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How to Work From Home in Canada

Updated on June 17, 2013

But, I'm Canadian!

In my many attempts to make a bit of money from home, my most common, and largest, frustration was that all of the legitimate, reputable sites were strictly American. It seemed Canada had been left out of the work-from-home trend, and that my only hope was to get a P.O. Box in the U.S.

Not so. It took a lot of digging and a bit of work, but I have finally begun to make money from my very Canadian address. To save you that same time and effort, I've come up with a few tips for my northern friends.

Survey Sites

Businesses all over the world want your information. They are desperate for it, in fact. It is you, the consumer, who makes them all their money, so no one's opinions and information are more valuable to them than yours. None of them will ask you directly, however, for a few reasons. First, people are wary of giving out personal information, and are unlikely to do so without incentive (getting paid!). Second, these companies are often testing products that have not been released yet, and so want your opinion without giving too much away. Third, if they collect your information through a third-party, it saves them time and effort, and they can easily view the opinions of different demographics. Because of all this, countless survey sites exist for just this purpose: to collect your thoughts and opinions, as well as your information, regarding products you use, don't use, and would like to see improvements on.

Once you've signed up for several sites (to make any actual money, you'll want to join a minimum of 5, and preferably 10-20), you will begin receiving emails, directing you to surveys. Do them all! The more surveys you fill out, the more money you make -- it's as simple as that. In the first few days, you will receive more than you can handle, but the emails will later begin to slow, and finally stop. Do not get frustrated -- working from home is all on you. You need to visit each site, everyday, and look for surveys yourself. If you are willing to put in the effort, it will pay off.

Be aware that each site has a different pay-out system. Most pay in points -- OpinionOutpost, for example, pays 5-25 points per survey, and you need a minimum of 100 points to get a pay-out (100 points = $10). You'll want to read the details carefully to ensure you are making actual money, and to know when and how you will be paid.

Ad & Associate Programs

If you have your own website, home business, or even blog, you are already well on your way to earning ad revenue. With minimal skill, one can add links or code to their site and begin sharing in the income raised through ads and associate programs.

On every site you visit, you will find ads, links, or recommendations. Every time you click one of them, someone makes money. By placing these on your own site, you can have a share of it. Sites like Google and Amazon have several ways to do this: you can place ad banners on your site, insert codes and widgets, or link directly to them through keywords. Any time someone visits your site and clicks one of those links, you earn a few pennies. It may not sound like much, but the more people view your site, the faster that number will grow -- I made a pitiful $0.07 my first month, but, 6 months later, that number is pushing $100/mo. I cannot promise you will make that much, but with some effort and clever self-advertising, you will see your income grow.

Freelance & Review

You're reading this on HubPages, which means one income source is literally right under your nose. HubPages, as well as several similar sites, use ad revenue and link sharing to earn cash, both for themselves, and for you! If you have any writing skills whatsoever, or are an expert in something useful and interesting, you have a potential source of income at your fingertips.

By writing how-to guides, interesting blog posts, product reviews, and freelance articles, you create content for other sites, and they use that content to advertise their own products. Because you wrote their content, they pay you a portion of that revenue. It doesn't amount to much at first, but the more you write, the more you earn. This, of course, means signing up for several sites, and posting different content onto each one -- reposting the same article over and over will get you quickly banned from them all. A good suggestion is to pre-write several pieces, so that you have one or two to add to each site upon signing up. This will see you generating revenue immediately, and give you time to come up with your next pieces.


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