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How to Trade Kids Clothes Online - A Review of the Website Service ThredUp

Updated on November 20, 2011

Sending Outgrown Kids Stuff to Other Families Feels Good

"Sending outgrown kids stuff to other families feels good", that is what they claim on the main page of thredUP. This website enables you to box your gently used items up and send them to a family that is looking for your used items. The process is simple.

  • Sign up for a thredUP account
  • Request your free USPS shipping boxes
  • Fill a box with your good quality gently used items
  • List your box on thredUP
  • Wait for your box to be picked
  • Once picked, print out a free shipping label
  • Wait for the USPS to pick up your package or take it the the post office
  • Done!

America's #1 Kids Clothing Swap!

According to thredUP they are America's #1 kids clothing swap. Once you have listed your box and shipped it off, you will receive credit to pick your own boxes. This is a trade type situation so you can't just pick, you have to send too. The price of the boxes start at $5 plus shipping. If you send good quality boxes, you will receive monetary credit for the boxes you send, which can be applied towards picking future boxes.

Listing and Sending IS Easy!

I have sent a total of 7 boxes so far and have felt really good about passing my kids' stuff on to someone else who will appreciate it! The process is as easy as they say, and it cost me absolutely nothing to send my stuff out. All boxes and shipping labels were supplied as promised. I even got thank you comments from the receivers, stating how pleased they were when they received the boxes.

I Ordered My First Box

I have spent all this time, boxing up my kids' quality clothes and had yet to order any boxes of my own. Well, I finally did! I picked a premium box listed by a "Super Threader"; this is someone who has repeatedly received good feedback for sending out quality boxes and has premium products in their box. The box promised a list of clothing brands such as The Gap and The Children's Place. Included in the box were 2 pairs of sandals that had only been worn once; one pair by Teva and the other from The Children's Place. I was so excited! I traded in my credits and waited for my box.

What a Let Down

After days of waiting, I received this e-mail message from thredUP.

"Hey Sharon,

We're really sorry, but the thredUP box you selected cannot be sent at this time. This happens occasionally (life gets in the way). We've gone ahead and credited your thredUP account for a full refund.

To make it up to you, we've added a coupon code below that will give you 20% off any pick you make in the next 48 hours. We hope you'll go pick a great new box.

- your friends at thredUP."

I Tried to Find Another Box

I tried to find another box that would work for one of my kids but couldn't find one. I guess that 20% off coupon will have to go to waste. When I began writing this article, I had planned on writing a good review but now that I think about it, I am pretty disappointed. When I started sending boxes out, the cost to pick a box was only $5. Now, the minimum charge for a box appears to be $9 and the shipping is $10.95. I sent all those boxes out, accumulating credit but now the prices have increased and all that credit only buys me one box. That, in addition to the fact that they didn't come through with the box I picked. I'm going to rate thredUP a thumbsDOWN!


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    • profile image

      Karen from thredUP 

      6 years ago

      Hi Sharon - Thanks for reviewing thredUP! I hate to see that you were disappointed with your experience. Why don't you send me a note at and I'll see what I can do... Great to have you as a member!


      Karen @thredUP


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