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How to make and save money with easy tips and smart thinking

Updated on November 18, 2016

Saving and making money

Trying to make money or for some even trying to save money is hard, even if, it's on the internet promising money fast and even if it is to be legit it won't be, it will be a hard working job that needs all of your attention, even if it promise to make $1,000 a week, with only a few hours of work every week it will most likely be a scam.

Truth be speaking there is no easy way to make money, you can only try and fail, then try again until something works well for you, the more you make the more work there will be, in most situations, for instance, a YouTube channel, it can work well if people like your content, but before you can make money, you need a large audience to get excepted for Google Adsense only then you will make money, still it means putting up a great amount of effort to get the audience and even after getting excepted for Adsense, the work don't end there you need to keep putting in a lot of effort to keep your audience viewing your videos and this will attract more viewers as well and in that case, you can earn more.

We will start with Saving money tips, then move on to making money tips, this is tips and it can help you or it won't it all depends on how much effort you put in.

Saving money tips

Saving money can be hard for many people especially the type that wants something expensive, yet they spend too much. These tips might help you no matter what type of spender you are and if you don't earn enough then you can always use the saving tips here with the money making tips.

These tips might help you no matter what type of spender you are and if you don't earn enough then you can always use the saving tips here with the money making tips.

These tips might help you no matter what type of spender you are and if you don't earn enough then you can always use these saving tips, with the money making tips.

Shopping for groceries and food start saving money here

Food can be really expensive, but yet, this all vary by the brand you buy, even if the brand is more expensive, doesn't always mean the brand has anything better over a cheaper brand, this counts for anything you buy basically, except for electronics.

Give it a try, try some of the cheaper food brands, planning is the key to this and having a shopping list can prevent overspending, some shops are the same and can price their products slightly higher, try and compare the prices between shops before shopping, if the price is more than what you placed on your shopping list then scratch it out and put in the correct price for your next trip.

Buying bulk can also save your money by how much is up to you and yet again by brand, View the table for an exact high detailed shopping list.

Buying bulk can also save your money, by how much is up to you and yet again by brand, view the table for an exact high detailed shopping list.

You will always be creating new prices and correcting old prices on your shopping list because prices increase mostly, but at times it might be cheaper, in which case keep the original price on your shopping list, anything less is, of course, extra that you can add to your savings.

Here in South Africa, it really is all by brand even if there is no difference really, one product you can see clearly is, for instance, can beef, a cheaper brand will be slightly more fatty, where the expensive brand will have less fat

Toilet paper you get some expensive brands, but its clean from dust where cheaper brands won't be there will be some and more dust particles covering the paper (this can be a health issue for women, so not recommended in using cheaper toilet paper, but if you are a guy then why not)

Example: Random buy vs planned buy

Branded product
Cheper or a no name brand
Coffee 1pack 250G
Coffee 1pack 250G
Tea 25 tea bags
Tea 25 tea bags
Powder milk 250G
Powder milk 250G
Tomato sauce 1Lt
Tomato sauce 1Lt
Cola 2Lt
Cola 2Lt
Peanut butter
Peanut butter
White bread
White bread
Saving in total=$7.65
Not all cheaper brands is worse then more expensive brands they can be the same or the cheaper brand might be better, you need to go and try each one to find out what is best for you.

Why buy in bulk when its also expensive?

In general, this is more than a single item, but buying that same single item multiple times per month ends up costing more then buying bulk and thus you save when buying for the entire month.

To get even smarter you don't have to buy for the month but also for the next month, sure the month you are in will be hard, but you will have the most needed bought for the next month and can save a large sum the next month, because you already bought most of the things you need the previous and in general, your items will be slightly cheaper since it's in bulk.

