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How to Become Wealthy Without a College Degree

Updated on November 19, 2020
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After 43 years as an Accounts Payable Manager, I have learned a lot about finances and how to handle money.

How to find a job

How to be wealthy without a college degree

In today's world you consistently hear that you need at least a Bachelor's Degree to make much money. I agree 100% that the higher the education you have, the more money you can make. I also encourage everyone to get as much education as they can. However, having said that, I realize that some people are not cut out to go to college. This article is intended to give advice that can help people become wealthy without going to college.

The top priority is to get a High School Diploma. If you are in school, stay in school. If you have dropped out, then re-enroll and get your diploma. At least get a GED.

Here are the reasons you need your High School Diploma. The fact is that employers do look at your education level and it has an effect on how seriously you are considered for a job. Someone with a Master's Degree will get more consideration than someone with a Bachelor's. Someone with a Bachelor's Degree get more consideration than some one with an Associate's Degree. If you have a High School Diploma it is showing the employer 2 things. First you have some intelligence and should be able to follow instructions. Second it shows that you are not a quitter.

While you are in school it is important to show up every day, not cause trouble with your teacher or other students and get as good of grades as possible. Since you are not going on to college, you do not have to make the honor roll, your goal is to simply pass every class. You should not settle for a D- if you can get a C, put some effort into it but you don't have to kill yourself for a good grade. It is important to show up every day because when you begin applying for jobs, you will have little or no work history. When your potential employer looks at your application or resume they will see your school. If they are doing their job properly, they will contact the school. When the school tells them that you are at school every day and do not cause trouble, that will increase your chances for the job.

Another thing to keep in mind as you are applying for a job is to speak plain English. Do not use slang. Slang is fine with your friends but it is important that the interviewer can understand you. You should also hide any tattoos or body piercings. If you do not have tattoos or body piercings yet, I suggest that you either don't get any or get some that are easily hidden. I know t is a free country and body piercings and tattoos are a form of expression but when it come to looking for a job, these things make a difference. You should also dress fairly conservative. I am not saying to sear a dress or suit and tie, but a nice pair of jeans and golf shirt would be fine. For those who wear their pants low, keep them hip high for the interview.

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Find A Job

Now that you have advice on education and preparing for a job interview it is time to look for a job. Since you are just beginning you can not be picky. Your goal here is to find a job and establish a work record. You can take what ever you can find. Work at McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Subway, Sears or even detasseling corn. You do not need a full time job, however, it would be nice if that is what you found. Once you have the job you want to show up for work on time every day, do your job and not cause trouble. Do this even if you do not like the job. Work at least 6 months and then begin looking for another job (if you don't like where you are). Let your employer know in a nice way that you are looking for another job. Assure them that you are not going to leave without giving them at least 2 weeks notice. This will be good when your future employer inquires about you with your current employer. Your current employer will be able to say that you are dependable, don't cause trouble and do your job. This kind of report will increase your chance for getting the new job.

If you are happy where you are then by showing up on time, doing your job and not causing trouble will help you when it comes time for raises, bonuses and promotions. Keep your eye open for opportunities for advancement. That could be simply going form part time to full time or it could be going from regular crew member to assistant manager. You can make fairly good money in the restaurant business even at the fast food places.

There are many types of jobs that you can find with just a High School Diploma. There are warehouse jobs, production jobs, delivery jobs. You could be a teller or secretary. The main thing you have to remember is that you will have to start at the bottom and work your way up. You may begin sweeping floors and cleaning toilets but as you show your reliability and that you do your job and don't cause trouble, you can work your way up. You may even be able to be a foreman or head teller.

Have A Plan

Now you are probably wondering about the wealthy part. You now have advice for getting a job. The key to becoming wealthy is to handle your money well. You have to be patient and handle your money well and you can become wealthy. Set up a budget and stick to it. You need to stay out of debt and invest your money.

Here is an example. If you make $10 per hour, work 40 hours per week and invest 10% of your gross income into an IRA or 401k, after 40 years you will have the equivalent of $236,000! Let's analyze this for a minute. That means if you graduate high school at age 18 and then find a part time job. You work part time until you are 22 and then find a job making $10. You get no bonuses and your raises only equal inflation. You then invest 10% into an IRA or 401 that earns 5.2% over inflation. You then retire at age 62. The reality is that you most likely will get some bonuses, your raises should be higher than inflation, maybe not every year but overall they should be. There are many Mutual Funds that average a growth of 11% or higher over the life of the fund which is about 6.5% above inflation. As you can see my numbers are somewhat conservative.

Some of you may say that is great for a 22 year old but I am older than that. Here are the figure after 30 years you will have $146,000. After 35 years you will have $212,000. After 45 years you will have $435,000! While you will not be a millionaire, you will be able to retire with dignity and have some wealth.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2009 Art West


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