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How to Feel Rich and Wealthy

Updated on August 14, 2013

Money, Money, Money!


Are You really Poor or Just Think That Way?

People think that to feel rich and wealthy they have to have a million dollars or more in the bank. Sure, no doubt at all that if a million dollars dropped into your lap you would feel mighty rich. But the feeling of affluence can be achieved by a change in how you think. Once you can successfully condition your mind to think you are well off, you will start seeing actual changes toward that end in your life.

How many times do you say or think to yourself "I'm poor, or I don't have any money?" You most likely do have money, at least some type of revenue coming in during the month, but with our natural desire for new things and experiences, as well as dealing with the general cost of most everything going up, it's very easy to feel wanting instead of having. There is little doubt that money can give you opportunities for expansion and adventure, but if you don't see yourself as being well off, you never will be. No matter where you fall on the earnings scale, thinking of yourself as poor or that there is never enough will only perpetuate the circumstance. It's a never ending cycle, nothing will change with those negative feelings constantly on your mind. With the heavy focus on feeling poor and needing you are actually holding yourself in the very state you don't want to be in.

Did Your Family Argue About Money?


Feeling Lack is Normal, You Are not Alone

We all come with some type of baggage when it comes to money. You may have grown up with a lot of negativity around money such as there never seemed to be enough and/or hearing your parents argue a lot about it. Possibly you've experienced having a car or furniture repossessed when the bills couldn't be paid. It may be from reduced income after losing a job, or maybe just listening to all the doom and gloom about the financial storm almost upon us that gives you anxiety. These are legitimate negative feelings and very common. Don't feel that you are inadequate or a loser due to the state you feel yourself in right now. You can and will move past this if you start to think differently. Let's switch the thinking and move to a positive place to bring money in instead of keeping it away.

Forgive and Forget Already!


How Can I Stay Positive?

The very first thing in positive rethinking is forgiveness. It's important because if you don't do this step, all the rest will be a moot point. So, you're probably thinking "Who do I have to forgive?" The most important one to forgive is YOU! Whether you have thought about it or not, we blame ourselves in some way or another for the things that befall us whether it's being let go from that job, feeling we're the cause our parents couldn't make ends meet, or overall self inadequacy in not bringing home the amount of money we feel we should be. You must to stop this thinking! Give yourself a break. Let yourself off the hook from it all because you are now moving forward and regret and self loathing are your worst enemy. They are a poison that literally harms your health and is an absolute wasted emotion. You can't change your past, only your future, so hanging onto self blame or any other blame will not move your going forward, just keep you dwelling on a negative past.

Feel Better by Giving Thanks

Feel Rich with THIS Knowledge

Just take a walk around your house. What do see? We have so much yet we take it all for granted. Did you know that only 1 in 5 people own a TV worldwide? I'm not saying more don't have access to one, but worldwide only 20% own a TV. In the US 98% of households own one.

Do you have a bank account? Ninety percent of Americans do, however in the poorer countries only a quarter are wealthy enough to have one. (This was based on a gallop poll for 148 countries through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

One only needs to look at a few facts that we, in developed countries take for granted every day. Once you see these numbers you can't help but feel much abundance and gratitude. (Information below taken from the United Nations Human Development Report, and The International Energy Agency).

  1. There are 1.5 billion people in the world who have no access to electricity.
  2. There are over 3 billion people in the world have no running water in their home.
  3. There are 840 million people who have no access to water near to their home.
  4. Out of roughly 7 billion people in the world 40% do not have flushing toilets in their home.
  5. 925 million people are hungry and suffer from malnutrition.

If you are blessed to live in a home with electricity, water, a flushing toilet and at least 2 meals a day, you are very, very rich.

Money Ideas


Ways of Rethinking to Bring About Abundance

When you believe and say "I'm poor" your subconscious agrees with you and gives you more of what you believe through the law of attraction (like attracts like). So here are some tools when dealing with money in which you can tell your subconscious another story:

  1. Bills: They are the most stressful aspect when dealing with money. Our feelings become very negative when we have to deal with this chore. So turn that around. Now, when you pull out the first bill, (say it's your electric bill for $80.00), you now are going to DONATE $80.00 to your electric company because you love having electricity in your home. You are wealthy enough to donate that money. Remember we ALWAYS have a choice to pay or not pay, so instead of looking at each bill as a must pay, instead, look at each one as a donation for the love of what that donation gives you. You have to feel the good feeling of donating though. Donating with happiness tells the subconscious you have that extra money to give away.
  2. When going to a bargain store like the Dollar Tree or Walmart etc, don't think "I only have enough money to buy things at this store", instead say to yourself, "Ive found this amazing store and I have unlimited money to buy what I want!"
  3. Instead of calling a coupon a coupon which tells the subconscious that you don't have enough money and need help buying something, look at it as a gift certificate. Just as a gift certificate saves you from paying full price on something yourself, so does a coupon, but when you look at it in this way you feel richer.
  4. Money in your wallet gives you a feeling of abundance. Next time you have a little extra, put a $100.00 bill in your wallet. Pull it out frequently and say, "I could buy...........with this!" Now, don't spend it, just know you could if you wanted to. Knowing you have extra cash gives you a good feeling and shows your subconscious you feel good about the money you have.
  5. Donate a little money or your time. Even if it's just $5.00 to Red Cross or Food for Families, if you do it believing you are truly helping someone and feel good about it, you shift your thinking into one that has abundance to give. Even if you don't have money to give, by donating your time to a shelter, charity or giving blood, you will feel good about yourself as well as gratitude to know how blessed you are in comparison to those who badly need YOUR help.

Giving Blood Will help YOU as well

Whether it's giving of your money, time or yourself, it will bring you more good than you can imagine.
Whether it's giving of your money, time or yourself, it will bring you more good than you can imagine. | Source

It's Truly a Mind Game

More then anything else, your life proceeds from the thoughts and feelings you have about it. Our culture focuses heavily on the negative so we have lost our balance. We rarely notice the good things in our lives, focusing primarily on the bad. Start feeling rich and wealthy and more abundance will follow. That's how the law of attraction works, so put it to working for you, not against you.


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