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make 1 million dollars the slow way!

Updated on January 21, 2013

Everybody and their momma

Everybody and their momma has said "I wish I had a million dollars"! But why hasn't Everybody and their momma said..."I'm going to make a million dollars"! What if I told you the only thing stopping you from making a million dollars is YOU? Because to be totally honest, it is! There is a huge difference in wishing for a million dollars and making a million dollars! If wishing for a million was an effective option then everybody would be rich. Everybody wants to be rich, including me. The bad news is, everybody wont become rich. The good news is...ANYONE can become rich!

The Smiths'

The "Smiths'" are that couple that everyone knows and most people envy. They are the couple with the perfect life, the house on the hill with the white pckett fence, 2 beautiful kids and a dog that doesn't bark. Did I mention the Mercedes Benz and the BMW parked in the garage? In this day and age it is said to say that most people want to be rich but think being rich is keeping up with the "Smiths". Reality is, either you can act like the Smiths and be in debt or you can be the "Smiths" and live the debt free rich life! There are way to many people out there TRYING to look rich instead of trying to become rich. This behavior is what has gotton America in the debt it is today (amongst other things). It needs to understood that if you live beyond your means and spend more than you make then it is safe to say YOU will never become rich! So stop keeping up with the SMITHS! We are living in a society that believes that having a GUCCI bag or a COACH purse on your shoulder bumps you up a class or two, but in actuality anyone with a paycheck and/or credit card can buy one.


With everything in life you have to have goals or you wont achieve much of anything. You have to have financial goals and a financial plan to begin the process of becoming rich. Start with YOU, what you need in your life and what you don't need in your life! You may like to eat out on your lunch break at work, is this something that is really satisfying your long term finanicail goal or is it placing a burden on it? Is taking your significant other to a dinner and movie and a mini shopping spree to top off every weekend really benefiting you and your financial goal? I'm sure they would be more than impressed if you cooked him/her a romantic candle litdinner and topped it off with a nice snuggling session in front of the T.V., and it would be easier on the wallet too.

Common sense and Kahunas

After you have cut all the fat off the meat and you have distinguished the difference between your wants and needs then you are really in position to take your goals and start tuing them into reality. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will never ever become rich saving money. You have to take chances along with saving money, whether it be stocks,mutual funds, bonds whatever it may be (some are better than others) investments are the way to go. Just remember the hight the risk the higher the reward! IRAs are great and everyone should have one. As far as 401ks are concerned...You should definitely have one of those, but only contribute what your employers matches, anything more than that is a waste! You can make a boat ton of money in the stock market, but you need to do alo of homework before buying ad trading stocks or you WILL be chewed up an spit out very quickly!.

I wish I could give you a step by step process on how to become a millionaire but everyone's financial situation is unique in its own way. Becoming a millionaire is not a simple task and it will take a lot of discipline and hard work, but it is definitely achievable. If you follow some of the basic rules I have provided for you and you analyze your financial situation and goals then the sky is the limit! Oh yeah...STOP TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THE SMITHS!


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