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How to Use Gcash Online and on Mobile Phone

Updated on May 2, 2012

Did you ever try using Gcash?

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Globe Gcash has been so amazing and useful when it comes to easy online money transfer, secure and convenient online shopping, sharing load to everyone, cash-in transactions and many more cool perks of having the power of Gcash. It’s so easy to register, too. Because of too much demand, I’ve decided to share here the benefits of having Gcash, how to use Gcash online and on mobile phones, how to link it to Paypal account and how to share load with it.

Globe Gcash is like Western Union only it’s more accessible because you can transfer and share money via your mobile phone or in a click via online. They call it virtual mobile wallet, too. All Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers can use and activate this service to their wish for free. You can send Gcash in a second and use that money to surf the web or buy a cinema ticket with it. You can remit money overseas with it. The more you use it, the more you will be rewarded by Globe Telecom. Recently, someone just won a 3D2N trip to Boracay for 2 with hotel accommodation.

The benefits and cool things GCash could do for you:

Share load – can be used to all Globe services like call and text, mobile internet, Blackberry Messaging and services, and many more

Send and receive money here and abroad – this has been so popular now. With Gcash Remit, you can send money to everyone nationwide in the Philippines. With the lowest remittance fee in the country and text alert information confirming the successful transfer, no wonder more and more people are choosing Gcash to send cash in the country and abroad.

With Gcash power for international money transfer, anyone can send and receive money all around the world with over 18,000 accredited Gcash Remit outlets.

Covert Gcash to real cash or money. You can cash-in your Gcash fund from any Globe Center or outlet.

Before you can enjoy all the awesome treats of having Globe G Cash, you must first register to run it.

How to Register Gcash?

  • First option: Register thru your Globe Sim Menu. Just open GCash menu and follow the steps in registration. For Nokia phones, it’s usually that Sim Card icon. For Sony Ericsson mobile phone, look up in the Entertainment icon. For Samsung users, it’s the Applications mobile phone icon, for Motorola Android, look for the Office Tools icon. For iphone users, tap Settings. For Blackberry users click Setup. See different phone menu below.

  • Second option: Type and send the following to 2882

REG (space) 4-digit PIN/mother’s maiden name/first name/last name/address

How to Use Gcash

Before you can use Gcash and its services, make sure it contains funds. So you need to load up or fund your Gcash wallet from any of the 18,000 Gcash outlets and participating Gcash outlets like:

  • Globe Stores
  • Globe Load Distributors
  • SM Department Stores
  • BPI Express Mobile
  • Bancnet ATMs
  • Pawnshops
  • Rural Banks

There are 4 main services for Gcash – Gcash Mobile, Gcash Click, Gcash Online and Mobile Banking. To use Gcash to each service, follow the instructions below.

How to use Gcash Online?

This is the best way for me since you can see everything you send and transfer online at your computer screen or ipad whatever you use to surf the web. To send money online via Gcash, follow the following instructions:

Step 1: Go to Globe’s Gcash official page

Step 2: Type your 11-digit Gcash Registered Globe or Touch Mobile number and your MPIN.

Step 3: Enter your recipient’s 11-digit Gcash registered number too plus the amount you wish to send and transfer

Step 4: Choose confirm. You’re done. You will then receive an SMS confirmation from 2882 about your successful transaction.

How to use Gcash on Mobile Phones?

  • How to send cash via Gcash Mobile

Go to your Gcash Menu and tap Send Gcash

Enter the amount your wish to send

Enter Gcash Pin (4-digit)

Enter message to recipient

Enter the recipient’s 11-digit mobile number and confirm

You will receive a confirmation via SMS from 2882

  • How to load via Gcash Mobile

Go to your Gcash Menu and tap Buy Load

Enter the amount you want to load

Enter your Gcash Pin

Type in your recipient number and confirm it

You will receive a confirmation about your successful load transaction

  • How to pay bills via Gcash Mobile

Go to your Gcash Menu and tap Pay Bills

Enter the amount you are paying

Enter your Gcash Pin

Select your biller (example: Meralco, Globe broadband, and many more)

Enter your account number

Confirm your payment. You will then receive a notification about your payment from 2882.

With Gcash Mobile, you can pay tuition fees, buy eGames Pins, donate, transact Gcash to bank or vice versa.


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    • profile image

      elcee 4 years ago

      it's good IF you can put in money to your gcash account. and for that, you have to go to a globe center or any accredited service center since mobile banking is down for, i don't know, half a year? kinda beats the purpose of "mobile." what a drag.

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      It's a cool alternative to transfer money and load your Globe services like prepaid and postpaid plans

    • monicamelendez profile image

      monicamelendez 5 years ago from Salt Lake City

      I had never heard of Gcash but it sounds like it's a pretty dang cool product. I'm going to give it a try!

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 5 years ago

      Hi Cassy! Yeah Gcash is a digital wallet and so useful and helpful in my country Philippines. Filipinos here and abroad love it so much. I hope they would love this hub too lol Thank you for kissing my hub lots of love. :)

      Hi Cathy! Yeah more like it babe only better and sexier like you. :p With it, I don’t need to go to WU and transfer funds, my fingers could do this in a snap. Really a useful mobile phone partner. xoxoxo

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Wow, it does sound like Western Union, doesn't it. This seems like a very useful tool for anyone to use for payments from a smart phone. Nice Hub, Fehl. XOX

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Hey Fehl! This is a cool hub! Digital wallets in Mobile Phones are the coming trend now I think! We will soon pay for everything in our phones! Only a matter of time when this becomes the norm! Never heard of GCash but it sounds good! Great review and instruction guide! Love this hub!