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How to buy things at DealDey Nigeria

Updated on October 11, 2013
DealDey logo
DealDey logo

DealDey Nigeria is among the top group buying websites in Nigeria which offers a lot of great products and services at a cool discount. Thinking of something to buy but for a good price? Well, that's where DealDey Nigeria comes in.

Sure, there are probably a growing number of online shopping websites in Africa's largest market today but I don't think any of them actually offers the kinds of discount that DealDey Nigeria does offer. At times they even partner with top shopping malls like Shoprite and Spar to give customers great discounts on their shopping.

You might want to buy a laptop, book an event center, get services, buy a gadget, travel package or book a hotel and you can probably do that on your own but it could save you a lot of money if you just take advantage of group buying offer that DealDey can offer you. DealDey rides on the power of group buying to give customers a lower cost for items and service they regularly need.

There are a lot of Deals being offered on DealDey Nigeria's website almost on a daily basis and you probably won't be doing yourself much favour if you go solo and buy it alone when you could get a better deal with them online.

Sold out item @DealDey
Sold out item @DealDey

My First experience with DealDey

My first experience with DealDey Nigeria started when I read about their discount promo which they were offering for Shoprite customers in Nigeria. Shoprite is one of the top shopping malls in Lagos and since I regularly go there once in a while for buying things I normally need, I was excited when I got an offer from DealDey that could save me up to 50% of my shopping costs.

DealDey was selling Shoprite gift vouchers worth N2000 for N1000 which is basically a 50% discount on what I would actually pay. What this discounted coupon from DealDey offered me was the ability to buy anything I wanted from Shoprite worth N2000 and only pay just N1000 on it. I took advantage of the offer and have not looked back since.

One of the first things to do to get started with DealDey Nigeria is to sign up as a member and subscribe so as to stay in touch with their daily deals and you'll get an email whenever there is a new update on the site. You could also be checking out their website regularly to see the new deals that have been listed and take advantage of it.

How to shop at DealDey

What does it take to shop at DealDey? It is quite easy and involves the following:

  1. Register: You need to sign up for an account if you are not registered yet
  2. Log into your account
  3. Fund your account: Your account or wallet need to be funded so as to be able to partake in the deal offered.
  4. Buy a Deal: You should click the deal you want to buy on the website. Your funds will be debited
  5. Deal is sold: When Deal is bought by the minimum number of buyers and hence 100% subscribed, it is regarded as sold out.
  6. Receive a coupon in your email or SMS: A coupon indicating your deal details will be sent to your by SMS or email as a successful buyer.
  7. Collect your deal: This can be goods or services you've already paid for. You just have to visit the provider with your coupon and collect the deal.

Shopping on DealDey is quite easy and convenient.

Register for a free account Today

Payment and Delivery options at DealDey

Payment options at DealDey

When it comes to online shopping in Nigeria, several websites have their own payment options and for DealDey, Customers can normally pay by means of their wallet, card or mobile money but this has to be funded first.

  1. Wallet: This has to be funded by means of bank deposits in local banks like UBA, Zenith, GTbank and Access.
  2. Credit and Debit cards: Cards powered by Mastercard, Visa and Verve are accepted
  3. Mobile money: Paga mobile money is a partner.

Delivery options at DealDey

Once a customer has purhcased a deal, the next step is to collect your deal and for this DealDey allows customers to choose to either:

  1. Do a pickup: No delivery charges
  2. Get a home delivery: Delivery costs may be included.


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