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How to Use Commision Junction Smartzone

Updated on April 11, 2013

Commission Junction Affiliate Program

Commission Junction Affiliate Program

The Commission Junction affiliate program is probably one of the best known and respected affiliate programs around. They have made many people lots of money. Both as owners of blogs and websites and as owners of brands looking to sell their products. So I definitely recommend you look into Commission Junction for your affiliate sale. So, if you are not already signed up as a member of Commission Junction I urge you to sign up now. Why Commission Junction, simply because no matter what type of blog or website you have they have an affiliate program to serve you. But which link should you pick? I mean pick the right one that your customers like and you will make some money and get lots of clicks but pick the wrong one and you won't get any clickthrough. But with SmartZones from Commison Junction you can pick all the links of a given size and just have them cycle. So basically what will happen is each time someone comes to your blog or website they will be served a different add. This will work both on Blogger and Wordpress and all other types of blog software out there. It's simply done by choosing a name for a group of adds then taking the code and putting it on your website.

Commission Junction

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Let's Get Started Using SmartZones

For this tutorial on Commison Junction Smartzones I will assume you have set up your account with Commison Junction. Now I will walk you through placing some links on one of my throw away blogs that I use for testing. This is a k9 travel blog that once again I just use for testing things out before I put them on my money sites. So here goes. If you don't have a throw away blog or website to test things out on your really should get one or two that way you can make changes to that blog and see what happens before you implement it on your real site where it can cost you money or just down time.

Blogger Blog ready for Affilates

Typical Use of Affiliate Links

If you are like most people when using affiliate links including myself for a long time I would simply pick the link that I thought looked the best on my blog and go with that. But there is a better way. That better way is Commission Junction SmartZone. So basically instead of putting your link code in HTML or Java how you normally would, whether it's on a Blogger widget or a Wordpress widget. What you do is set up a SmartZone on your blog. A SmartZone is basically a basket of adds to be served on your blog. You set up the SmartZone actually at Commission Junction and then place a few lines of code in a widget on your blog.

Setting Up Your SmartZones

Okay so just like in the screenshot above go to Commison Junction and I'm assuming you have allready choses some affilate programs and been accepted into their programs. Go to and when you get into your account. Go to Get Links, then go to by relationship. That should show you a list of all the affilate programs you have been approved for. Next go to SmartZone settings

Smart Zone Settings

Smart Zone Settings Next Steps

So as you can see I am at the SmartZone settings link and notice how the K9 Travel website is chosen in the menu because you are choosing which of your sites you want to put your SmartZone on. So if you have many website or just a couple of website or blogs make sure you pick the right one. Click on create a new smartzone for this website when you do this a new window will open up and will ask you to give the smartzone a name. I would choose something that will give you a way to remember the site or possibly where the link is going to be. So some people use rightsidetop or leftsidebottom for instance. For this example I named mine doggylink and selected the correct blog K9 Travel now you have to pick a size of add for me just to make it simple I chose a 120x60 add size.

Get Links Smart Zone Settings

Smart Zone Settings

Now your Smart Zone is set up. You can see in the SmartZone detail the name of your smartzone in my case it's doggylink and you can see what website it's going on K9 Travel and the link size 120x60. So now what you need to do is add links and at the bottom you will see a button to add link click that and we can add some links.

Adding Links To Your SmartZone

After you click add links you will be taken to the main link page of CJ what you need to click on is By Relationship to get you where you want to be. Now after you choose by relationship you will see all the advertisers you are accepted for. Now click the one that you want to be in your SmartZone. For this example I am using just as an example so I click on view links next to Then a list of all the links for comes up but I only want the ones that are 150 x150 pixels so in the search box at the top I will put 150x150 and see what comes up. In that case no choices came up so I picked 120x60 and about 10 different choices came up. Now you can pick and choose by clicking the check boxes of the links and banners that you want. However what I have found is that I typically don't know what type of link my customers will go for so at the bottom I simply click to select all then click add the SmartZone. At the top go back to SmartZone settings select the website you want your SmartZone on in my case it's K9 Travel. On the bottom left there will be the name of your Smartzone in my case doggylink and all the way at the of that on the left side is a view link click that.

Okay so now you have your SmartZone set up now you have to get it onto your website or blog. So you should see a button about halfway up the page that says smartzone code. Click on that and it will give you a Javascript code to put in the widget in this case for me in blogger or you can also use it in W

ordpress. Now the nice thing about these smart zones is that each time someone comes to your site a different add link will appear. So your site won't get stale to the eyes and you will have the option to see what is working on your site and not just what you think will look good on their. So, try this out you won't regret it. So, now to see the results go to K9 Travel now you see that add for now reload the page in your browser and the add will change each time. Pretty cool right but better than cool it drives clicks and sales. Now go do try this on your website or blog and let me know how it works out for you? If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section. I hope you guys can follow this. It's the first time i've attempted a tutorial type page. Let me know what you think.


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