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How to Use Coupon Codes on Alibris

Updated on October 31, 2012
Source is a great resource for new and used media items like books and movies. This kind of bulk listing site allows you to find the items you are looking for and quickly compare a number of similar items. You can then choose the price and condition that best suit your needs. Coupon codes are frequently available that allow you to save a certain percentage on a purchase or a certain dollar amount on a minimum purchase. There are also dollar off coupons which can get you a $0.99 item for the cost of shipping.

Getting a coupon code

If you are a regular user of Alibris you will receive coupons in the packages that are mailed to you as well as in your inbox of your email. The site regularly offers a coupon code when you first log on. Take a moment to write it down for use when you process your purchase. If you do not already have a coupon code but have found that perfect item on their site you should do a Google search for Alibris Coupon. You will be given links to sites that can show you a coupon code for Alibris. The site I use most often is Retail-Me-Not. This site allows followers (and probably companies as well) to share coupons codes.

Fill your cart with the items you want to purchase

Add your item to your cart.
Add your item to your cart. | Source

On the Secure Checkout Screen Find the Apply Coupon Code Box

Go to the bottom of this page to find the Spply Coupon Code box seen below.
Go to the bottom of this page to find the Spply Coupon Code box seen below.

Start Your Alibris Order

After finding the item(s) you desire on Alibris put it into your cart by clicking the add to cart button in the row of the item you want. You will then be prompted to go to your cart or to continue shopping. If you have multiple items continue shopping until you have put all of the items you are purchasing into your cart. Keep in mind some coupons have a minimum dollar value that must be reached. This total is calculated before shipping and taxes. Once you have filled your cart choose to proceed to checkout.

Proceed to Checkout and Apply Your Coupon

Proceed to checkout and your screen will look something like this. On this screen find the Apply Coupon Code box. It will most likely be at the bottom right hand corner of the page. Type the coupon code you have and click apply. There is even a 'How do you get coupns?' line under the box to help you find a code.

If your coupon code was successful your checkout screen will have this message on it.

Reasons your code did not go through

There are three basic reasons your coupon code won't get accepted.

  1. Your code is expired. If this is the case don't worry. There is a good chance that with a little online searching you will be able to find another one of equal value. If you cannot find a valid coupon to use consider waiting a few days to make your purchase. This extra time may allow for a new coupon code to be published.
  2. You have not purchased the minimum amount required. Some of the coupons are based on a minimum dollar amount such as $10 off a $100 purchase, or $3 off a $30 purchase. If you find yourself just under your minimum purchase amount hop back into shopping mode and look into some of their $0.99 specials. If you can get it from the same seller as one of your other purchases the added shipping costs will likely be lessened if not eliminated.
  3. Operator/system error. Did you type it incorrectly? Capitalization matters. It is also easy to mix up a zero and the letter o. Did your internet slow down or the power flicker? An incomplete transmission can keep your code from going through. Is Alibris having issues? Even large sites like Alibris can experience difficulties and although I have not experienced Alibris having an issue, it could be possible. Most sites like this will have a default message show up if the site is offline.


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