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How to get dressed on a budget

Updated on December 18, 2013

Plan the colors

Choose the colors you look the nicest in. Choose for all your family members too. Then stick to those when you go shopping for sewing material or clothes. There are mainly four different types of personal features: Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.

I am a summer type and use soft colors like mauve, pink, lilac and grey. If I want a dark color, I never choose black but choclate brown.

Of course it is tempting to buy something different especially if and when you find it on a sale or just love it. I do often and I must admit that I feel good when I do. I am crazy about flowers and some of my skirts are like a garden =)

Color analysis video

Take sewing lessons

If you can find the time and interest to learn how to sew, you will save thousands of money over the years. Material is more cheep to buy than ready made confection clothes. You can learn how to change a pair of pants, a skirt or dress with a few quick stitches. Sewing lessons are really a good investment!

Start with simple patterns. There are many patterns where you can use the same for different clothes. If you find a pant pattern that you really like and can master, you can make all kind of pants from it. Jogging, slacks, and night fashion pants.

My hub with patterns for large sizes

When my children were younger, I often made shirts, blouses and skirts from the same piece of material. It does not take much for a little item. Try it and you will feel like Maria in A sound of music. I did not say you should take the curtains but maybe.....?

Basic sewing how to manage the mashine

Make your own sewing patterns!

Browse in second hand stores

Second hand, vintage and used clothes are more and more popular. The reasons are many. The price is more fitting your economy. The clothes can be very well made, and it would be a waste not to wear them. You can also change the fitting when you come home. Go shopping in the Second hand stores and you will be surprised what lovely finds you can make!

Often there are shops where you can trade. You bring something you want to sell and the store keeper gives you a price. Then that sum is reduced from your purchase! Smart huh! If you don't have a trading store like this - why not open one? Talk to your friends and work mates and you will find, that they are interested too. We all are actually!


Advertise in your neighborhod

Garage sales for clothes only? Why not! Advertise on the billboard at your store, at the nursery or your workplace. Put up little ads all over the neighborhood and you will be surprised. Maybe you should call it a trading garage sale?

Another area where trading clothes are both smart and wise is children's clothes. They are seldom worn very long. They are expensive to buy and to share with other families can save lots of money for you all!


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      Sophia Angelique 6 years ago

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