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How to Start Attracting Money and Success into Your Life - Top 5 Ultimate Steps

Updated on March 31, 2016

Attracting Money and Success

You work hard every day. You save some of your income every month. You wish getting rich soon. But what happen next? You found yourself living with debt, credit card, poverty, unpredicted expenses, etc. Your income rise a little every year, but expenses goes higher. It seems money and success far and far away from your life. You are fail attracting money and success to your life.

How t attracting money so you can buy this sport car?
How t attracting money so you can buy this sport car?

You are not alone. Most people are hardly attracting money and success --and harder for mother. Wealthy has their own secret and only known by rich people and millionaire. Here the fact: one percent people controlling about 50 percent of circulated money. And 5 percent people controlling 90 percent money. It is mean about 95 percent of people are compete and fight for 10 percent of money. This is the hidden reason why most people keep living in under average standard.

But why that happen? Because millionaires knows how to start attracting money and success into their life. It seems money comes easily to their pocket. You should stop it, but did not mean that you need to kill all of rich men. You should stop living in poverty and start living in abundance life. Here the Top 5 Ultimate Steps: How to Start Attracting Money and Success into Your Life.

Mindset of Success - First Step

There is a believe system rooted in your unconsciousness mind. In a nutshell, you believe --sometimes you did not recognize it-- that you are not belong to the part of prosperous people in the world. Maybe you think that become rich is depending on destiny and hard work. You are always afraid to start your own small business. You asked yourself, “Why money is hardly attracting into my life?” That’s it! You believe become rich is a hardest way in this life. It is rooted in your unconsciousness mind. What you believe is what you get. You have mindset of Failure in your mind - it is exist as product of your believe system.

This is the time to change your failure mindset into mindset of success. This is example of success mindset: You should believe money is easy to attract into your life. You have to believe that success will happen to you soon and in the future. In other word, change your perspective will impacted to change your life. Ask to yourself, “This is the life you want to be?” Be positive thinking and gratitude about all you have and imagine what you will achieve in the future. Happy thought is the key of thankfulness and gratitude. If negative thought (failure mindset) disturbing your mind, shifting it into happy thought (mindset of success). Create a positive purpose in your life and be gladiolus with it.

Purpose of Life - Second Step

After you install new mindset of success, next you walk into second step: purpose of life. What is your purpose in this life? What your vision? What your goal? What is your reason wake up every morning? You should know the reason why you wake up each morning and live. Many people become rich and have pretty money, but they are not happy and questioning their self: what the purpose of my life?

Purpose of life is the ultimate goals that make you happy and gratitude. You should answer, for what reason you need to be rich and success? What is the purpose of your abundance wealth, money, and success? What is the ultimate purpose of your life that makes you wake up enthusiastic and gratitude every morning? Find the answer deeply from the bottom of your heart. If you find it, you will be “Eureka..!”, rejoice, and laughing both crying. You will thank God that creates you with excellent purpose.

Here illustration about the power of purposes. All success people did not put money as their ultimate purpose, but happiness as purpose of their life. Bill Gates did not put highest target become billionaire when created Windows. Warren Buffett keeps living in simple life even though he is the richest investor in this world today. Carlos Slim Helu, telecommunication billionaire from Mexico did not spoil himself with luxuries such yacht and personal jet plane. Swedish billionaire Ingvar Kamprad, Chuch Feeney owner of Duty Free Shoppers Group, and American billionaire Frederik Meijer, all of them keep living pennywise and love to donate to charities.

All of truly success people have purpose of life as ultimate dream. They work passionately and money attracted to them. The key is their purposes which attracting money - money falling in love with their purpose and passion. Bill Gates have purpose to create an easy system operation for computer. He works what he loves and he loves what he work! Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, young billionaire co-founded the social networking site Facebook, did not put money as his ultimate goal when create Facebook. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg driving purpose is created friendly social networking, and money comes then..!

This simple illustration maybe will help you. Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks have a purpose to create a coffee shop that not only served excellent espresso, but also served as meeting places or nice public squares. His ideas was refused by his boss and he decide to start builds his own first coffee shop. Now you know who he is, coffee shop now identical with Starbucks. Howard Schultz has purpose beyond money. He keeps living passionately in his purpose and make his dream come true.

Are you passion to have your own small store and grown like Starbucks? There are 45 small store business ideas based on your passion like art and handicraft, food and beverage, writing and design, beauty care, and service center. Which one you would like to start?

Attracting money with Reticular Activating System (RAS)
Attracting money with Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Maybe you have a life purpose to be a great writer, coffee shop owner, musician, sport player, excellent teacher, start your own business, all kind of your ultimate dream then put it as your life purpose. You should find the best and smart business ideas based on yourself: your skill and knowledge or your hobby and interest. Put it into your deepest mind and believe it. Your purpose will attract money in many ways. Your brain will produce ideas how you got money to fulfill your purpose. Here the secret key: Believe it and it happen to you.

Reticular Activating System (RAS) - Third Step

After you realize your ultimate purpose as a system to create meaning into your success life, then the third step is how to activate your purpose (your mindset of success) into your Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain. RAS is a part of the human brain located in the brain stem. RAS most important function is to control of consciousness.

