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How to make kids more economical and lean

Updated on September 25, 2010

Not economical and not lean kids are today's one of the biggest problems. So i think my advice should help a little for parents who didn't knew that.:)

1. When to start give your kid pocket-money ? 

When your child is about 6 years you can start to give him some money like a pocket-money (about 1 dollar/day)  and when you starting to give money for your kid from age like this he will have more experience about saving money when he'll get older.:)

2.Method to observe your kids money and his lean level .

Start to give your kid money  every day and say him that for the weekend he/she won't get any money of course kid'll get angry for this but say : i will give you a little bit more money(For example you give your 1 dollar a day . Now you give him 2 dollar a day.) And if your kid is lean enought kid'll have much money saved for the weekend . And if your kid saving money very good he/she may save not just this extra 1 dollar a day but for some day won't spend anything.For example - he/she gets 2 dollar/day  so if kid dont spend anything he/she might have about 10dollar for the weekend. But if your kid just a little lean he might save not much: about 5 dollars if he spending just those you was giving before. (1dollar/day) and 1 dollar/day is left for weekend. And if he/she spend all money (2/day) kid won't get money for weekend. And if he/she say please all weekend dont give him/her money just say: you didn't saved money for weekend you have to be more economical.

How make kids to know the real price of money ? 

One best manner for kids to know real price of money is to let kids earn these money themselves.Like : Cutting grass for neighbour or selling limonade on the street .And when they work all day very tired and get some money for work they now may know the real price of money .And if they are wise they will save very hard earned money. :)

Why kids are spending money so fast ? 

Because kids real like the sensations new things and shops are always full of new items.Also candies and other sweats with shining papers attract kids very much .And one of the biggest thing to spend all money is that kids friends buying everything and your kid may think : Why i cant buy so much candies? I have enought money.!  So your kid with friends spend all the money.

I think i wrote all things i knew about kids nurture in finance and economy side. :) And i hope this information may help for someone. :) 


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    • profile image

      lukisx7 7 years ago

      I think need to let kids earn money themselves.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 7 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Giving kids money in some ways teaches them responsibility, but I think it ruins their self reliance Kids these days think everything will just fall in there lap and I think it is because they get everything they need from their parents.