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How to earn money from Amazon Mechanical Turk ?

Updated on July 5, 2012

Amazon Mechanical Turk Home Page


Amazon Mechanical Turk is a place in which you can earn money just by performing some Human Intelligence Tasks termed as HITS.You can not expect to earn 3000$pm with AMT.But this is a REALISTIC PROGRAM and most importantly its NOT A SCAM.The more you work , the more you get.We had already seen many online earning programs.Most of them are complete wastage of our time and energy.On most of these sites you have to make referrals and what you actually do is boosting their business with out getting much payment for you.But this program differs from all of those.Its more like an online virtual office.You can choose from a variety of tasks to work on.You will be assigned with works (HITs) and upon the completion of these tasks, your Amazon account will be credited with money.After the initial holding period of 10days you can transfer this money to your bank account or can disburse in to Amazon Gift Certificate.

An example of an AMT HIT.You have to draw bounding boxes around the specified object.
An example of an AMT HIT.You have to draw bounding boxes around the specified object. | Source

How to Start?

After you made an account with AMT you have to accept the hits which appear on the screen.Most of the HITs are really easy to work and after completion you will be rewarded with an amount ranging from 0.01$ to 25$ depending on the stated HIT reward . Some examples for the HITs are

  • Does this newspaper clip contain a local news?
  • Transcribe a short audio clip
  • Flag the images that contain adult content
  • Read and respond to scenarios
  • Copy text from business card
  • Draw bounding boxes around objects etc.

You can request for qualifications and you will be rewarded with points if the request is being accepted.So you can make sure that you will get more HITs to work on and thus can maximize your chance of earning more money through this program.Another interesting fact about AMT is that you wont get bored while working on this because there are a plenty of various types of HITS available for you to work on.


How much money I can make?

Well ..It depends...If you spend some quality time with AMT,you can definitely earn about 150-300$ per month with this.Also if you are from US ,Canada or from any other native English speaking countries you will get more and more HITs to work on.If you can make sure that you are accepting more than 50 HITs per day, then you will be paid really well.A requester can also choose to pay a bonus in addition to the stated reward.

AMT is having 24X7 work force around the globe.So accept the HITS which have higher amount of pay as fast as you can because if you didn't somebody else will do that.You will see 500 HITs remaining for a particular task and just after a few minutes there wont be any HITs available in that group just because so many people had already accepted that task.You have to be smart and quick.

How do they pay?

When a requester accepts the HIT we submitted, Amazon Mechanical Turk automatically transfers the money for the Requester's prepaid balance to our AMT account.If you are a US based worker,then you have the option of transferring the AMT balance to your bank account after an initial holding period of 10 days.Or you can just transfer to gift certificate.Workers from India can receive bank cheques or can disburse earnings to gift certificate.Workers from all other countries are only having the option of converting their earnings to Amazon Gift certificate .It's a nice option too.You don't have to pay for a brand new phone or an SLR camera or anything of your choice.These are the payment options from AMT.At present they are not paying through PAYPAL or LIBERTY RESERVE.

So guys...Give it a try & All the best ....!


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    • deepushiva profile image

      deepushiva 5 years ago from UAE

      Hello bibleguidejo , Thank you for time.Well, I have to tell you that its pretty safe in 99% of the cases.Use a separate email & Facebook account for signing up in the sites specified in the HITS.Also if you are doubtful in any stage, u can return the hit. Its not going to make a considerable change in the amount you earn from AMT on a long run. All the best !

    • bibleguidejo profile image

      bibleguidejo 5 years ago from India

      Very good article. Incidentally I had started just a few days back. Thank you for the information. One doubt, is it ABSOLUTELY safe to go to the sites they are asking and to download content they are asking.