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How to change your life by writing online

Updated on May 22, 2011

Change your life, Start writing online

If you have every considered making your writing dreams come true then now is the time to change your life and start writing online. In the past, before the Internet, amateur writers could only dream of having their work published, let alone get paid for their efforts. Now in the space of just a few hours you can start publishing your own articles AND get paid for them.

Writing online can change your life, helping you achieve your dreams and elevate you from dreamy scribbler to professional writer. From the moment you receive that first payment you can consider yourself exactly that; a professional writer. This article will show you how to make that change and why there has never been a better time to change your life by writing online.

Writing online - now is the time!

It will take me less than an hour to produce this article and you less than five minutes to read it. It wont win any awards or ever go into print, yet it will still be getting read for years to come and making money every year. Writing this article wont make me rich, it probably wont even pay this years internet connection, but then it is only going to take me an hour and if i write a dozen....? a hundred....?

But why now? If you are wondering how you could produce an article such as this one in such a short period of time then you probably havent heard of hubpages. Hubpages allows you to quickly publish your material in a web friendly and professional manner. With such a large following hubpages is well recognised by the leading search engines such as google and therefore maximising your potential readership. Hubpage templates allow you to insert photos, videos and links. Essentially Hubpages incorporates the monetization that will make your writing online profitable.

Join Hubpages today!

Of course money isnt the only reason to change your life by writing online. Yet with the extra income it would sure make justifying the time to sit down and write online a little easier wouldnt it?

Getting read and getting paid from writing online!

 Do you still need a little convincing? Well hubpages is entirely free so the most you would have to lose is your time. Yet you can be assured that by writing online with hubpages you can get your writing out there to the masses and enjoy potentially unlimited residual income in return.

"potentially unlimited residual income".

Uh-oh, another get rich quick scam, right? No its really not. By unlimited, I don't mean your writing online will become a license to print money or in a month you'll be holidaying in the Caribbean. What I mean is that once your article is written it will make you money, all be it small amounts for as long as it exists on the internet.  Realistically a well written article may make you several dollars a month, so a get rich quick scam this isn't. Now work out how much that article might make over three years and its starting to sound pretty good isnt it? Especially considering it only took you an hour or two to write. In a year you might easily write one a week without breaking sweat.

OK so changing your life by writing online doesn't involve financial objectives? Well consider this. If you wrote a successful book, how long would it take you and how many people might feasibly read it? I reckon a hundred thousand might represent significant publishing success. What If I told you that there are writers on hubpages that are having their articles read that many times A WEEK!

Showcasing your hard work writing online!

Have a look at the links below. There are five articles that I wrote using hubpages, With every new article you publish you can link to your other articles showing the internet population what you are capable of!

Join Hubpages now



What are you waiting for? Change your life writing online!

 Hopefully you are beginning to realise that writing online need not be a distant dream anymore. Hubpages is totally free, it will cost you nothing to give it a go, and once your readership starts to build you'll be hooked! This article is written with hubpages so its very existence should be proof enough of the power of publishing in this format. After all if you found this page, why wouldn't I come across one of your articles?

Join Hubpages Now, Change your Life, Write Online!


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    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 6 years ago

      Yes, the writing doesn't always feel like hard work!...and hearing the success stories is good encouragment!

    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 7 years ago from Ireland

      Yes dosburros I agree with you writing online to earn money is a slow process. But if you love writing then it is not hard work. It does take time to learn the rules and know the best way to write and layout the hubs.

      But at HubPages all the information is here on their FREE tutorials for new writers to learn the ropes. I am earning good money every month from HubPages now but it took me 6 months before I got my first payment. The best thing about writing online as you say dosburros is that once the hubs are written and published they earn money for us every single month. Now I get paid EVERY month from hubs I wrote ages ago.

      The best thing I ever did for my writing career was join HubPages.

    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 7 years ago

      Thanks. Its hard to see why anyone that spends significant time on the internet each day wouldnt want to give write online and give hubpages a try!

    • okmom23 profile image

      Donna Oliver 7 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A.

      Good article, will increase memberships on hubpages!