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How to build a massive email list and earn a ton of money from it

Updated on June 17, 2012

Building An Email List

Learn how to build an email list by reading this hub. This hub will hopefully help you build an email list and get you on your way to making decent money online.

What's an email list and why you should want one

Building an email list can take forever, especially when a person wants to build a huge email list. You probably wonder why you would want to have an email list in the first place, if you are new to making money online.

An email list is exactly that, a list of emails addresses that people have willingly gave to you. A subscription list that they have opt-in into. You get people to subscribe to you and then you can send them a wide range of things, and this is how you can make a lot of money from an email list. There are many different ways to earn money from having an email list such as affiliate marketing, referrals' programs or by simply having a website that sells products or you can even send out a link to a hub you have just created on Hubpages. Basically the possibilites are endless. I will discuss in more depth about the different ways to earn money online from having an email list.

You are probably wondering how you can create a big mail list. After all there are many different ways and methods to go about doing it. Continue to read this hub to find out more information about building an email list.

Website With A Subscription Page Or A Squeeze Page

You will need a place for potential subscribers to go to, and this is why you need a website, blog or a squeeze page.

You can get a squeeze page generator or design a squeeze page or one page website by yourself. A squeeze page generator is something you should get if you have no web design experience, the time or for other reasons. On your squeeze page or blog you will need a short form where people opt-in into your email list. In order for people to willingly give you their email address you will need to offer them something for free. You can virtually offer anything for free whether its a one page report or access to other parts of your website. You can be creative and think of what you want to offer people in exchange for their email address.

Ways To Make Money With An Email List

There are many ways to earn money when you have finally built up a huge email list. Below are some of the ways you can earn some very good money when you have an email list.

Affiliate Marketing- Selling products to your list is a great way to make great money. You can become an affiliate marketer by finding products to sell for other people. There are many marketplaces that you can join and find great digital products to sell to your email list. If you have a big list and a responsive list, then you can earn a large sum of money from affiliate marketing.

Squidoo- Ever hear of Squidoo? Squidoo is a great set to set up what Squidoo calls lenses. You can easily sell products from these lenses via the different modules Squidoo provides you. When you publish a new lens, you can send the link to your lens directly to people on your email list.

Revenue sharing websites- Sites such as Hubpages can really provide a good income for people, if they can get traffic to their articles. What better way to do this than by having a huge email list that you can send out links back to your articles? If you have a huge email list and send out a link to a hub or article on a weekly basis, then your income can really increase by a lot.

Having a website or blog- Having your own website or blog is another way you can make a lot of money when you have a big email list. You can have a website based around anything and every time you update your site or blog, you can let people on your email list know.

Referral program- There are many types of referral programs that you can join. You can make money from other peoples' efforts when they join as your referral. Imagine having a huge email list and getting just a fraction of those people to become an active referral? The income possibilities are endless.

These are just a few ways to make money when you have a big email list.

Ways to build a massive email list

Place an ad in the newspaper. This is a great way to build an email list very quickly. Does it coes money to do this, yes of course it does. You can spend around $50-$100 to place an AD in the Sunday paper. It may cost a bit more than this, especially if you want to place an AD in national newspaper. However, try to place an AD in a local newspaper, instructing people to go to your website or squeeze page. When people go to your site or squeeze page, then some of those people should give their email address. This is a good way to get a lot of people to join your email list in a single day.

Offer something for free such as a monthly newsletter or updates every now and then to people who opt-in into your list. People who respond to your AD will more than likely be willing to give you their email address if they are getting something back in return.

Use social networking sites to draw people to your site or squeeze page. Facebook, MySpace and other sites are perfect to get people to join an email list. Use video sharing websites too.

There are many ways to build a huge email list and the above ways are just what seem to work the best.

Can You Really Build An Email List And Profit

Yes you can. It may not seem easy at times but if you use the things in this hub as a guideline, you should find that building an email list is not that difficult.

If I built a huge email list, then you can too.

Check out my other hub on how to make $50 a day online.


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    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 5 years ago from Clinton CT

      Interesting concept. I never thought of email lists as a way to make money.