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Make Money To Fund Your College Social Life

Updated on November 12, 2011

Do you want some extra cash?

Are you one of the many students that need to make a little extra little cash this year? If you like many others, enjoy a good time but need the pocket money to supplement this lifestyle you have come to the right place. If you dont like to ask for handouts but prefer to earn some extra cash yourself to supplement your college fund then read on to find some exciting and simple ideas on how you can make some money easily.

How Can I Make Money Fast?

  • Hubpages - Hubpages is an online space where you can write articles about subjects that you have knowledge of or that you research and you can earn money through advertisements on your articles. Some people who write regularly make a few hundred euro a month or more on Hubpages. Join Hubpages now on
  • Mystery Shopping! - Yes you can actually make money shopping or buying fast food!. Many mystery shopping agencies will require you to join and to fill in a questionaire giving details about your interests and the areas that you can visit and the times that you are available. The mystery shopping agency will then make you aware of any assignments that are available in your area. See This is an enjoyable way to make money.
  • Become a movie extra - There are many movie extra agencies that will require you to pay an initial registration fee. The casting agency will then make you aware of any upcoming posts and you can decide what may suit your study hours. See
  • Ebay - Almost anything will sell on Ebay but by being clever and guaging the market you can make a good income through Ebay. If you are aware of a game of a child's toy that will be in demand at Christmastime and you are in a position to bulk buy, then all you need to do is to regularly check your emails and ensure that you post the items to the buyer ontime.
  • Tutoring - Many parents of exam students are delighted to get someone who is willing to give their child a couple of hours tutoring a week. If you have a subject that you are specialising in perhaps you could advertise in the local community centre or local shops.

Don't let your studies slide!

Being a student is exciting. You are constantly learning new things and meeting new people. If you like me decide to supplement your studies using some of the ways I have suggested above remember that your studies should always come first. None of the things I have suggested above will ever earn you a full time wage nut they may just help you to have a little fun along the way. Have Fun!


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