One VS. Bulk

Single item you need to buy more then once a month
Bulk buy
Coffee 250g *4
Coffee 250g *4
Tea 25 tea bags *2
Tea 50 tea bags
Powder milk 250g *4
$2.99*4= $11.96
Powder milk 250g *4
Tomato sauce 1Lt *2
$6.99*2= $13.98
Tomato sauce 2Lt
Cola 2Lt *6
Cola 2Lt *6
Peanut butter *2
$1.50*2= $3
Peanut butter *2
White bread *10
White bread *10
This is just a example of a shopping list and the list is a lot bigger, but this is just to show the price difference between real products with their current price in South Africa.

Cooking Habits

You can make something nice and fancy, or a big dinner when you have no reason where the left over will most likely go to the dogs, you can replace this habit by cooking only enough or slightly more, but never over do it. There is also lots of cooked foods that can be stored away in the freezer with no extra or bad taste to it for instance soup is one of them and if you don't add onions to them they can last even longer.

Having the slight idea or order list in what to cook can come in handy and also help you save money, when arriving at the butcher they will give you options how thick you want your chops for a barbecue or for frying you can make this as thin as possible and get more out of the deal, its the same size just thin, its also not hard to get use to this when it comes to being in your plate, with this you can score some extra chops or meat from the butcher instead of eating two pork chops your only eating half of it. It will also save you time and electricity to prepare it, the meat will cook or roast faster.

But let's go back to the cooking list, you can set dates on what days you cook a lot, try mixing it up to more stew then frying or roasting this will let you save on meat as that is more expensive then vegies, the intention of this list when making your own is to make sure you don't run out of ingredients during the month and also save where its needed this way you could have enough and wont be in need to buy the next month and thus you will save.

Like said soup can easily be stored away though its not healthy to freeze soup more than once, so instead of putting soup away in a large container use multiple smaller containers, there is also many types you can make and this prevent from getting bored of eating soup more then once a month. It will also score you free time, instead of getting from work you don't have to cook you can just remove a bucket of soup from the fridge and defrost it then serve when done, talking about defrosting don't make to much in one go as it will taste like frost if you don't consume it fast enough, so ideally make for two weeks and it should be fine then cook once for the remainder two weeks of the month, this is a perfect strategy to use when it comes to family households

Monthly budget planning

So to save money it really depends on you and how you think your way around prices, monthly budget planning comes in handy with this, this list contains everything and should be made monthly as prices change. To make the budget planning work you should have it detailed and in order what takes money first like rent and electricity fees and so on then you add your groceries and food list. once you have this out of the way you can start by saving small amounts of money every month simply by smart planning, view the detailed picture examples for the exact how to do

Monthly budget planning

A to B Travel
Monthly pay=$2,200
Total left=$700
These are just some of the payments i need to make the prices are real the monthly pay is fictional, back to the point the list is there to prevent you from overspending, after doing all of the must do list only then you can see how much you have lef


This can be seen daily, this is people that buys and then continue to buy the most unworthy stuff not needed things, temptation can come as fast as a disease or a virus and at the end of the day you will have nothing left and still be at that same spot where you were with nothing to save or simply no money left.

People like this just cant handle it, they will buy pots and buckets, shoes and clothes even when they have more then enough and 99% of them will be used or wear it once and never again.

Temptation can be in any form, eating fast foods, going shopping, renting movies or even window shopping where you end up eating or spending money on something where you didn't plan to save money, make note getting addicted to fast food is easy and in most cases very unhealthy, eating at home is no difference except its healthy and cheaper, if you cant cook or you want to make something nice then this can still be done with some help from the internet or a recipe book.

If you have a problem like this only take the money needed and leave the rest at home and if you have kids like this leave them at home or make sure they know you cant spend more money then needed.

Money savings list

After doing the above for a month preferably two months you can easily see where your money went and how much you have left over, you can always minus some for something personal like an extra luxury of maybe buying a music CD or something then put the rest on your savings list, this list is your planner for the future where you can use this money in an emergency for an injury or for something else, but once you start saving its better to always save then spending this way life can be easier in the future.

