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How to Earn Extra Money at the Driving Range

Updated on April 23, 2015

How do Tour Professionals Improve their Swing?

Every golfer would like to hit the golf ball like Jordan Spieth who won the Masters tournament in 2015. Jordan's swing is a beauty to watch and it has the all the right dynamics to make hitting the ball seem effortless.

When we see golf on television, we imagine ourselves playing and hitting crisp shots like the pros. Most of us want to mimic our favourite players. When we see Dustin Johnson on the tee box, we want to crush a ball 200 yards with a 6-iron. We have the same equipment as the pros but not the technique or skill.

When I attended the Humana Golf Challenge this year, I spent a lot of time at the driving range watching the pros hit balls. Ball after ball, they hit with a slow and smooth tempo. It was inspiring to say the least. They setup and while keeping their lower body still, they swing back and through the ball. Beautiful trajectory with a slight draw. Some had their coaches with them while others did not.

Some of them had a TrackMan monitor and a TrackMan rep to collect and digest the numbers. They would take a swing of a club then they would look at a tablet and discuss it among themselves. They setup and make an adjustment, make a few practice swings then execute. One of the numbers they are interested in is the ball speed which is measured at impact. The ball speed measured in miles per hour tells the golfer, how fast the ball is at launch. Every mile yields 2 yards of distance so a ball speed of 125 mph will result in a 250 yard carry. Other numbers come into play and may require some adjustment on their swing mechanics.

At the driving range with PGA players from the Champions tour.
At the driving range with PGA players from the Champions tour.

Show me the Money

Before telling you how you can earn some serious money at the driving range, you need a piece of equipment like the TrackMan swing analyzer. Before getting your hopes up, let me tell you that the TrackMan is well over $20,000. It may be affordable to a tour professional but for you and I, we need to look at another device.

One of these devices which is the most affordable and easy to use is the Zepp Swing Analyzer that retails for $150. The Zepp Swing Analyzer consists of a small sensor that you attach to the velcro part of your glove. As you swing a club, the Zepp sensor collects data that is transmitted via bluetooth to your smartphone in real-time. The app that is running on your smartphone figures out everything and displays it to you. Among the numbers like club speed, it also allows you to calculate backswing position and rotation. Familiarize yourself with setting it up, pairing it to your smartphone and data that it collects. Play around with it and get used to working the app.

Once you have the experience of the Zepp swing analyzer, it is time for you to go out and earn extra money. Go to a driving range in your area and offer the use of your product for $10 for 10 minutes. Explain to them that once they pay you $10, you will secure the Zepp on the back of their glove and you will set up the session. Once the app is ready, let them swing their club a few times and when they are ready to be recorded then push the button to start. Don't let them hit any balls when swinging. The clip is secured but you don't want to risk the Zepp sensor from flying off the glove and into the driving range. Within the 10-minute session, you will be able to give them a few readings. After 10-minutes, let them hit a bucket of balls and see if it made a difference. You may want to encourage them to spend another $10 to get new numbers.

Most golfers won't invest $150 to buy a swing analyzer but for $10, it's an easy sell.

Like the saying goes in the hit movie, Jerry McGuire, 'Show me the money'.

If you hit a few bad shots, how would you improve your next game?

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Know the Terminology

Before going out to the driving range with the swing analyzer and your smartphone, you should probably brush up on some important terms. Google the following and make a terminology sheet to give out to your customers. This sheet should include:

  • Ball speed
  • Clubhead speed
  • Smash factor
  • Swing Plane

Try to make this informational sheet your marketing tool. Tell them a little about the Zepp sensor and what numbers it calculates. Mention a few pros such as Keegan Bradley that uses the Zepp. Educate them on the importance of these numbers and research a little on how these numbers translates to distance.

More Avenue for Revenue

Another avenue for revenue is to hook up with a golf instructor at the range. After a swing analysis, the player might need some golf instruction. Try to negotiate a commission with the golf instructor for every student you send him or her.

You can make a deal with the driving range owner to provide a combo. A bucket of balls and 10-minutes with a swing analyzer for $20.

Golfers would use training aids to help improve their swing.
Golfers would use training aids to help improve their swing.
Zepp Swing Analyzer and App
Zepp Swing Analyzer and App


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  • onthegreen profile imageAUTHOR

    Tony Li 

    3 years ago from Canada

    Thanks Jack for your comment. So far, driving range owners have been very receptive on having someone provide this service to their patrons. They like the idea that a golfer will spend 10 minutes hooked up to a swing analyzer then return to hitting balls. After 10 minutes, they want to start working on their swing by hitting balls. This will only lead to more bucket sales which is what the driving range owner wants. Being a golfer myself, a little tweak can make or break your game. If it breaks a swing, you will surely get a repeat customer. Have a great summer!

  • Jack Burden profile image

    Jack Burden 

    3 years ago from Columbus, OH

    Excellent idea for a summer job. I would be very interested to know how much you make in the course of a month. How do you work out an arrangement with the driving range owner?


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