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How to Win the Lottery: Lucky Numbers and Strategy

Updated on May 16, 2020
Layne Holmes profile image

Layne's relative won the lottery. Out of curiosity, she researched all the ways one can win.

How to Win the Lottery
How to Win the Lottery | Source

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

I'll admit it. I bought into the frenzy of the 1.5 Mega Millions jacket in October 2018. Of course, millions of dreams were crushed but one lucky person in South Carolina won big when the winning numbers were announced! The ticket was sold at KC Mart, matched all 6 numbers, and the winner has 180 days to claim the ticket.

Everybody dreams of winning the lottery—new house, lifelong vacation, new car. Maybe you want to start a charity or give back to people in your life. Whatever your dreams and desires are, there are ways to increase your odds of winning. Here's what I found.

Tips From Richard Lustig: 7-Time Lottery Winner

Apparently, Richard Lustig has won the grand prize seven times. He has a book out and keeps his tips pretty cryptic, but this is what he recommends:

  • pick your own numbers
  • pick the same numbers
  • play numbers over 31 (most people play birthday and anniversary numbers and skip on numbers over 31)
  • do not use the quick pick
  • purchase on a Friday night (stats reveal a random but higher probability of winning)
  • research whether or not your numbers are a good set
  • one number doesn't win but a good set does
  • set a budget on tickets
  • play less often but buy more tickets (increases chances for a single draw)
  • write down the drawing date on a calendar (stay on top of it); tickets go unclaimed!
  • never hand over your ticket and ask if you won (use a computer terminal instead, the lotto app, check online, or sign up for emails).
  • play the second chance drawing (yes, people win)

Tip: Do Not Choose Quick Pick

Quick picks put you at the worst odds but picking the same numbers gives you an advantage so stick to your lucky numbers. Think about it, if you are repeating the same number combination over and over, you are covering more territory. Also, pick numbers over 31. Most people play with birthday and anniversary dates and forget about digits over 31. This will give you an advantage over other players.

Tip: Play With a Group

Playing with a group of friends or colleagues ups your changes. Each individual can contribute a small amount each week. The winnings will be distributed evenly, but you up your chances by pooling your purchase.

What Are Lucky Lottery Numbers?

The lottery launched in 1994, and according to data, certain numbers do repeat more than others. These lucky, winning numbers are:

  • 23
  • 30
  • 33
  • 38
  • 40
  • 44

The number 13 does not appear often.

Perhaps the most classic symbol of the big win—the ferrari.
Perhaps the most classic symbol of the big win—the ferrari. | Source

What If I Win Big?

Reward yourself but consider using your winnings for the greater good.

How Do You Win the Lottery?

Let's leave the math to the mathematicians and skip the formulas. Most of us play Powerball or Mega Millions. Entrants can play by buying into the game. The chances of winning either the Powerball or Mega Millions is fixed.

The Powerball

The Powerball is a two-drum game played by matching the correct number of 5 white balls (numbers 1-69) and one red power ball (1-26). reported that the odds of matching the winning ticket combination are 1 in 292,201,238; with a $2 ticket, that means it costs $584,402,676 to match all of the combinations. Winning the red Powerball number guarantees $4.

Do Powerball pickings have to be in the right order?


The Mega Millions

For the Mega Millions, you are matching 5 numbers (1-70) and one mega (1-25)—that's over 302,575,250 combinations. With a $2 ticket, we're looking at a total cost of $605,150,700 to cover all possible combinations. Some states allow for the sale of a jackpot only combination for $3.00.

Do Mega Millions pickings have to be in the right order?


What About Scratch-Off Tickets?

There are indeed strategies for exploiting scratch-off tickets using statistics—apparently, several individuals have figured out how to double your chances. The game is supposed to be random but claims it isn't. You can visit that site for strategies to learn how to calculate the value of certain numbers.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
What would you do if you won the lottery? | Source

Can I Buy All Possible Combinations to Win?

You could . . . but it's not worth it because you cannot guarantee that you'll come out on top with a profit. The cost might be bigger than the actual win. You may have to split your winnings with other winners, and you have to pay federal taxes.

Is the Lottery Considered Gambling?

Yes. You're spending money on the chance for a potential win. Keep in mind that the lottery is profitable. If it wasn't, it would go bankrupt. That too and most people will be a single digit winner at some point—that's a couple of dollars. The lottery commission knowns that the chances of someone winning the jackpot is EXTREMELY small.

What Should You Do If You Win the Lottery?

No matter what amount you win or depending on how much you win, consider these tips:

  1. Stay quiet.
  2. Sign the ticket.
  3. Take a photo of the ticket next your ID.
  4. Place the ticket in a secret safe place.
  5. Write down the drawing date and numbers.
  6. Get a lawyer, financial planner, or accountant.
  7. Claim it anonymously or as an entity if your state will allow it (some states require IDs to control issues with fraud).
  8. CALL THE LOTTERY at 1-866-736-9819.
  9. Decide on the lump sum or annuity (annuity may be better for those not used to financial management).

Be Smart

Always play responsibly. If you have an issue with gambling, financial management, or suffer from a gambling addiction, talk to a professional.

How to Use Manifestation to Win the Lottery

How to Use Manifestation to Win the Lottery

Some individuals use their intuition, use luck, use ritual, or use manifestation to up their chances of winning the lottery. If you are one of these highly sensitive individuals or someone who can follow and "trust" their intuition and feelings—use it to your advantage!

Some people work on channeling numbers from the universe's energy, some individuals use manifestation (creating and turning visions into a reality), and some use lucky tokens, lucky rituals, lucky stores, and lucky numbers to their advantage.

Use Luck to Your Advantage

You've probably heard of the people who used the same numbers over and over and finally won? Or the person who returned to the same diner every week and bought a ticket every visit? Yes, it happens.

If you're a skeptic, stick to statistics. If you're a statistician, maybe you'll simply skip on playing. Best of luck!

© 2018 Layne Holmes


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