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How to make money blogging in Nigeria

Updated on January 13, 2013

Blogging for money in Nigeria

There are a growing number of ways to make money online in Nigeria and blogging is one of the latest. What is blogging really about? What does it entail?

Blogging is about writing and publishing your writing on a blog - a website designed to accept frequent updates. It's also about publishing your pictures, videos and text on a website to make it publicly available.

Search engines love blogs a lot and that's why constantly updated websites and ones with lots of useful content normally get rewarded with high traffic.

Blogging has been in existence for quite a while even before people started using it for commercial purposes but they have also been made more effective and interactive when the issue on monetization came in. Blogs have generally being used to just publish one's ideas and writings to the rest of the world, in cyberspace. With the advent of online advertising and marketing, blogs have become a more effective tool to make money online

Due to the growth of online advertising, advertisers are constantly looking for more platforms such as content websites to showcase their ads and reach their targeted market. There became a need for a larger publishing network and hence since blogs have been in the picture, it became easier for it to be used as an advertising platform hence this became a form of incentive to formerly snail speed bloggers.

How do Bloggers really make money in Nigeria?

There are a couple of ways to monetize a blog but in Nigeria, here are the most ocmmonly used methods and most of them have to do with selling or renting advertising space:

  • Publishing programs: For Pay Per Click and CPM networks such as Google adsense, Ad Dynamo, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Clicksor or AdBrite. This basically allows ads on your blog space and earning income based on clicks and/or impressions. Popular Nigerian bloggers tend to earn a good income($500 to $3000) from this most popular method of blog monetization.
  • Affiliate programs: This basically involves focusing on niche blogs and earning income based on commissions for sales made by referring to Affiliated merchants. Some popular affiliate programs in Nigeria include Amazon Associates, Chitika, Bidvertiser, Clicksor, Blogging with affiliate programs tend to be more successful with niche blogs rather than general blogs.
  • Direct advert selling: This method is a relatively new but growing method through which bloggers in Nigeria are making good money. Your blog needs to dominate in a niche and have a sufficient amount of loyal traffic or subscribers in order to get a good deal on pricing. If attractive to potential advertisers, you can certainly set a good price.
  • Product/Service reviews: This is also one methods by which Nigerians now monetize their blogs. Most bloggers tend to offer this service to review products or services being recently launched by local companies. You can set a price per review post which you will be making and the more publicity your blog already has, the higher your pricing for reviews.
  • Blog Flipping: This method simply involves building a blog to maturity with content and then selling it to an interested buyer. It is more commonly known as website flipping and how much you intend to sell a blog really depends on the price you set it and the value it wears in the eyes of the potential buyer. If for instance you have a blog about banking products in general that has a lot of traffic, chances are that the interested buyer would be banks or a marketing executive who would want more exposure for his efforts. So you can sell it at a much better price to companies who will have related products in the long run rather than individuals who are just interested in investing in virtual assets.

What it takes to start blogging and making money in Nigeria?

  • Setting up a blogging platform on a website e.g wordpress, blogger or custom built on a web host
  • Adding content on a frequent basis: You'd need a content writer
  • Blog maintenance and SEO
  • Choosing a monetization strategy. Easiest to setup are the Pay per click publishing programs

Tips to get more traffic to a blog

When the purpose of a blog is to make money, then one of the things you will be needing is the right web traffic. Blogs don't get traffic out of the blue as the blog owner would have to do something that would ultimately give him the right traffic and then earn a good amount of income. Here are certain things that can help a blogger get more traffic to his blog:

  • Build more content: Yes, content indeed is helpful and the more you have em, the more search engines will bless you and the more visitors will remain loyal in the long run. A rich site will always be a reference point for many people. Think of it this way, a site with over 10,000 pages of content/posts is more likely to get more traffic than one with only ten pages or posts.
  • Use an email subscription service: One of the best ones I prefer is the Feedburner free email service. You can use a subscription service to allow people to stay subscribed to your blog for any new updates and to at least know how to get back to your blog. Truth is that there are many websites people now visit and you can;t blame people for forgetting your blog's url. A growing number of Nigerian blogs now make uses of email subscription buttons.
  • Use online advertising: If your blog is already rich and what you lack is publicity you can also make use of pay per click ads on other websites or search engines to drive traffic to your blog. For Google adwords, you can even drive traffic to your subscription page so that people would land there and subscribe so as not to miss your updates. People now even use online ads to get people to Like them on Facebook.
  • Comment on other blogs: You can simply comment on other blogs that have more publicity than yours or are related to yours in other to get more traffic. However when commenting on other blogs for traffic, make sure that you are allows to add your own website url else it might just be a wasted effort.


Blogging is gaining a lot of competition in Nigeria over 5 years now as more blogs have just being launched and sooner or later, the market would ultimately be saturated. However there are still a lot of opportunities for Nigerian bloggers to go into niche blogging rather than general blogging and there are certainly a lot of keywords that remain to be captured or dominated.


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