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How to make money online in South Africa

Updated on January 13, 2013

How to earn an online income in South Africa

After a full year of spending most of my free time investigating how to make money online in South Africa and weeding through the endless scams and nonsense approaches dished out by those who have bought into the hype of some fancy styled packaging or a email lead capture page, I am happy to provide you with the following no nonsense article.

I am going to run through a couple of potentials that you may want to consider, I will also explain to you my main source of income and a couple of other ideas that you may wish to investigate on you own.

Firstly I am going to explain some of the simple facts that won't change, no matter what method you chose to earn an online income in South Africa. I grew extremely frustrated by the risks involved in spending Dollars and Pounds to hear the same information over and over and couldn't find the online income that applied to South Africa.Then I found it, have tested it for 6 months now and feel its time to share.So brace yourself and take notes if you like and if you don't mind please leave me a comment wether it be positive or negative so that I can understand what help I can provide in my next article.

make online income in south africa

Understanding how to make an online Income in South Africa

The basic understanding of how to make money online in South Africa and make your first few Rands on the internet can be extremely simply explained like this;

Almost 99% of all online income is made by product sales, but I'm going to buck the trend here and say that the sale is not the focus point as most people believe, but the advertising that goes into the sale of that product.So you are going to think a little differently as we approach the next few paragraphs.

Search engines are able to provide content that is written by the public on any random product or topic you feel like reading about for free and are not charged to post that subject matter.So how do the search negines make so much money.Let's investigate this on a smaller scale for convenience.

In much the same way as you found this article explaining how to make an online income in South Africa, everything that is ever written on the internet will appear as a choice list for whatever you search for using whatever search engine you are accustomed to using. This article is sure to have appeared on page one of your search for South African online income generation.I will explain why later.

But first lets look into the advertising that appears next to the list of articles.These are called Google adsense adverts and are paid for by the advertisers.If you click on these adverts, you will be taken to the article or product page for whatever product is being advertised. Now Googles' policy is to provide advertisng to most forms of writing on the internet, including wesites and blogs. But what if we dont want to pay to have a website or bother to write a blog diary or such on a daily basis and we just want to write what we want and when we want in order to test this is a project in our spare time. If you look around this article, you will notice the kind of advertising that has been explained.

Now you understand that a portion of the advertising proceeds is paid to whoever displays these types of adverts around their articles.When someone decides to click and view these adverts, the re-direct of the reader is recorded and you are paid for your efforts. The wonderful thing about these articles that you write is that they are in cyberspace and will remain so indefinitely earning you a passive income.

So what is the format for starting your own online income in South Africa?

After testing numerous sites that promise an income, Hubpages has proven to me that their format is second to none as far as payment is concerned, the help from all the fellow hubbers as a beginner, the growth rate and diversity of ideas for articles.This by far the only place that has proven to be a success for me as a South African due to teh adverts being related to South Africa. The search engines have an excellent view of hubpages as being relevant in terms of the articles content and thus provide your articles on the first page of most search criteria is relevant to the topic you have writen about.

Good Luck Dale

Please leave a comment of your successes with hubpages and let us know how you decided to make money online in South Africa.

Comments and warnings of scams you have come across

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    • profile image

      Sule 3 years ago

      Oj vad he4ftigt med afrika! Min drf6m e4r att e5ka pe5 saarfi, e4r nyfiken pe5 om det blir ne5gra bilder he4r pe5 bloggen!

    • Dale Nelson profile image

      Dale Nelson 8 years ago from South Africa

      Hi Top Zenith. Thanks for the feedback. The joy of the World Wide Web is you can be in any country with the same access to the same information. So don't wait boost your income from there. Good luck on hubpages

    • Topzenith profile image

      Topzenith 8 years ago

      Nice. You are doing a wonderful job here. I just became a hubber 2 days ago. I think I will need to come over there to South Africa to boost my income