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How to pick the winning lottery numbers

Updated on November 2, 2014

Choosing the numbers

We all want to hit the lottery when we buy a ticket. But how can we maximize our chances so that the numbers we pick have a better chance of winning than anyone elses?

First, the odds of the same exact numbers being drawn two consecutive weeks in a row is virtually zero, so don't play last weeks numbers! Then, look at the past several numbers drawn. You will see a pattern of how many times certain numbers come up. Generally, if a specific number comes up three out of the past five or six weeks, it's a good chance that number is not going to be pulled in the next drawing. Of course, there is always a chance that it might- but statistically speaking, that would be an aberration from a random sample of numbers.

Next, once you see the numbers available, notice the clusters of lower numbers VS higher numbers- if a greater cluster of lower numbers -say 1,5,9,13,22-were drawn in previous weeks, the odds are that those clusters will not be drawn in the next few drawings- most likely cluster of numbers in the higher ranger-say 18,24,33,46- will statistically be more likely. Also, it's always a good bet to play clusters in the middle range as numbers can cluster in the middle ground between high and low clusters. The thing to remember is to look at previous drawings and look for patterns & numbers that repeat, and deduce which patterns are likely to reoccur and which ones will likely not occur.

Also, a random number generator which is easily found on the internet, can offer some interesting choices if you cannot come up with numbers you prefer.
Here's a few of them:

Using the same number all the time has a statistical safeness to it, but to maximize your odds I would recommend playing a few other numbers as well.

Remember not to spend more than you can afford- no one wants to go broke playing the lottery.
And my best advise for winning?

Your odds of hitting those exact numbers is so astronomical that the odds are you will be the first person to walk on Mars before hitting all the lottery numbers at once.

But you can always hit the lower prizes much more easily and with greater odds in your favor.

Good luck!


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