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How to cut Internet data usage

Updated on March 5, 2014

Internet is my addiction!

If you accept the above proclamation then you need to be little careful. The reason for that is that frugality is an attitude and it comes gradually as a result of practice. Oh ! do not become very serious. I have something interesting for you. I will outline some easy ways through which you would be able to cut down your Internet usage and hence divert your funds to some more useful ends.

Cutting down the Internet usage needs little planning, patience and calm mind. So these are the qualities that I have asked you to inculcate in yourself and if you have these then you are going to master this art very quickly.

A more better way to reduce expenditure on the Internet plan is to do a little search on the Internet to find the best and most economical plan suitable to your needs. Another option is to go outside and consult the distributors. I know most of them are just reckless but the ones diligent will guide you in such a way that you will really appreciate your decision of consulting before sticking to a particular plan. I have added a video which describes the harmful effects of excess Internet usage so do watch if you think you use Internet too much.

Now I think I have tersely expressed my views and now I will detail them in the subsequent sections.

Internet is an Information Ocean

A Connected World
A Connected World | Source

Correct your Attitude

What I mean to say is that stop your habit of checking your account multiple times a day. I have seen many of my friends that they check their Gmail, Facebook and other Internet based accounts many times a day.

While that was okay when they had College Wi-Fi but when you pay for every byte you use then this habit is detrimental to your economy. Every time you log in your Gmail account(standard version), you expend at least 200kb data. Now if you log 5 times a day you just loose 1 Mb of your data just in logging into your Gmail account, rest whatever you do has not been taken to account.

You might be little derogatory on the author that I see 1 Mb of data as something substantial but I assure that indeed it is substantial when it comes to the monthly plan. If you have just opted a plan of 24 hours then my suggestion does not hold much. But if you have not, which is mostly the case with economy plans, then you really need to stick to my advice.

Moreover it is not 1 Mb of data which matters but what matters is the habit. You might be repeating same with the other accounts hence leading to pilferage of your data unknowingly.

My recommendation is that you inculcate the habit of checking your accounts at a fix time in the evening. Since at that time you will have all the official mails of the day in your inbox and also your friends will be free to mail or chat with you after the professional hours.

Taming Data Pilferage

I have here quickly described methods, in points, to control the data usage.

  1. Check your windows update options. What happens most of the time is that in action center the option of windows update remains automatic. It means that windows automatically downloads new and latest updates suitable for the computer. You need to turn it off. It`s very easy. Go to the start option(It is a windows logo and left most corner of your system. When you move your pointer over it start appears.) and then click on the control panel option. After you have clicked you see lots of options and on the top Control Panel\All Control Panel Items is written. If you find only Control Panel then you check the upper left side of the screen where you will find category. You click on the category and then select the large icons. Then you will see the first option Action Center. You click on the action center and then you check the lower left hand side and you will find second option windows update. After you have clicked option check the upper left hand side option and you will find change settings. Click on that option and then you will see below Important Updates , Install updates automatically(recommended). Click on it and select the third option. Finally click ok.
  2. Most of the times when you surf the Internet, mostly forums and blogging sites, then lots of ads pop sometimes stealthily in new window such as and a video begins to play eroding your costly data and hence you need to quickly close it. A more better way, if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla firefox, is to use application Adblock. You can easily find the details here. It blocks all irrelevant ads which keep data pilferage going on.
  3. If you use Internet explorer my recommendation is that you better use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Chrome acts superior to Internet Explorer in loading. cold boot up time and using less memory hence saving the data. Here a good justification if you are not satisfied. Visit this link. If you wish to find out more you may visit this link to sort out best browser according to your choice.
  4. Many times there are installed unwanted applications such as PandoraTv which eat large chunks of data hence if you think that data consumption rate on your computer is much higher than you really use then I recommend you must check for the malicious applications and try uninstalling them. All you have to do is to go in the Control Panel and then select the option Programs and Features. Then you check for any program unfamiliar to you. If you have lots of programs installed then I recommend you that you must sort the programs list according to the installation date. When you have found out any unfamiliar and menacing in nature do check on Internet before uninstalling it. The reason for it is that some times you may uninstall any program which comes default with the windows and hence leading to malfunction of your windows. If you find Pandora Tv then visit this website to resolve your issues.
  5. One more thing that you can do if you think that lots of ads pop up in your browser and keeps eating pile of your data is to visit this link and sort out your problem.

Avoid Streaming Sites

Youtube is Popular streaming site.
Youtube is Popular streaming site. | Source

Internet Usage !

What led you to overuse the Internet ?

See results

Downloading is your Greatest Enemy

If you have the habit of downloading any thing very quickly from the internet then you must be little careful. Remember you have a plan in which you get fix amount of data for a fix time period. Make sure that you do not download large files(music, videos etc) out of your plan.

What happens is that you download a file thinking it`s very small and how can it affect the 1 Gb or 2 Gb data that you have, but again this becomes your habit and the rate at which your data balance depletes accelerates very quickly.

I know it`s almost impossible to completely avoid the downloads. My recommendation is that for this case, at the start of the month-- when you get your fresh plan-- you allocate the amount of data you want to reserve for your downloads and make sure that you do not exceed that limit until your data may get wasted due to arrival of expiry date.

Quick Summary: reduce wastage

Serial no.
Search best available Plan
Gives you inherent advantage
Make a Usage Plan
Keeps you track your usage
Avoid downloading
Prevents enormous amount of data
check for the discrepancies
Helps you save your considerable data

Make a Plan

This is the best way to manage your resource that you have. Suppose that you have opted for a 2 GB data plan. So what I recommend is that you divide the 2 GB data in various slots and use accordingly.

Suppose that you have to use 2 GB data in 30 days so divide the 2 GB by 30 and then use only the specified (68.267 MB) each day. I have just given an example you may select according to your needs. Most people would be happy to allot more data to Saturdays and Sundays because they are free on those days.

Restrain using Streaming Sites

There are many types of websites on Internet. Some are very lighter and some are very heavy. Mostly heavy sites are those having lots of media content such as videos, pictures and other files.

I urge you to curb your habit of checking Youtube and Metacafe very frequently. Remember you are using an economy plan. Also if you wish to see some video, download it. Since buffering takes same amount of data as downloading hence download it. If you need some video it is better ask your friends first if they have then you may save your considerable data. And in other way you would be helping in a way to reduce the high internet traffic.

Attitude can make a difference

Attitude matters when it comes to frugal living.
Attitude matters when it comes to frugal living. | Source

Select your Plan carefully

In the modern world the most important thing I consider is Information. If you remain updated about the latest plans that ISP(Internet Service Providers) launch then you are definitely going to be in an advantage.

The best way to check the plans is to check the official websites of the service providers. From there you will get authentic information about the plans.

The second good option that I have already described is to go and consult the distributors. They always remain contact with the company officials and know the best plans suitable to a customer. In my case I consulted for a 3G Data Plan and a distributor told me about FRC 749 plan of Aircel in Lucknow. I consider opting this plan as one of the best decisions I took in Lucknow.

Excess Internet can be harmful!


I have just earnestly described some methods which require some improvement in the habit and also some insight into the technological aspects which is of course inevitable if one has to tackle or plan something related to technology.

This Hub that I have written can be improved and I will improve it as soon as I find new and more effective methods which would keep one comfortable in using his Internet data frugally. I welcome all sorts of criticism on my article from my readers. I would be happy to inculcate any suggestions so that we can make it more useful for the multitudes.

Wishing you all


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      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India

      @CyberShelly thank you!

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