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How to make money from snorkeling

Updated on November 27, 2011

Making money from snorkeling tour

I have been guiding tourists since two years ago on a number of eco-tourism activities. One of them is snorkeling. I choose snorkeling because it is an affordable tour program that every tourist is interested in doing while traveling to tropical country such as Indonesia. Another reason is because Manokwari, the city where I live in right now has coastal areas that are covered with coral reefs. As the tropical rainforests of the ocean, coral reefs are home to thousands of species of marine fish and plants. They are a great attraction for snorkelers. Swimming through the water where various species of tropical reef play among the staghorn corals and sponges is a great experience for most nature lovers.

Suppose that you want to make money snorkeling

Suppose that you land on this page after typing how to make money snorkeling. The city where you live does not have coral reefs or it is not located in coastal areas at all. Well, if this is your situation, you can still make money from this great sport.

  • You can sell snorkeling gear,
  • You can resell snorkeling packages from me or from other tour operators in "snorkeling countries" to anybody who is interested in buying them.
  • You can also sell underwater and beach pictures that you make while snorkeling. There are a lot of websites that sell photographs.
  • You can write articles about snorkeling and upload them to your blog or website or to this and start monetizing them with Google Adsense or Amazon products.

Dorey bay of Manokwari with Arfak mountains as its background - a nice tourist destination
Dorey bay of Manokwari with Arfak mountains as its background - a nice tourist destination

Cooperation with local fishermen

To bring tourists to the snorkeling destinations, I usually work together with some local fishermen. They know places where the coral reefs are still in good condition. We usually go by an outrigger long boat that is powered with 15 to 25 horsepower outboard engines. Most of the outboard engines for small boats in Indonesia were manufactured by Yamaha. For one full day snorkeling trip, the rate is Rp. 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiahs). If this amount is converted into US dollars, it will be equivalent to 58 US dollars. With 70 percent profit, the amount is more than enough for one day earnings of a fisherman in this town. This is Indonesia, not the US. The average monthly earnings of fisherman is between 300 to 500 US dollars.

Coral reef of Anggresi beach

A few months ago, I and a local fisherman found a coral reef area that was still in pristine condition. It is rich of healthy corals and a lot of marine animals. Fish such as striped surgeon fish, grouper, snappers, and damselfishes thrive there. I have brought tourists to this coral reef area since August 2010. This coral reef area is located in Anggresi beach, around 1 hour by boat from Manokwari city. Because the coral reef is quite far from the city, very few people know about its existence.

How I promote snorkeling tour

To make money from snorkeling tour package that I offer to tourists, I need to promote it on the internet. I have website and blogs which I use to promote my eco-tourism program. With the availability of video editing tools, and free video hosting company such as youtube, now I can make my promotional campaigns look more attractive. I use photographs and videos to make my promotional articles about the coral reefs and the snorkeling package more interesting. People can watch the videos and read them in my blogs and websites or in this hubpages.

Manokwari - as tourist destination in Indonesia

Combining snorkeling tour with other ecotourism packages

Tourists who come to Manokwari want to see and do various kinds of activities such as wave surfing, hiking, caving, fishing, and birdwatching. Fortunately, this regency have got all of the nature places where travelers can enjoy them. In the itineraries that I offer to tourists, snorkeling tour is combined with caving, hiking and bird watching. Only a small number of tourists who can do the wave surfing. For hiking, my favorite destinations will be the rainforest of Inggramui, and Asai whereas for trekking and camping, Arfak mountains are highly recommended. Tourists spend between 3 days to 1.5 weeks traveling around Manokwari. They enjoy the tours very much.

How tourists come to Manokwari to enjoy snorkeling

After reading my promotional articles or watching the videos, tourists can come to Manokwari by flying to one of the major cities of Indonesia such as Denpasar, Jakarta, or Manado. Then, they can take a domestic flight to Manokwari city served by several airlines in Indonesia such as Sriwijaya Air, Express Air, Batavia Air or Lion and Wings Air. If they notify me their date of arrival in this city before flying to Manokwari, I can meet them at the airport.


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