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How to plan your retirement life

Updated on June 25, 2014

‘Preparation for old age should begin not later than one's teens. A life which is empty of purpose until 65 will not suddenly become filled on retirement.’- Dwight L.Moody

You are sad on the day you retire from work. You feel that you will no longer be valued as a worthy person by your family. You also feel that your life after retirement will be aimless and meaningless. You fear the attitude of your spouse and your children and think that the respect which you hitherto commanded will be lost forever.

What makes you think that you will not be respected by your family?

  • You are no longer an earning member.
  • You spend most of your time at home and assume your family will think you are lazing around.
  • Your children become the main bread winners and side steps you to become more commanding.
  • You have too much of idle time at hand.

You become angry at the bat of an eyelid.

Even an innocuous comment from your family makes your hackles rise as you think there is a hidden insult in their conversation. You feel bored and lethargic and redundant in your family. You were used to being listened to as you were an authority at home when you were working. But after retirement you shrink yourself into your own world of negative thoughts. You think that your family do not respect or love you as before.

What makes you think that they no longer love you?

You are the same person, whom your family loved and cherished, aren’t you?

It is your mindset which becomes muddled up negatively.

There are no changes in the love of your family! Your mindset becomes confused and muddled with thoughts about losing the hierarchy of command. When you were earning you were listened to, depended upon and consulted about important family issues. But after retirement you feel there you are being overlooked and ignored by your family members.

What is the main reason for your dejection and despondency? You feel that your financial status has dethroned your position as the head of the family. Lack of money becomes the topmost reason for your dejection and misery.

You too can enjoy your old age if you plan your retirement.

When you are young and vibrant, your mind refuses to think about your retirement and so you do not plan it the proper way.

‘Should I plan my retirement? It is oncoming process isn’t it? Can’t I face it when it comes?’ you delay your retirement plans for a later date.

I am afraid this is a very wrong decision on your part. Old age becomes torturous when you do not have money. You should be more concentrated on your retirement when you are young itself. You can retain your self-respect and self esteem only when you are financially independent after retirement also.

When you are young, you have the mental and physical stamina and so you can withstand any hardships you face. But as you grow old your mind and body sags with age related problems. You do not have the energy to run about and earn money for your survival.

What does planning retirement mean?

  • You should not be dependent on your children for your survival.
  • You should have some hobbies which make your free time go by pleasantly.
  • You should live independently and maintain a respectful distance from your children.
  • You should have money of your own to do things you want to.

You should be mentally prepared for the changes in your lifestyle after you retire and understand that you are entering into a phase where your life can be meaningful in a different way. Whereas your lifestyle was hectic and hurried when you were working, your life becomes relaxed and calm when you retire.

No can work to the full optimum all through their life, can they? Your mind and body will tire as you age and your retirement life is a reward for your sustained and relentless work when you were young. My brother in law was a high official in his job and recently he retired. I feared that he will feel bored after his retirement, but I was pleasantly surprised when he took his retirement gracefully and he has not developed any of the complexities of a retired person.

He has not become lethargic and in fact he is even busier, writing books and visiting places with my sister which he had been unable to do when he was working. You too can enjoy your retirement if you are ready to face it. Financial independence makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Allot funds for your retirement.

You should allot funds for your retirement when you are working. Invest the saved money in diversified fields so that you get money from various sources. When you are financially independent you are not tensed about your day to day existence and that is one headache off your shoulders.

When you are financially independent you have the money to do things which you were unable to do in your tight work schedule. You should visit places you had always wanted to visit and enjoy it with your family. There might be a hidden talent within you which you had ignored in your quest for money and that talent can be brought out after your retirement.

It can be anything, playing a musical instrument, painting or doing anything you had wanted to do. You were once a slave to time and now time becomes your friend as you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want to do.

Life is fruitful and productive till the day you live and it is in your hands to make your life happy and fun when you retire. Financial independence, emotional attachment, learning new things, feeling young is the ways to take your retirement in your stride.

© 2011 mathira


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