For example, if your a hard worker and you can only save up $200 then do it, cause this is your savings and if used in the correct way it wont get less only more, then you can get the following sooner and with the following make a better name for yourself as a very well experienced individual.

Fictional savings plan

Emergency backup
Future breakdowns
When needed most
Something wanted
Long Term Savings
Emergency backup the savings here i will only use when needing a doctor. Future breakdowns: the savings here i will only use when something breaks like a car, electronics or repaint my house with some things renewed. When needed most: This is when yo

Using your savings where its really needed

Certificates are one of them and really its not needed to take the longest course first you can start with the short cheaper ones, anyone that you believe will do you good in my case I believe the more you know the better you will be of when it comes to a good career.

Maybe you need to walk to work daily or have a simple job that doesn't really pay you much, if you don't have a drivers license then you can always use your savings for this, which in any case is a must, it opens more job opportunities and it may save you travelling money from A to B even if you cant afford a car, many companies will provide a vehicle if you give them enough reason to.

That's where the above certificates can play a critical role in more benefits and better job opportunities, put yourself in a managers shoes when it comes to hiring someone lets say you are looking for someone to fill in a safety officer position at your diamond mine

Compare these people in which will get the job easier

Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C
Candidate D
Didn't finish High School
Finished High School
Finished High School
Finished High School
17 years old
18years old (Though too young to work for you)
Finished collage or university with one or two degrees
Finished university with degrees
No qualifications
Have everything he/she learned in school
23 years old
23 years old
No certificates
No certificate
Some qualifications
Qualification for Safety Officer
No experience
No experience in the field
No experience
No experience then the what was provided by class and physical practise
A Certificate with a good score provided with that
Arc Welding maybe with Co2 welding
Fresh from a university with a drivers license
Medical aid level 1 and 2
Good scores provided with the qualification and each certificate
I don't have to explain which one will get the job easier or first this table can explain itself (candidate D of-course)

You dont have to give up

No matter where you are in life whether you left school too soon or is in the case of Candidate C you don't have to give up there you can always aim higher even higher then Candidate D, many of the added certificates is easy to obtain (yes legally) with the overall course to be two weeks up to 2 months. All you need to do is combine them in a way to benefit your ultimate career of choice.

Video break: Another idea on saving money

Electricity saving tips

Saving can easily start here, I have walked into many homes where a TV will be on in the living room and the bedroom with no watching and to make it worse a heater, heat blanket left on during the night.

All electronics uses electricity a crucial parts of our daily lives, but also a expensive one, when it comes to heating this turns out to be the most expensive of the electronics yet you can easily avoid it.

Switching of any heaters including heat blankets that is left on during the night while you sleep on a low setting, you really don't need that, before you get into bed it can be turned on so it can start heating up your bed you can leave it on while you heat up your body and then turn it of completely, the same when it comes to air conditioners with both cold and heat settings, you can warm up the house then turn it of during the time you sleep.

You should never forget to turn these of when leaving your home to go somewhere, you can also use the heat blanket and air conditioners only when needed most, if its cold add a extra blanket or two, wait and you will heat up the bed yourself and if its really cold then turn on the heat blanket for that short period of time to heat you and the bed up.

Geysers is another great user when it comes to electricity, some people will turn it of for the entire day then switch it back on when it nears bath time and doing the daily dishes, its believed to save energy but by trying this and proven that it does not save anything and can turn out to be even more expensive the reason to this is, its a full geyser with cold water, you will need to switch it on for longer to reach the temperature set on the geyser, where a geyser on all day will remain the same temperature all day and only use electricity when it drops below that temperature so this is only a few times for a few minutes, whereby turning it of will use a few hours.

You can also buy a better timer for your geyser this works the same way but you can set it for your convenience and it will remind you to use warm water on time for what you set it to be, for example three times a day this way the water stay hot all day for when needed, so it will look something like this 6am 12o'clock and 5-6pm or if you arrive late at home you can set the third one for 7-8pm, these tiny devices don't come cheap but once installed you can really see the difference in electricity reduction thus a smaller fee. We will cover this in a future article in how to make it yourself and it will work 100% automatically like the original bought one.

