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How to make money online with Envato - Sell Your Skills

Updated on February 5, 2013

Do You Want To Make Money Online?

Envato is one of the fastest growing web companies in the Web these days. They own tutorial blogs netowkr, marketplaces, ebook publishing service and more. The best part (except TUTS+ network that teaches a lot about web development, graphics, coding etc.) is that Envato allows you to make huge money! And this hub is meant to teach you how is this possible.

Make money with TUTS+

First of all, you can share your knowledge on TUTS+ blogs. Are you skilled graphic designer, or PHP coder, photographer, etc.? You can write tutorials for other people, and if they get published, you earn money - because Envato pays for tutorials, about $150 per each!

Here are blogs and topics you can write about.

  • CG TUTS - computer graphics is quite popular these days, there's no doubt. This tuts plus website teaches about this subject.
  • Vector TUTS - vector graphic is all about designing easily-scaled images, especially logos and brand marks. This site teaches about vector graphics.
  • Audio TUTS - sound edition and making music on computer is being taught here.
  • AE TUTS - this blog is all about tutorials for Adobe After Effects video editing software.
  • Net TUTS - this website, one of the oldest in the network teaches about coding and creating website.
  • Active TUTS - great place for Flash, ActionScript, Flex and Silverlight tutorials.
  • Psd TUTS - the oldest Envato website is all about graphic design in photoshop.
  • Mobile TUTS - mobile apps and mobile devices are the future, and this blog is all about mobile applications.
  • Photo TUTS - this website teaches about photography and photo edition. If you're into this stuff, you might find it interesting.
  • Webdesign TUTS - one of the youngest website, it teaches about designing websites.
Remember that your tutorial need to be of high quality - but if you're skilled enough, and you have good copywriting skills, then those are easy money :).

Sell your stuff on Envato marketplaces

But you don't have to write in order to make money with Envato. The company owns a network of marketplaces where you can sell stock flash elements, stock templates, graphics, audio files, scripts and more.

Here's a list of all Envato marketplaces, and short description of what you can sell them.

(If you'd like to say "thanks" for this Hub, attach a "?ref=Mastergreed" to each of the links below, so you can register via my affiliate link - thank you)

  • Activeden - sell Flash elements, ActionScript, Silverlight and more.
  • Audiojungle - this marketplace is perfect for those who create interface sound samples, and compose their own music, or even record voices of the world around them - birds in trees, sounds of the city life etc. You can sell audio stocks here.
  • Themeforest - For those who create website designs - templates, themes, even simple PSD files, this is the garden of Eden - here you can sell stock templates for XHTML websites, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many other CMS's.
  • Videohive - another stock marketplace for those who record video of different sort and then edit it, for example with After Effects.
  • Graphicriver - stock graphics maniacs, go there! This marketplace allows you to sell icons, graphic elements, illustrations and many, many more!
  • 3docean- if you create 3D graphics, you can sell stocks here as well.
  • Codecanyon - if you code in any programming or script language, if you create plugins for CMS's, apps for mobile devices and more, here you will be able to sell them!
  • Tutorials - a great place where you can sell your premium tutorials and even e-books related to the Web and online business.

So, if you create graphics, code, cerate music or write tutorials, you can create and sell stocks with Envato. It's a great way to create a source of passive income each month!

Affiliate program

If you want, you can also make money with Envato by promoting marketplaces - if a person will register from your affiliate link on one of Envato marketplaces and deposit money (it doesn't matter where, the affiliate program works for whole marketplace network), you get 30% of this deposit for yourself - and you can pay it out and spend on eBay for example :).

The best way to use it is to promote Envato marketplaces throughout social networks. I'm sure you're using:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook

And many other websites, and you have many, many friends there. How many of them need some graphics? Icons? Website layouts? It's always good idea to suggest them marketplaces in question, if they will deposit their money through your affiliate link, you will get paid.

Or you can do some keyword research and invest some money in Google AdWords. Then target the keywords and point people through AdSense to specific items on the ThemeForest for example - of course, through your affiliate links (AdWords policy allows this) - with time and effort on good keyword research, people will start to land on Envato marketplaces, register and deposit money. If you will be careful research, the amount of money from affiliate programs will be greater than the amount you invest into advertisement.

Other ways to make money with Envato

There are also other blogs of Envato, for which you can write articles and get paid:

  • AppStorm network - 3 websites here: WebAppStorm, iPhoneAppstorm and MacAppstorm, first deals with web apps, second with iphone apps and last one with mac apps. For each, you can write tutorials and get paid.
  • WorkAwesome - this blog deals with productivity in workplace. Again, if you feel expert in this field, it's another blog where you can write.
  • FreelanceSwitch - one of the oldest Envato websites deals with discussing freelanceship.

Write and sell ebook

Did you know that Envato also owns publishing division? Rockable Press publishes e-book about different aspects of online business, from blogging to designing and coding. If you're an expert in some web-stuff, and you believe you can share the knowledge, why not contacting Rockable Press about your e-book idea. If it will be good enough, they might be willing to publish it and you will get author's commissions :).

Easy Money?

Making money with Envato isn't work-free thing. You still need to work - write tutorials, create stocks etc. But it's a great way to create additional source of more or less passive income.


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      3 years ago

      Great tutorial, thank you!


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