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How to make money with how to make money videos

Updated on June 29, 2014

Make Money With Your YouTube Videos

10 Top Tips...

Ten Top Tips To Promote Any Small or Large Home-Based Business on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most valuable websites online.

It is also one of the best at promoting your product, service or anything else that you may be marketing online, or offline. So, if you are an online marketer do not ignore this amazing and well known website that can drive massive hordes of traffic to your web pages. Whether you are a gardener, a carpenter, a Gemologist or a Philosophical Coach, Life Coach or even a Web Designer you need to be on YouTube!

Here in what follows I will present for you the top ten tips for promoting your online business on YouTube.

Top Tip No. 1:- Use Keywords Effectively and Properly

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, and it is owned by Google, the largest search engine on the planet. YouTube relies on effective keyword selection, use and repeat just as Google does in order to rank websites according to what people are keying in when searching for information or products online to solve a problem or need they have. If you want people to find your service or product you have to select those keywords that they will be keying in when they do their searches, and more than that, you also have to place them properly in your ad copy in your videos so that the search engines will favour you. Use your main keyword in the title of your video, as well as in the title of any articles that may cite, and in the tags that each video YouTube allows you to place in them. Your main keyword and several variations of it must be contained in your video script that must also be provided to viewers in pdf format.

Another step that many seasoned YouTubers use to get ranked high by the search engines is to "borrow" successful and well ranked keywords from those videos that are already ranked high by the search engines and use them in their own videos. You simply do a search of the most popular videos and see what keywords are ranking them so highly and use them yourself, only better. Every time someone who views the high ranked, your keywords will show up in the "suggestions" section and will have a reference to your video in the viewed section thereby potentially generating views for your video that you otherwise would not have received.

Top Tip No. 2:- Success Leaves Clues, So Follow Them and Use What Works

Research successful and highly ranked videos as well as successful channels on YouTube and you will find that the videos that are consistently ranked high are always on top of the search engines because of what they do and do well, and also do well consistently! They are successful and success leaves clues. Follow those clues, see what works for their videos and incorporate those factors into the preparation of your videos. I am not talking here about plagiarizing someone else's work or ideas, but rather their techniques, strategies, and approach to making and uploading their videos. Whereas the work of others and their ideas are not to be copied, otherwise the law would intervene, their tactics, strategies and presentation are not outlawed and you should learn as much as you can from the successful channel owners and incorporate their successful approaches into your own videos.

Top Tip No. 3:- Create a Good Title That Is Memorable and Catchy

This may sound easy, but believe me it is not. The importance of selecting a good title cannot be under emphasized. The first thing that many potential viewers will look at is the title of your video and will decided whether to view it or not simply by its title! Take time to choose a title that is both memorable and easy to remember and make it easy for potential viewers to target your videos from amongst all others. So, what should a good title have?

Some of the most important elements are as follows:

  • It should describe your video. Far better to have it describe your video as opposed to simply giving it a name.
  • Stress the benefits of your video to your viewers so they will be tempted to view it. People want to view videos they suspect will help them with their problems, so reciting benefits are mandatory.
  • Create a question for the title. the best question always starts with the two words "How to..." and your video's title in benefits version or in completing the sentence starting with "How to...".
  • The important information is always stated at the beginning of your title.
  • Always use the targeted keywords of your video in your title to increase your chances of getting ranked by the search engines. If possible, yoo can also include a variation of your main keyword in the title as long as the title is ot overly long.

When you select a good title that outlines the benefits to viewers of your video you will in effect be doing "Headline Optimization" The headline of a YouTube video is one of the factors that will determine the click through rate of viewers who end up viewing it and then deciding if they want to click your link to see your website, which s the only goal of any video.

Top Tip No. 4:- Keep It Short...Less Than Three Minutes Please

The length of your video should never be any more than three minutes. Ideally, it should be around 2 1/2 minutes in length so that it gives viewers what they are seeking and also does not turn them off because it is too long. Studies show that viewers do not stay on a video for more than 2 1/2 minutes and if they do not see any value to it in the first 15 seconds they will leave at that point in time. All your hard work will go down the drain if you do not realize this important statistic and its importance to your videos. Script your video before recording it and you will sound more natural than if you do it ad hoc. Remember that your video has to have good content that will solve the viewers questions and deal with his problems, so this has to be done well.