Solar Panels

Example of to many Solar panels
Example of to many Solar panels | Source

Solar panels

Solar panels can work great but not for everything as the more you hook up to it the more panels you will need or the bigger you will need, the more or bigger you need the more it will cost, not only to buy them, but yearly service is recommended by the manufacturer you will need to pay for this too, lifetime value of one panel is a year, two years and 3 years and sometimes a manufacturer will promise a 5 year lifetime which all still need the service every year, so going with big panels or many Solar panels wont be recommended as replacing cost will over due the savings in most studies.

One small panel can do great with the lights in your house this will add savings and yet it wont be expensive to replace the Solar panel if it had to malfunction in anyway, if wanted you can add a Geyser that's already hooked up to a Solar panel some will work either with the Solar panel including electricity provided to your household, these are new models and can be expensive, however you can buy the older models that uses only the sun panel and get an electrician in your area to modify the geyser to use the sun panel and when needed use the electricity provided to your house.

Make note getting Solar panels up and running is pointless if you live in a cloudy area or where it rains a lot even shade over the panels can have an impact on how well they function. Using new advanced models will be required if you live in a area where it cloudy mostly of the time.

Other electronics

Kettles, stove, coffee makers all this uses electricity and a lot if it contains a heating element commonly found in kettles and some older stoves, another important note is accessories that require a charger, when its plugged in it will charge, but even unplugged from the device its still on, so switching the charger of by the wall unit or removing the charger completely can save up some extra money as well, of course switching of anything in your home when leaving the house for a few hours also do good, especially when you go on vacation then there really is no need for the geyser to be on including all other appliances and accessories you could leave a light or two on for more protection against a break in, before leaving them on you might want to replace them with energy saving bulbs.

Dept Crisis



Even with perfect planning dept can be a problem, even if you earn enough anything can happen and you could be stuck with the dept you made, so its highly recommended not to make dept and try and prevent making dept at all costs.

If you already have dept at multiple banks while reading this article then you can follow the next tip in order to clear debt faster or save on payment fees.

Make the final loan to clear the dept from any other banks you are in dept with but before this you need to check which one has the lowest payment fees and the one with the lowest is the one you will make your final loan, you can also consult with your preferred bank with this advice or they can even work out something better.

Example you have dept with one bank and debt at four loan companies, most likely your bank that you bank at will have the lowest payment fees. Check the table for details.

Dept crisis

the amount you owe them
Interest rate %
Monthly payments
Easy loans
Speedy cash loans
24hour cash loans
1 year
All creditors are fictional all amounts fictional and rounded of to the clearest sum, Absa holds all rights to their name and trademark and the interests are based on their rates and the loan companies there interest rates is based on other banks of

As you can see ABSA has the lowest interest rate of the loan creditors so your final loan will look close to the next table, make sure to consult with your bank before trying this also make sure the interest rates is lower even if it slightly lower only then you can save up and avoiding extra interest rates.

Dept solution

the amount you owe them
Interest rate
Monthly payments
Remember when you take this loan at your bank in which case I gave ABSA as a example you will pay back the money to the other creditors because if you use the money then this wont work as a saving on monthly payments it will then be more and you will

One bank one interest rate

As you can see with the two tables above you can save more with your payments fee with only one bank with the lowest interest rate, you can also then extend your loan term which then it will also decrease of course its recommended to pay it as fast as you can.


