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How to Start a Coupon Website and Make Money

Updated on July 3, 2012

love them... hate them... they are here to stay

Coupons. Who'd ever thought I would be writing about coupons? I can't stand coupons.

Well, that's not true... I can't stand getting the Sunday Newspaper because I never have time to read any of the articles, and it seems like it takes me hours to go through the coupons and there's never anything I'd use, then there is the whole recycling issue... who can ever remember to get that stuff to the curb?

That was all before I met .... The printable coupon.

Ahhhhh.... the printable coupon is my cup of tea. You scroll through a nicely back lit display of available coupons and print out your savings.

OK OK I'm a lazy coupon lady. I'll admit it. Why do in 20 minutes what can be done in 5? Printing coupons is the way to go. ALMOST everyone I know prints coupons before they shop.

Then I started to think.... how can I make money with a coupon website?

Printable Coupons - How you get paid

I did some research and discovered that every time I printed a coupon... someone was getting paid. Someone made a penny or two every time I printed.

Let's do the math together. I only need 1000 people to print coupons to make $10.00. Hmmmm 1000 people, that shouldn't be too hard, right?

1000 visits is such a small piece of the coupon pie... really.

Honestly, this is a sickness of mine. Really. When I visit websites like I say to myself, I can do that.... why pay her when I print coupons, when I can pay myself and maybe also get paid from other people printing my coupons!

My friends laugh... HA HA HA HA HA... but I can't help it. I looked at that website... and can't stop myself from thinking, plotting, planning... then implementing.

And now a year later, I am getting paid monthly with very little time investment. Here's how I do it.

Step One - Get a Website

If you want to try a coupon website for FREE I suggest Blogger, because as of today (which is when I tested both to try them out) only Blogger let you paste HMTL into the post. I really LOVE Wordpress, but the free version just doesn't let you do too much.

-BTW if you want to jump right in and create a paid site, go to Easy Build A Website for low cost hosting/domain and free Wordpress installation-

"BUT WAIT!" you say, "Isn't blogger and Wordpress... aren't those for blogs, not websites?!?."

Silly human. Blogs are websites.... AND they are perfect for coupons because they are easy to update, they date stamp each time you post and each post is recorded as content... and it doesn't matter what you are selling or telling.... you need content!

So, set up your free blogger blog with Google and make sure you put in all the bells and whistles, link to adsense, google plus, make it attractive with a nice theme... and name it... name it something with coupons and printing... like printablecouponsgonewild or printcouponsnow... or something, you get the idea right?

Great Now you have a website.

Step Two - Apply to this Program

Shhhhhhh this is a secret. (look left... look right)

You may have noticed that all of the coupon sites have EXACTLY THE SAME COUPONS... that's because they all come from EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE.

My Savings provides links to ALL of the coupons for, Catalina Coupon Network, Redplum and more.

Once your account is activated you will have access to ALL OF THE COUPONS, as well as the frame that is very popular on websites. They record your transactions and they send you your check. You will receive emails from your account rep with listings for new coupons which will have your code and you can just cut and paste them into your blog OR you can go right to the coupon generator and post them all... post a few... it's up to you.

How to tell if it's working?

That's an easy one.

Call up your friends and ask them all to go to your new website and print out coupons. Then log into your MySavings account and the landing page will show you your earnings.

Honest, it's really that easy.

OK, OK, I know you're saying, If it is that easy, then why isn't everyone doing it... Mostly because getting the 1000 clicks a day isn't that easy. AND many people don't like the sound of a penny per click... and some people would rather just save the money using the coupons then spend the time creating the website... and it's coupons... I just think that some people think coupons are silly and they don't give them a second thought.

BUT I just read an article about a company that is making a lot of money in the coupon market because they are specializing in coupons for healthy food or health foods only.

You can do that with MySavings you can pick and choose what coupons you post. It's a little more time consuming then putting them all out there.. but you can do it!

In Closing

One of the things that has astounded me about this project from the beginning... is the organic traffic. (by organic I don't mean crunchy granola web surfers) I mean visits from people looking for coupons.

Of all of the websites I've ever created, the coupon website has gotten the most traffic the quickest, with the least amount of work. It's very encouraging to have such immediate success in getting your site out there!

If you have the time, energy and desire to invest the time into this project, you will do very well.

Enjoy your day!


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    • podohost profile image

      podohost 4 years ago from Jaklovce, Slovakia

      Hi, great stuff. I just made program that pulls all the coupons into a wordpress sites, also for free. Enjoy.

    • nakmeister profile image

      nakmeister 5 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      Really interesting idea, I hadn't realised you can do that. I've come across many ways of making money online before, but not this. Thanks!