Top Tip No. 5:- Always Add Your URL In The Description Box of Your Video

Some people do not do this and actually leave views on the table, views that could be directed to their videos if they only did this little thing. YouTube allows you up to 5,000 characters in this description box so use this real estate profitably. Draft a good description of your video and include it in this box and you can get more views and traffic from related topics mentioned in your description box that are mentioned in other videos. in your niche. As the search engines do their thing, they will compare your keywords and descriptives in the description box with what people are keying in and a good description will get you added views and traffic, that without it you would not otherwise get.

You have to use your keywords in this box, but do not over do it as the search engines will think you are being spammy, and will actually penalize you for your descriptions. A good rule of thumb is that you should use 3% keywords in your description box when drafting your message there. This is no different than what applies to keyword usage in articles or in website ad copy.

Top Tip No. 6:- Include a Strong Call to Action to Your Viewers

A good call to action to your viewers is a must and you need to do it correctly, otherwise not even a million viewers who do not do what is needed (to click your link to be taken to your opt-in page) will help your video get noticed. A good call to action is something like, "Please visit my website", or, "Check out my Channel here", or, "Rate this video", or finally, "Subscribe to my Channel".

You must direct your viewers to do what you want them to do next, whether that be to get them to your opt-in page, to your website, to your Channel, or to your mailing list or newsletter. Be firm but polite and ask for them do what you want them to do. YouTube allows you to input overlay text in your videos and this is an ideal place to insert your calls to action so that you can direct your viewers. Use it for this purpose.

Top Tip No. 7:- Select the Best Thumbnail Image For Your Video

There is a default thumbnail with your video that is embedded in your video once you upload it. But did you know that you can select from four thumbnails for your video? Select the one that bests suits your video, and do not use the default one provided by YouTube. Go into My Account, and search around for the link and change it to what you want.

Top Tip No. 8:- Add Sub-Titles To Your Video

This is one of the ways to easily open up the possibilities of your video being exposed to even larger audiences simply because of the option of using sub titles that could be in languages other than English. Some of the most popular videos are not in English, but have English sub titles. You can have your videos with sub titles in let's say, French, or German, if that is a target market you want to exploit. YouTube allows you to add these sub titles in any language you choose, so use it if you feel that your video would be more suited to a target population other than English.

Top Tip No. 9:- Promote Your Videos on the Major Social Media Outlets

Promoting your video means that you have to share it in popular social media sites. You know what they are; Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google, MySpace, etc., and you have to do this for every video you produce and upload. Submit your videos to these sites and you can expect your viewership to increase.

This will ensure that you will get additional viewers that you would otherwise not have gotten.

You can post your video as a response to another video in your niche that is getting somewhere around 1,000 views and is clearly on the way up. Stay away from highly successful videos because you will not make any headway into their viewership because they are just too far up there. Focus on the ones that are being viewed, but not too much, and where the upside is unlimited.

You can also comment on other YouTube videos in your niche that will bring traffic into your channel, and hopefully subscribers. You can easily post your link to Facebook on the many groups that are out there in your niche and penetrating that market will get you noticed and your message out there. Get your link everywhere. It is the seed that carries your message to the viewership out there that will become your subscribers and from whom you will generate your income in future months.

Top Tip No. 10:- Rally Viewers and Other YouTube "Channel" Owners Around You

Once you get your channel up and running you should seek out other channel owners who can be your allies in your common endeavours. Your competitors can become your community group around which all of you can share and grow. Someone has to take the lead and assemble the others into a common group. Why not you? Why not now?

Engage with your viewers. Viewers will comment on your YouTube videos and when they do, you should respond to their comments placed.

The more your group grows the more you can share ideas, what works, what is popular, what to avoid, what to learn and how to do things better. Win-win for everyone.

Extra Top Tip - No. 11:- Tag You Video

Tagging your video helps YouTube to get your video relating with the targeted category and will result in a better ranking of your video in the search engines. Just make sure that you use your targeted keywords properly and enclose them in quotes "as is" and use related keywords in phrase or sentences.

Just be careful to not stuff the tag area with anything other your relevant and targeted keywords or you will suffer the consequences of spamming in videos.

There you have it.

Ten top tips to help you promote your online business through YouTube.

Go out there and produce your first video. And then do it again. And again.


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