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How to get Free Toiletries

Updated on July 13, 2017

Where To Get Free Toiletries

I love toiletries, I love trying new ones and I also love it when you find certain ones you want to stick with. But as much as I love them, and I don't tend to buy expensive ones, even the cost of cheap toiletries soon adds up. But there are a few ways you can get toiletries for free, every month! I am not saying that you won't have to buy any ever again, but your toiletries budget could easily be slashed.

Use What You Have At Home

Instead of going out and buying something, there are so many toiletries that you can make from what you have in your cupboards at home. For example, you can use bicarbonate of soda instead of deodorant, it is cheaper and it works really well, even on me and I am a very sweaty person! Also, salt and cornflour make an excellent dry shampoo, it even works on really greasy hair and even though it is a little bit messy, I find it works better than store bought dry shampoo, just be sure to brush it out completely.

There are loads of other toiletries that you can make at home, and if you are stuck for inspiration, sites like "Larger Family Life" and "The Old Farmer's Almanac" are full of ideas to help you find a homemade alternative to your toiletries.

Freebie Sites

Companies are always giving away free samples in the hopes that people will be tempted to buy the full sized versions, but you have to know where to find them! Sites like "Magic Freebies" and "Latest Free Stuff" do all the hard work for you and send the results in an email, all you need to do is choose what you want and enter your details and you'll get toiletries sent to your door, absolutely free! For those in other countries, a quick search of "free toiletries" will give you a load of great results.

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Brand Sites

Another way to get free toiletries is to subscribe to brand websites, they often give away stuff to members so subscribe to as many as you can think of!

Counters in Shops

Beauty counters often have free samples of toiletries ready to give to people, but they don't advertise it, you normally have to ask and you will be given samples of things like high end face creams and luxury serums.


You are paying for the hotel anyway, so take the toiletries, they're one of the things that you can definitely take from a hotel without consequence. And if you stay in a lot of hotels, you can always pour smaller bottles into bigger ones so that they don't take up as much room in your bathroom!

Product Trials

BzzAgent, Opinion Outpost and Pinecone Research are always looking for people to take part in surveys and trials for new products. You are sent the product, you review it and answer some questions about it, it's that simple. You get to try a new product before anyone else (just keep quiet about it, it's in the T's and C's) and you also get paid to review the product by Pinecone and Opinion Outpost.

You Can Get Free Toiletries!

Toiletries can cost a lot of money, but you can get free toiletries to help save you some money every month!


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