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How to get Free Products to Review?

Updated on March 8, 2017

So if you're here and reading this then you probably want to know how to get people to contact you in order to become a product reviewer.

First off the step one making sure your brand is real and consistent. To do this you should create your own social media accounts, Amazon prime account, and blogs. Once you have these created you should make sure to review anything and everything that you get. That means if you go to the store when you buy a new pair of shoes review it, if you go when you buy a new screen protector review it, if you get a present for someone review it. Make sure to keep your views honest and real. A good review should be at least three paragraphs long. The first paragraph should focus on just talking about what the product is. Then the next paragraph should discuss your reaction and personal experience with the product. If this is a gift then you can talk about what the person you gave it to liked about it and didn't like about it. You could also discuss why you chose this item as a gift. For your third and final paragraph you should sort of some up your experience. This is your overall I thought…. Make sure to keep any criticism constructive. If you completely bash product without at least a steak one positive or fully explaining your negatives you going to make people think that you are overly critical or that you simply enjoy writing bad reviews.

The next step is to set up your reviews on your Amazon profile. Now with the Amazon new policy you can only with you up to five unverified reviews for a week. You do not want to go over this number and have Amazon delete your account. Now know when you can only do five unverified reviews a week you need to make the most of them make sure they are extremely descriptive, well organized well written, and honest. Make sure to review every product that you buy on Amazon as well these items are verified reviews and they do not count towards your five unverified reviews. Now that you have your Amazon profile established make sure your profile itself is well written. You should make sure to describe yourself it doesn't need to include a lot of personal details just common information like what you like to do the types of books you like to read that sort of thing. Next make sure your Amazon profile includes your email address and that it is public. For the stop I recommend having a separate email address just for this part. This will allow authors and companies to contact you directly. Now it is Amazon policy that you are not allowed to get something for free in exchange for a review. However that does not mean that you cannot get products for free in exchange for a review if you're posting the review on your blog and social media. Once you get contact with an author of product company make sure to include your review everywhere except Amazon. That means put it on your social media, your blog, your YouTube channel. The big thing is promote promote promote!

Now that you have of using you so I'm get more popular you should see more and more products coming to you. Make sure to always deal with everyone author and product company in a polite and friendly manner. Make everything is hashed out before the product sent to you. You do not want anyone saying but you promised me to do this when you didn't.

Good luck and I hope you have success!


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