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How to make money in Nigeria from the web

Updated on October 27, 2012

To make money online, you'v got to have the right Strategy

There are a million and one ways to make money from the internet and really; Thank God for the internet.

People in developed economies find it much easier to make money online but when it comes to Nigeria, there is the Nigerian factor which exists in many aspects. One factor that limits people here from making optimum use of the web is unstable electricity. This is in no thanks to Nepa now PHCN which by now should have been entirely privatized by the President.

Another Nigerian factor that may be limiting our ability to make money online is the issue of internet costs. Browsing at public cafes can be financially straining in a developing third world country than if it were in somewhere like the US where there are many public and free or even cheaper internet services. However the trend seems to be improving now that we have growing Broadband companies like MTN, Zain and Glo which are making internet costs much more available with the recent price crashes.

One third Nigerian factor that is limiting Nigerians from making money online is the absence of or satisfactory online payment system like Paypal although for this I would advise those Nigerians desirous of making money online to use Alertpay which equally offers much more than Paypal does given that it accepts registration from Paypla neglected countries like Nigeria and can be used to receive payments online just like Paypal.

But in spite of all these, the truth is that it is even much more easier to make money from the web in Nigeria even if it appears that there are not enough facilities available. This gives rise to capitalists to take over the web industry and it would be much more profitable for people to get on this train now than later on when Nigeria's internet community would have been saturated.

So How do you really make money online in Nigeria?

First of all, I would like to give you a list of rules you should adhere to if you really want to make money online:

  1. Deal with only bigger companies like Google and Amazon by promoting their products
  2. Forget Paypal and deal only with Alertpay
  3. Get your own website
  4. Keep good records of your earnings
  5. Try to develop your own product

So how does one make money from the web in a country like Nigeria? Well there are many ways I would want to list to you and these includes:

  • Web hosting reselling
  • Domain name reselling
  • Selling Virtual cards
  • Selling and buying Liberty reserve
  • Google adsense
  • Writing and Selling Ebooks
  • Write and publish with Hubpages

In due time, I would want to write more comprehensively on those items mentioned above, but for now let's talk about Selling Ebooks

Writing and Selling your own ebooks

This is by far the most profitable way to make money onlien in Nigeria as it involves selling your own stuff. This is just like selling information about a topic or subject of interest that would improve the lives of people. An ebook is a virtual book that can be up to around 20 - 300 pages but it contains information that you might have created with Word or other document software ad then converted to a pdf. Once you have a website, you can talk a bit about your ebook and put a price to it, telling people how much they would benefit if they buy it. The good thing about an ebook is that it saves public high costs. If you are able to convert your ebook to be readable by Amazon kindle and in a variety of formats, the better for you.

Recurring income from an ebook

You can keep selling an ebook over an over again just by allowing people which have paid to download it automatically or manually. It would be better if you have an ebook delivery service that would allow downloads immediately people pay you because you can't keep sending ebooks in an email format or manually each time you confirm payment. Using something like Alertpay, Liberty reserve or 2checkout and send your web server an approval status to allow you to download a file once the buyer has made a successful payment while at the same time sending an email of the download attachment.

I have also written an ebook on how to make money online in Nigeria and you can buy it here.

About Making money on the web

In order to make money from the internet, you would need to learn how to push content online. Most people who use the internet in Nigeria only use it from pulling infiormation but by the time you start pushing, then you will be able to make money online. Making money online is more about uploading than downloading and so you've got to have something you can offer.


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