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How to choose insurance for the holiday so that it will be most effective

Updated on August 20, 2011

What insured spa guests, if the flight home from a warm region, where you spend your vacation has been postponed? What documents are collected in order to subsequently receive reimbursement from the SC, and how to prepare for this trouble before? How to choose insurance for the rest so that it will be most effective? After reviewing the answers to these questions on their own experience, I decided to share them with readers.
Photo: shutterstock How to compensate for trouble on vacation

When our group arrived just in Turkey, the tour operator's guide, among other things, said that charter flights are sometimes delayed back more than nine hours. "Well, to me this will not happen!" - Lightly, I thought. But when it came time to return home, it became clear how wrong I was. Ten hours spent at the airport, outside the passport control, on a small patch with a few duty free shops and eateries, not only broke all the plans and knocked out of the work schedule for almost a week (because, instead of to be home for dinner, I'm there reached only by the night and this morning has already begun working day), but was forced to look at some of the subtleties of insurance on the other side. At the same time I confess: I was not nearly as difficult as, for example, a young couple with three tiny children, or a woman who is in the second half of the day was sure to be at work in Kiev, which was threatening huge fines for failure to appear. Nevertheless, emotions and experiences that I experienced during the ten-hour wait, can not be called pleasant. If I had known beforehand about some of the features and expectations of their own insurance, I was able to reduce the troubles that come upon me, to a minimum.

So, I want to share the conclusions that I made for myself on this trip - perhaps they will be useful to someone. Just specify if you are an ardent opponent of Cheap Holiday Insurance as a product - then this stuff is not for you.

Insurance against flight delays
The fact that I'm immune to flight delays, I learned just waiting, finally, we will know a new and final departure. During the nine long hours of waiting had nothing to do - here and start reading the insurance contract, which I chose for the tour operator. "The insurer will reimburse the cost of meals, hotel, spending on alternative transportation - up to U.S. $ 350, if the flight is delayed for four hours or more due to a strike by technical reasons due to weather conditions, failure plane" - read the contract. But that's only to be compensated on arrival I could not, because no details of how to act in the event of such an insurance case, the contract was written (I came upon a much stripped-down tour operator, but rather a broker, part). And she made sure I did not ask before you go, how to act in all situations.

Now that "hindsight", I already know that if your flight is delayed, and if it is - prescribed in the contract of insurance case, then under the conditions of the policy outlined above, need to take care of the following:
in order to be eligible for reimbursement, you need at the airport contact a shipping company for a document that confirms the delay of flight for a well-defined period of time (for example, "more than 5 hours") and the reasons for the delay. If the company denied such a document - then you need to failure, they have issued in writing;
You can easily buy meals or overnight at the hotel at his own expense within the limit stipulated by the contract. The originals of checks should be kept. However, no restrictions on the number of meals that cost will be refunded in the case under consideration there, but the limit of U.S. $ 350. It is worth noting that if the representatives of trucking companies have provided you, for example, free lunch, it does not invalidate the right to reimburse expenses for their own drinks and other products purchased at the same time;
if you for some reason can not wait for your flight will finally plane, under the terms of the insurance described above, you can buy a ticket for another flight, and then you SC compensates the cost - of course, within a specified limit . Do not forget to ask your company's paper on the carrier's flight is delayed, and keep your original ticket for the flight (but especially hope that you can buy tickets on other flights, you should not - none of my flight do not possible, although attempts have been many);
immediately after returning to appeal to the SC with a list of required documents. As a rule, the maximum period of treatment in most contracts is 10 days.

A few passing tips

In conclusion, the part devoted to a possible flight delay, I would like to wish all of traveling abroad, reading these terms:
heading to the airport after the holidays have available sufficient funds for daily food and lodging for those traveling family members;
to have on your mobile phone account sufficient funds to inform loved ones that delayed flight (when it comes to SMS - you need to have a minimum of 20 posts in reserve - as a finite time to send the flight is often known only just before sending, and before that it officially can change and save at least 100 times.) Of course, local cards and other forms of communication will also work. The alternative - to examine the conditions of your carrier services on which the call is from the Ukraine will be free for you, but "very" dress for the caller (the major operators have already introduced such a service with totally free shipping on request call);
have in stock after the proposed return of one full day of vacation - not to have problems at work in case of flight delays or to take a break from moving, if your plane departed on time;
pleased to make sure that your insurance will cover the optimal number of risks, among them - the risk of possible flight delays. However, this is a topic for a separate partition ...