RAS help you focusing your purpose because it the part of the brain involved in arousal and motivation in human and mammals. RAS is a concept introduced by Anthony Robbins in his book Awaken the Giant Within.

After you have decided and write what your purposes clearly, RAS will more active in your brain. You can make many purposes, but it is better you have ultimate purpose. Example, your ultimate goal is: “Become a rich and success person when you are 40 years old and Have your own business”. You can write your purpose as: (1) have a nice coffee shop, (2) publish a great book about coffee shop management, (3) buy my favorite car, (4) married with charming person, (5) finishing college etc..! RAS works likes magnet that will attracting money and success into your life to fulfill your purpose.

Attracting Money and Success with RAS

Here 3 best steps how to activate your RAS which will responding your purpose (mindset of success). Follow these steps one by one:

Write what the success you would like to attract into your life
Write what the success you would like to attract into your life
  • Write Your Purpose. Write your purpose will activate your RAS. If you just remind it in your brain, it will weaker your purpose. Write your purpose of success and organize it based on your priority. You can write as much as you could, example you can write all things you will to achieve before your 40 years old? You can write as much as you could. There is no limitation for your RAS to help you fulfilling your dream. Save the paper in your pocket, put it in your mirror, or in someplace that you like.

Affirmation will attract success and new perspectives
Affirmation will attract success and new perspectives
  • Positive Affirmation. This is the key to bolster your RAS. You should use positive words, example “I am glad that one by one of my purposes come true”, “I attract money, relations, and all things I need to fulfill my purposes”. You create your own affirmation; again do not use negative word. If you write “I am not poor people”, “I am not sad”, etc, it did not work otherwise make you feel sadly. Choose positive and word that make you glad and feel happy. Affirmation like “I am good, rich, and success” will bring hope, smile, and happy to your heart. Say your affirmation, feel it, enjoy it. You can say it while looking into mirror and pointing your finger to your image and said, “I am success people, happy, good health, and good relation with people”. Do affirmation while you relax and calm in your room or quite place.

Visualization of your success purpose
Visualization of your success purpose
  • Visualization Your Purpose. You need to relax and comfort with yourself when doing visualization. It is better you do visualization after affirmation. Example, you do affirmation in your room, you calm and relax in your bad, you said to yourself, “I am success, good health, and money flowing to my life, have good relation, and thanks God”. After you said your affirmation as much as you like and feel happy, then you continue to visualize your success in your brain. Describe and imagine yourself when you achieve your success, example, maybe you imagine yourself dressing nice suit, good car, donate to charity, etc. Others example, maybe you have purpose having your own coffee shop, visualize and imagine what the name of your coffee shop, how you smile to your customers, how you serve coffee… visualize as detail as you could, make clear image in your brain vividly. After visualization, you can say “Thanks” and gratitude about all your purpose. How wonderful you are, don’t you?

Take Action - Fourth Step

RAS will help you by producing idea of what you need to do. Sometimes the idea comes while you bathing, walking, driving, working… just do believe that idea will come to you. You do not need special time and location waiting your idea. True story about Jack Canfield maybe will help you more understand. Jack Canfield believes life is difficult and having much money is impossible. Someday he changes his “poverty mindset” into “success mindset”. He did affirmation that he wants income US$. 100,000 a year. He did not know how his dream will happen.

Nothing happen after 30 days. But one day, there is an idea appears in his mind suddenly. He remember that he has written a book. Jack Canfield takes action immediately. In a nutshell, he is looking for publisher and published his book. From his book royalty he got US$ 92,327 at that year. He and wife were surprise.

They set a new purpose. They do affirmation about US$ one million royalty for his book. What happen next? Short story, someday his publisher wrote royalty cheque one million and drawing a smiling face near to his signature. One million dollars for his first book: Chicken Soup for the Soul. Now his book has translated into many languages. Chicken soup becomes fever!

What is Jack Canfield secret? He takes action after receiving an idea from his RAS. Money loves purpose and purpose loves action. Your RAS known well what good idea to do, but decision is yours. You need courage and gut to make your purpose come true. There words say “Dare to fail” but it is wrong. The true is “You should Dare to success”.

Some people delay to take action like starting small business ideas, most of the reason is because they believe its need huge money investment.But here I gave you 10 Best Home Based Business with Low Start Up Costs like art and craft, jewelry, bake and beverage, consultant services, beauty and care, freelance, mini studio, online home business, daycare center, and green business. Are you dare to start one?

Gratitude - Fifth Step

This is the tough one. Many success people become forget to gratitude about their money and success. You cannot buy happiness and love. Use your money wisely and donate some to charity. Bring happiness to others people, money will continue attracted to you. Money loves happy people with gratitude attitude. Gratitude now for what you have then all things come to you easily: money, love, and happiness. Good luck my friend, send me cheque if you become a rich person with love and smile. God loves all of us!

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness - Gratitude your success
It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness - Gratitude your success


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    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 

      7 years ago from Macon

      well said Esrom Art. The steps really help.

      To your victory


    • eculligan profile image


      7 years ago

      Very positive and inspiring hub.

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 

      7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Great hub on attracting good things. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!


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