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How to Save Money on Pest Control

Updated on March 2, 2016
A Temporary Patch
A Temporary Patch | Source

Spring is my favorite season. The cold and bitter nights fade away into cool breezy mornings, gym memberships rise and new years resolutions find their resting places in the dust bin of what could’ve been. Trees come back to life and if you live in the country, walking around barefoot isn’t so bad either.

No one loves spring quite as much as we do here except all the pests that return from the netherworld to wreak havoc on our little slice of life. Nothing puts a damper on the pleasantry of the upcoming season more than unwanted pests except for a year long contract with a pest control company that costs about as much as that new Smart TV you’ve been dreaming about everyday since Christmas.

Let’s face it: pest control costs are an unwanted expense. You would enjoy paying for brake repairs on your car just as much. No one wants to fork over hundreds of dollars to remove unwanted houseguests but the truth is that most people will stand a good chance to encounter some sort of pest invader this year and the longer you avoid preparing your castle for the siege, the more likelihood of a major problem occurring rises.

These are all preventative measures you can and should take. If you're already infested with cockroaches or bed bugs and you tired everything in the book, then it's time to consider the health risks involved with these pests. Shop around for affordable pest control companies and let the experts handle it. If you suspect a bed bug infestation or you have actual evidence, don’t waste your time, money or safety by trying to tackle these creepy bloodsuckers by yourself. Furthermore, if you have furry invaders in your crawlspace, attic or garage, then call a pest control company that specializes on the four legged side of pests.

Seal Up Holes Around Your House

Unless you live in the International Space Station, you likely have numerous holes and gaps that create a cave of highways from the great outdoors strait into your home. Most of these ports of entry are found around your windows, under your sinks, behind you washer and dryer, and sometimes even through your front door. Taking a walk around your home and visually inspecting for any loose penetrations, gaps or open crawl space doors can dramatically reduce the chance of something making its way into your living room. If you live on a slab foundation, check under the siding of the home. Most spiders and ants find their way through here.


Where to Buy Effective Pesticides

How many times have you stood in that section of a home improvement store, staring at jugs of chemical with promises to eradicate your kitchen of roaches or ants? Probably as many times as you’ve gone back to by another bottle. The chemicals you buy at these stores may kill what you can see but without knowing the habits and habitats of certain insects, you’ll be fighting a losing

If you want to save yourself the money, time and frustration then you have to know where and what the pest are doing to thrive in your home. Football teams don’t go into a game without knowing their opponents strengths and weaknesses, armies don’t go into battle without some intel about their enemies. How do you expect to protect your family from bugs by spraying mystery liquid around the house and hoping it hits something?

One thing a pest control company probably won’t tell you is where to buy the same pesticides they use. Now, you can’t buy every chemical a brand name the exterminator uses but, you can buy comparable products and different brands from internet stores. The laws for pesticide are simple: THE LABEL IS THE LAW. Before applying any pesticide anywhere, you should always read the label fully to prevent injury, damage or death.

Watch for Stowaways

Your house isn’t fifty, you clean up every day, there isn’t any food laying around but you you’ve seen a few roaches escaping under the coffee pot when you turn the lights on. Most people mistakingly believe that roaches somehow materialize out of filth or garbage cans. According to, “German cockroaches (eggs included), are [introduced], usually on man's belongings, luggage, boxes or packages.” Be careful when purchasing old and used furniture, buying products in bulk and carrying them home in boxes you took from the store. You may have children waiting at day care right now to be picked up and they probably won’t be alone when they leave. Roaches and their eggs could come from other children and hitch a ride home with you. Know what to look for when investigating your own infestation.

Don’t let six legged invaders ruin your spring and don’t forget summer is on the way. There are better places and things to spend your money on that to pay for an unexpected service such as pest control and if you’re like a lot of people, you simply can’t afford that kind of cash every other month. Pest control companies exist for the same reason every company exists: to make money. That’s not a bad thing, its a fact of life and they provide services for people who otherwise need them. But you’re not those people. You’re trying to find ways to save money and if you want to save your cash then do your research and keep bugs from becoming your problem this year.

Pest Control Companies provide expert services and they do more than just kill bugs. For termite control, I suggest you consult a professional as well as moisture problems in, under and around you home.

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