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Easy ways to get Free and Affordable Personal Training

Updated on May 5, 2014

All 5 Ways

Free Personal Training

Finding an affordable personal trainer can be tough these days. Fortunately there are many ways you can save and even get FREE personal training. I can help because I have been training in the Glendale/Burbank/LA area for over 20 years. Get ready to save money because I will show you 3 ways to get free training and 7 ways to get discounted training.

4 Easy ways to get personal training FREE:

  1. Ask for 2 free sessions first before you buy. If the trainer doesn't offer a free trial workout then ask for one. Ask for 2 first then if they say no they ask for one. They will generally give you that 1st one free. Usually they will do an evaluation of your movement patterns, flexibility, strength etc. This will help them determine what type of routine is best for you.
  2. Try out other trainers for free as well. At This point you would also be able to save money and get more free training by calling other personal trainers for a free workout. In my opinion you should try out at least three different personal trainers before you decide.
  3. Trade services with the trainer to get free sessions. You can trade accounting, web design, photography, massage, guest house rental, food, doctor, acupuncture and just about anything you could think of can be traded for personal training so long as you both agree.
  4. Have them practice a skill they are leaning on you. Ask them if they are learning any new skill or taking a new class and need someone to practice on. Yes the quality of service will not be the best because they are learning but you will get help. Chances are that they won't hurt you or make you worse, but the help or treatment just may not be as effective or it may take longer for them to help you. But I'm sure you may be able to find someone that will help you in their spare time with a new skill.

Discounted Personal Training Table

Cheapest per session
Asking for the 1st two sessions free
Trying out multiple Trainers
Trade Services with the Trainer
Group Training
4 for the price of 1
Buy a Package of 20 Sessions
Up to 4 free
Buy a Package of 20 Sessions
Workout with a friend
Overall Cheaper
Ask the trainer for a lower rate
Find an Independent Trainer
Have the trainer teach you to do it on your own
Cheaper in the long run

Don't waste your money!!

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Discounted Personal Training

Other ways to just save money:

  1. Workout with a family member, friend or co-worker. If two of you train together then you will both share the cost. The trainer will generally charge a little more to train both or maybe only a little bit more. The point here is that the more people that you have training at one time then the more you will save. Generally personal training is done one-on-one. Semi-private personal training is usually 2-4 people.
  2. Do group training as well. Group training can be 5 or more people and up to 30-40. Group training can be about $10 a session. You will not have personal attention but you can still talk to the trainer about your diet before and after the session when they are not busy.
  3. Go to Group-on and get great deals. Group-on has excellent deals. You can basically get anywhere from 2-4 sessions for the price of one. I hate to say this but you could try out quite a few trainers and get a lot of sessions cheap this way. You could get up to 4 sessions for $80, then buy more from another trainer and you could workout 2x a week for 1 month and only pay $160. Just be honest with the trainer and let them know what you are doing so they could help you appropriately.
  4. Ask the trainer if there is any other way to get a lower rate. Then after they tell you how you could save then ask again. Now you should have the lowest best rate possible.
  5. Buy more sessions up front. If you are at a franchise gym and they don't have independent trainers then you get sessions cheaper by buying more sessions up front. Gee I have seen gyms sell up to 40 sessions to one person up front.
  6. Ask them to throw in a few sessions for free because you bought a package. And the bigger the package then the more sessions you should ask for. 2 free if you buy 10 is a great deal! And likewise 4 free sessions when you buy 20 is great also.
  7. Have the trainer teach you the routine. The trainer can just train you and make you workout hard to get results or they could teach you to go on your own. There is a difference between training and teaching. If you are a fast learner then you may be able to go off on your own sooner. Then you could have them back after 2 weeks to check your form if you wish. Or bring them back after 6-8 weeks to teach you a new routine so you can continue pressing forward. Some people still like the accountability of the trainer each week. So if you start off doing one routine 3x a week then you could taper off to once a week if you knew your routine and still wanted some accountability.

For 10 plus more ways to save click here

More ways to save

Other sources on the net

Jillita Horton shares two other ways to save at Yahoo voices

Jason Anderson gives 6 other ways to save at a local gym at Sparks people. Ways to save include but are not limited to checking out the competition, Avoiding a Contract, Being honest about your budget, Getting out of you gym contract, not falling for the extras and working with your employer. also has ways to save that include signing up for a triathlon and working out online.


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    • profile image

      Roy Edwards 

      3 years ago

      Great article and very informative. As a personal trainer myself I believe that anyone who is motivated to train should do it at the least cost possible. That said, often sticking with one personal trainer who can push you and work with you towards your goals can often provide motivation, structure, quicker success and a stronger long term relationship. I definitely recommend speaking to a good variety of personal trainers and having a free session to see which one suits you and how much they care about your success. I build long term plans for my clients who often work with me for short periods of time and then return to me when and if they need further instruction or motivation.

      With regards to classes and bootcamps; these are also a great tool to help you reach your goals, however most PT's use these as a cash cow and the rotation of people at them often means that there is little focus on individuals, technique and group goals. That said, if you are having fun, are more active and making steps to live a healthier lifestyle, find one that you love and stick with it.


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