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How to make money as a teen

Updated on July 26, 2017

Why I'm writing this

As a teen i'm always looking for ways to make some money and most of the time I don't want labor to be involved. I'm tired of getting the same suggestions on how to get money; "Walk dogs" or "baby sit". Or even being told that i'm to young to have a job or make money online. Eventually, I just started to believe the people that told me this and I stopped researching this. Then during my computer application class we covered ways to make money. And once again my interest was sparked and I continued my research on the subject. And searching around the internet and thinking up ideas I've come up with: how to make money as a teenager.


Make money online- Ebay

Got any unwanted junk such as toys or books? you can auction them of on Ebay and make some extra dough. I have relatives that commonly sell items on Ebay and make a good wage on it as well. You will also need clear this out with a parent as the buyer of your goods will pay through PayPal. To get items you can go to garage sales or flea markets and buy low costs items you know are worth more then you can put them on Ebay to make a profit.

Make money flipping - Craigslist and LetGo

With Craigslist and Let Go you can both buy and sell any kind of objects - just like Ebay but local and without fees and delivery. I was able to buy several video games from garage sales advertised on the app LetGo and was then able to sell them to local resale stores and GameStop for a profit. Craigslist can also be a good way to find things of this nature. You do have to be careful with this. Perhaps and adult can go with you to ensure the transaction is safe. This is also a good way to sell other things you have laying around, like old clothes, books or electronics.

Make money online - surveys

With a new age of technology coming in the internet has expanded and opportunities are springing up all over the place. One of the most basic ways to make money is on Survey sites, simply, you fill out surveys daily and you get paid for your feedback. However. if you want to use one of these websites check with your parents first; the websites may need information they may not wish to disclose and some websites may also be scams.

Making money at home- saving energy

To make money at home you can try to make a deal with your parents. Once you get the cost for the energy or water bill check the charge of the bill and ask your parents: if you can cut the cost of next months bill, can you keep the profit? They may say yes, but if not then try asking for only 80% or 60% of the money that you save so it's money in their pocket too.

Making money with writing

You can also make money with writing on a website like, of course, Hubpages. You can freelance write on Hubpages about anything that interest you to make some money. Also other places require typed reviews of products and services that you will be paid for. And you can even write a book, and have it published by a company or you can self publish the book.

Making money with labor

Now their is the most basic ways to make money, providing labor. At home you can ask your parents for more chores to make money such as: walking the dog, doing the dishes and vacuuming. Also you can start making money from your neighbors cutting their lawn, pet sitting, baby sitting or shoveling drive ways in the winter. Make sure that you stay connected with the neighborhood so people know you and think of you when they need a job to be done. And that you spread the word of your business, put up fliers or go door to door informing people of what your willing to do.

Making money with investing- bonds

This is a big way to make money, people have gotten rich of investing and as the saying goes "you got to spend money to make money". The two main types of investments are stocks and bonds. Bonds are a long term investment (the investment can last for a month or up to twenty years or more) that you make with the government or with a business. They usually require a large amount of money to be put into a bond although small investment bonds are also available.Basically you give money to a business then after a set amount of time you get your money back and then a little interest. Commonly the more that you invest the higher the interest rate and the higher the profit overall. Make sure that you only invest money that you will not need once you invest it it's gone.

Making money with investing- stocks

Stocks can be used to make money even quicker, however these are also much more riskier as you may also lose money in stocks. Make sure that you look into stocks before you buy them it requires a lot of research to make money. Penny stocks are good to get into (Stocks that cost less than a dollar each) as you can buy many stocks for a lower cost. You will need your parents to help you set up an account with a stock broker. Brokers like Scottrade will charge more per trade but they will offer a lot of help on how to make money using stocks and what companies to invest in. Then other brokers like Tradeking that charge less won't offer as much help but, you will be able to save money to buy even more stocks. And remember that when you put money into stocks you may also lose money as well so only invest what you can.

Making money by starting a business

Another way is to start a business selling a product. If your a great drawer then you can make art that you can sell, you can design and sell T-shirts or you can go with a simple bakery sale. You can even buy a vending machine and ask to set it up at a local store if you share some of the profit with the owner. You could also set up a washer and dryer at an apartment building and charge some cash for people to use it.


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    • susi10 profile image

      Susan W 2 years ago from The British Isles, Europe

      Great hub, greekwarrior! This is a very comprehensive list of ways for teens to make some extra cash. I agree, it can be quite difficult for teens to make money but WITH the internet, anything is possible!

      Keep up the great hubs! Glad I followed you. ;-)

    • greekwarrior profile image

      greekwarrior 5 years ago from Sylvania, Ohio, USA

      Thanks cheapstuff, and their are tons of others ways to make money besides this, just keep an open mind.

    • cheapstuff profile image

      cheapstuff 5 years ago from California

      These are some great ways for teenagers to make some money. Glad I hopped into this hub. The saving money through electricity part is what appealed most to me.