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How to keep your heating bills low

Updated on February 4, 2016

For many after Christmas, money can be a lot tighter than we would possibly like. This in itself can make things like keeping your home warm a lot more difficult.

It's no wonder however that especially in the winter months that the energy companies normally spike up the cost of gas. It's highly immoral that they would do such a thing when you consider the fact that people will be more reliant on their heating, but that's exactly why they do it. They know that there are bigger profits to be made at this time of the year than any other so they jump on this opportunity to get more money out of their customers.

Turning the tables.

However, you can turn the tables on the energy companies by making some simple changes to that your habits that your wallet will certainly appreciate.

The first is extremely simple in that you should avoid over heating rooms that you barely use. The reasoning behind this is that if you have your radiators on in every room and have the heating on as much as possible, it’s going to be burning a lot in gas.

With that being sad, in the winter months you should refrain from not having your radiators on as this can result in problems with the plumbing further down the line. Instead, for rooms that you barely use, even just having the heating on for a half hour at the lowest temperature can be enough to prevent problems such as frozen pipes.

Another great way to save on the gas bills is to put reflective material down the back of your radiator. Whilst there are many products that you can buy online and slot down the back of your radiator, these can prove to be costly. However, by simply cutting a piece of cardboard to the size of your radiator and then covering it in tin foil, you have created your very own reflective material.

The reason that this works is that tin foil is highly reflective. Therefore the heat that is coming out from the back of the radiator that would normally be lost against the wall and into the wall cavity is instead being reflected back into the room. Whilst the savings won’t be gastronomical, it can mean that you don’t need to have your heating up quite as high as you normally would since it is being reflected back into the room.

Make sure your home is in good repair

Even if you are burning a small amount of gas, if your home isn’t in a state of good repair then you are still wasting money. However, simple changes to your house can aid you in lowering your gas bills.

One such example of this is upgrading the types of the windows you have. Many older properties still have single glazed windows. The occupiers of these properties have kept them like this so that they are in line with the period features of the building. However, single glazing is extremely inefficient and a large amount of heat can escape through these windows. Thankfully it is now possible to get double and even triple glazing windows in a more contemporary style that will fit into the appearance of these buildings.

However even simpler tasks such as having the seals on your windows replaced can also really aid in maintaining the heat levels in your house, meaning that you’re not having to pump up the heat higher and higher to keep your home warm. You will still have to have the heating on, but with these suggestions you won’t need to keep it on for as long and therefore you will be saving money on your gas bill.

Go directly to your supplier

Of course, another way to save money on your gas bills is to switch your gas supplier to a cheaper provider. Npower have usually been cheaper than their competitors when it comes to gas and a simple phone call to them will be able to confirm this.

Even if you’re already with them, by giving them a quick phone call they might be able to lower your tariff so that they can keep your custom. They’d much rather retain you as a customer than lose you to another energy company. You can get in touch with them via this link


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