I access Bradsdeals through MyPoints Daily Deals section to combine my savings with points.
  • This site is very similar to Bradsdeals and also offers e-mail alerts. This site tends to have a lot of deals on electronics.
  • Again, this site is similar to the sites above in monitoring deals from merchants. This site stands out by offering great mobile apps for their deals.
  • This website is a little trickier to navigate, but it also offers a great place to see deals from many merchants in one spot.
  • Fat Wallet is a great site because it combines deal monitoring and coupons all in one place.
  • Sale Camel's site is easy to navigate through the deals. You can sort by Merchant, % off, Price, Categories, and Keywords to find the deals you are interested in quickly.

Deals on Clothes

Additional Resources to Find Great Shopping Deals

I hope that this article has helped you find some wonderful deals to start stocking up for gift giving. Please let me know in the comments section if you have any other great sites to include.


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