Insure Yourself

I hardly say anything new, if mention that travel companies, even the most reputable, rarely buy their customers (even those who travel in luxury hotels), insurance, higher levels of "basis". A class of such policies do not cover a wide coverage of risks, or significant amounts of compensation. For example, the "basic" version of the same policy that was me, or does not insure against flight delays or loss of documents or involuntary stay longer than planned. Do not give it the right to compensation for the cost of telephone service with special insurer - assistance (and with it the need to contact each time when the insured event). Moreover, all these risks were present in the form of the policy of the same company, but the "elite". The conclusion is not worth saving and buying insurance is the cheapest option, especially if going abroad is not for a long time.

The second point that I personally decided to always pay attention when buying insurance - it's exclusion from insurance claims, as described in the contract. In my list of exceptions to the policy was that if I chose the insurance itself, it would turn into just another insurance company. I am sure most want to protect yourself safely at rest would do the same. Judge for yourself, as exceptions to the insurance claims in the contract were:
treatment of injuries, conditions or diseases, which were obtained in all actions while intoxicated (in other words, want to take insurance in case of trouble after a relaxing cocktail should be forgotten, even on such innocent pastimes as water slides, jumping from a pier, etc. );
treatment of hearing problems, including those due to ingress of water or of sulfur caps (oddly enough, ear problems - one of the few sores, complaints are often found among reviews have been to Turkey and Egypt);
treatment of skin problems associated with the action of sunlight (in our time of solar activity such cases very often - and it's not the burning, and various allergies and rashes);
treatment of dermatitis, urticaria and other allergiynyh events, except those that require urgent intervention and life-saving doctor patient (by the way, I know of two cases over the past three years, outbreaks of unknown allergies in holiday abroad friend);
if health problems are associated with the diagnosis, treatment, complications of pregnancy, when there is no threat to the life insured women (the presence of such a clause in the contract, in essence, makes the trip abroad for women expecting a baby, potentially very risky in financial terms);
treatment of injuries, conditions or diseases that are related to force majeure, including but not limited to acts of terrorism, revolution, insurrection, and so on.

And this is all besides the standard "will not refund the cost of treatment by doctors or institutions that do not have appropriate agreements with our IC's assistance."

So, as you already understood, after a day spent in a stuffy and crowded airport, it is not surprising that I became an ardent supporter of insurance with a maximum set of risks (which can not be said about the IC, in which there are restrictions on its policies, above). In this case the main thing, which taught me a trip - it's that much cheaper to buy insurance on their own, choosing it with great care - than to pay for every contingency that may arise.


Anastasia Koshmak, specialist of the department of insurance products for personal BritMark

Those who want to choose the most effective and useful insurance when going abroad on holiday, I would suggest the following. If you choose for yourself, then, of course, my main advice - do not save. It is better to pay for the policy a bit more expensive, but with no deductible. Because as abroad, even calling a doctor to the hotel for such a commonplace, it would seem the case as a pain in the ear, can cost $ 50.

If you're going on vacation to do extreme experiences (skiing, scuba diving, kite surfing, etc.), then when you make policy more responsive to this intention by making a list of risk coverage of health services in the event of injury. Extreme sports will increase the cost of insurance in the 1.5 - 2 times, but you will be able to "extreme" with peace of mind and confidence that you will not refuse to provide medical care.

Now our market is a sufficient number of international assistanskih companies with whom we cooperate insurers providing services to its clients abroad. The main thing - to make sure that wherever you're going to go, there's assistance office that serves your IC. Communication utilities, but the distance in an emergency is important.

When making a policy sure to ask whether your program provides insurance costs for communication with Assistance - you may need to call from your phone. Upon arrival at home will be compensated, requesting the mobile operator printout of calls made and giving her IC.

When applying for insurance for trips to Europe, at the embassy, ‚Äč‚Äčopening visa, it is necessary to clarify the nuances such as the minimum sum insured, the need to cover the additional risks, such as an accident, and an additional 15 days to the date the trip.


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