Best place to get excepted for Google Adsence, make a small note once you get your account you can use it with any of your website you dont need to apply for it again unless you make a second acount( you cant add both adsence acounts to a single site
Best place to get excepted for Google Adsence, make a small note once you get your account you can use it with any of your website you dont need to apply for it again unless you make a second acount( you cant add both adsence acounts to a single site | Source

How to make extra money

There is nothing that can make you rich overnight, probably your best bet would be an invention of some type and even that wont happen over night and if you don't have money then you wont be able to take out a patent. So what I am saying nothing happens fast and it clearly don't happen overnight or with no work if your lazy then you could probably give up right away, though I will share some ideas on how you can make some extra money even if it wont be enough anything is extra is extra money.

Youtube and blogs

Don't take your bet on this you will still need your daily job in order to manage the month, it also takes time and a lot of effort, trying on YouTube will leave you to make a video after video just to get a good amount of subscribers and new viewers more frequently and the viewers are needed if you want a Google Adsence account this is what will be making you the money in the first place don't expect large amounts this will most likely start out as 50-200$ same as writing blogs you need Google Adsence in order to make money, but with a blog you can add a few more ways to make money like Amazon referrals and E-bay referrals while waiting to get excepted by Google this alone wont make enough money unless you have a wide range of audience to read your blogs and in order for this to happen you need to write as much as possible.

Even after getting excepted by Google Adsence you will still need to put in the same amount of efforts you placed in your work once you got started, this will help reaching more audience more readers or viewers that might click on the add, in which you will get paid per click this ranges mostly from $0.10 to $0.50 and sometimes more these numbers is based on two surveys done. The more audience you get, readers or viewers the more work you will need to put into it to keep them happy and prevent them from leaving you due to old content.


Another option you can try, freelance you do work here and there its mostly work that can easily be done over the web like writing, video editing, e-book writing, photos, sketches or simply making birthday cards and even programing, people can cheat you with this by promising money after the work is done, but here are some safe sites where you could give it a try for yourself.

E-Lance: I recommend trying to find your first job here, they are free of course they have a premium membership included with the extra perks but simply trying the free membership will do great for the first month or two, they have a wide range of people wanting work done of all types, proof reading, editing, programing, e-book ghost writing and even translating, it also include some work in the legal field, video editors with filming. Note when going free you can only pick one category so take your pick carefully i have provide a link with there pictures just go to them and click to go to there website

Other freelance websites you might want to try

O-desk: its easy and fast to use, many people find their first payment here

For designers and programers only the following website might come in handy

99Designers: Graphic,logo web design all in one

GetAcoder: mostly programers needed for all type of apps including plugins

Smashingjobs is another good place to look for work if you have good coding experience

Finally, you can try Craigslist though a lot of people fall victim to not getting paid.

Below you can find all the links you can check all of them out and sign up for all them for better reach, remember this all take a lot of work depending on the job you get, for example a high paying job $1,500 all you needed to do is spin articles into an original articles how many articles 500 and more, though at times you find easy jobs and ones you can do fast without a team that can pay $50-$200. Before jumping to these sites you should read the following

Where does most of your money go?

Beside traveling and rent where does your money go to?

See results

Thank you

As always thank you for reading and we hope the advice can come in handy if you enjoyed reading please follow our profile and don't forget to follow us on facebook including twitter. If you want to read more fun featured articles then follow the links below.

The best ways to make extra money

If you have easy hours with your first job you can always take a second this insure payments in what you do and legal actions can be taken easier when in contact with the owner if they ended up not paying you.

Sell all your old stuff that you don't need, this can be music Cds and Dvds with old clothing that's still neat and wearable including furniture and electronics this will only last as long as your old goods does its not a long term.

If you have good hands working with wood or steel you can try and make furniture out of these materials in your free time then sell them it can be hard selling things to a direct customer but a tip to avoid this you can always take your made piece to your local Pawn shop and offer them a deal to sell it for you or buy it from you brand new for a discount price, if you have these skills you can also repair them for others, people are willing to pay good for a repair before buying a new piece of furniture or steel item.

Offering unique service to your area, like card design or baking cookies for a party, you will be surprised how much you can make if your the cheaper then then the competition.

© 2014 Phillip Grobler


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