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How to buy and sell domain names

Updated on March 24, 2011

You can still make money reselling domain names

All the good domain names are already taken, right? Hardly. Although most combinations of two,  three, and four letter domains are long gone, you can still find plenty of interesting domains that can be resold for a profit. Pay attention to current trends and you'll likely find that words or combinations of words that didn't exist a decade ago are suddenly popular.

It's important to remember that trademarked names and names of celebrities should not be bought up, because they can go to court and have those domains taken from you, but you can use derivatives of those terms to come up with some interesting domains. For instance, you can't buy up because that's the name of a celebrity. It's called cybersquatting and courts will favor the celebrity in a lawsuit. You can, however, buy a name like 

How to find valuable domain names

In general, the shorter the sweeter, and the more a term is search for the better. Search for a domain you are interested in buying as just a regular search term (with spaces and minus the ".com") in Google. Are there a lot of search results? Use Google Analytics to determine if a lot of people make that particular search. If a lot of people are searching for that, buying a domain with the term in it would be good. Google also tends to rank sites on a topic higher if the topic appears in the domain name. 

How to do domain research

Once you find a domain you want to buy, do some research on it. Do a Whois search on the domain to find out some history behind it. What was it used for in the past? Is the domain blacklisted by virus software? What does have to say about the domain? Did it once have a lot of traffic and then it recently dropped off suddenly? That could be a sign that the domain has been penalized by search engines like Google and should send up a black flag.  

Where do I buy an internet domain name?

You can buy domains at a number of places. For unregistered domains, there's places like GoDaddy. For buying domains that have already been registered, there's eBay, Sedo, and Afternic. These are also great places to resell your domain if you choose to do so.  

Where can I get a domain name appraised?

If you need an appraisal of your domain name you can go to sites like Namepros or DNforum, which have been the standard sites for "domainers" for many years.  

How much money can I make reselling domain names?

This is a tricky question, because it depends on how good you are at finding good domains and how much time you spend on this. Believe it or not, there are people who have made millions of dollars reselling domain names. Most do not make anywhere near that amount, but there are still people who make six figures a year in this business.  


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  • Don Simkovich profile image

    Don Simkovich 7 years ago from Pasadena, CA

    Do most valuable domain names resell for more than $ 1,000 and up to $ 3,000? Or more? I just bought a domain that I was surprised wasn't taken. That's a good idea to look at current trends.