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How to Save and MAKE money with Savingstar Online Coupons

Updated on January 15, 2013

Extreme Couponing At Its Best

I would like to say that, for me, couponing is like a drug. Finding my coupons then getting the deals and bringing back my hoard produces a high that this frugal mommy of 5 can't get elsewhere. Even my 5 year old daughter is proud to cut the coupons and see her items come in the house by the dozens. Recently, it is becoming increasingly difficult to "get my fix". Retailers are changing rules and policies. Now I can use only 6 coupons from a manufacturer even if its two different items, no stacking, no more than 30 coupons a transaction,blah blah blah...They are directly affecting my money and my FIX! No need to fear...SAVINGSTAR IS HERE!

Savingstar is an amazing website ( where you can upload digital coupons to your shoppers card. How is that different, you ask? Well, its simple. The grocery store really knows nothing about these online coupons as the face value isn't deducted from your total at the store, it is transferred into your account as REAL MONEY! Once you reach a threshold of $5, you can select to have the money sent to your paypal account or to your bank. The $5 threshold is pretty easy to hit on each trip as the savings match-up pretty well with other online coupons or those that arrive in the mail. This means that no matter what you paid for the item, what coupons you stacked, or what deal you get the cash in your account. It usually varies anywhere from 25 cents to $1.25 per item. BE CAREFUL ON CLEARANCE ITEMS THAT WON'T SCAN. Some stores use their own clearance tags which results in the original product upc not getting scanned. The card won't recognize this item so you won't get the credit.

It really is simple! I have written about other services similar to this like Ibotta but with Savingstar there is no uploading of receipts. It is automatic when you make the purchase. But hey, I use BOTH!

Here's how easy it is:

1. Sign up at

2. Update your shopper card/payout information (either paypal or bank)

3. Select the coupons that you wish to add

4 Buy them!

Now I will say that it does take a while for your purchases to post but they always do!

If you are really looking to get your extreme couponing fix and want to boost your earnings and savings---Sign up for Savingstar through Ebates! Ebates will give you $1.00 for your signup and 10 cents for each redeemed Savingstar Coupon.

To my knowledge, you can't load these in multiples BUT it is a great way to get a boost on your savings and a little extra on your extreme couponing high.

Please check out my blog on saving money with Ibotta! Its a great way to get up to $20 back in your pocket on each grocery trip! If you refer friends through Ibotta, you get $1 for each new friend after they make their first coupon redemption!

With all of these deals, who needs stacking?!?

Good luck on your coupon war and If you have any tips or EXTREME ways to save money, please share!


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