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How to monetize your blog in Nigeria

Updated on November 6, 2012

If you want to make money online in Nigeria, one of the growing popular ways is by blogging. Yes, it 's really all about blogging and there is a growing number of them in Nigeria focused on publishing local content.

Why are Nigerian blogs growing fast? Probably because there is still a lot of unpublished information about Nigeria on the web and local bloggers are using this platform as a means of getting their voices heard in Africa's most populated nation while at the same time making money by the side.

How do you monetize a blog in Nigeria? How can one make money from just blogging?

Well there are quite a lot of ways to make money from a blog in Nigeria and I would just liste some of them here:

Ways to make money with a blog in Nigeria

  1. Offering Pay per click advertising services
  2. Offering CPM advertising
  3. Selling online
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Paid reviews
  6. Selling direct advertising
  7. Membership subscriptions

The most popular method for now seems to be online advertising services which is mostly done in partnership with Google in their programme called Google adsense.

Google adsense makes it easy for Nigerian blogs to make money as all they simply need to do is to have a lot of good content worthy for advertisers and then pasting the adsense code in their blogging platform so that they earn commissions based on and pay per click basis or Cost Per Impression(CPM) basis.

Direct advertising: Another growing method by which one can monetize a blog in Nigeria has to do with selling direct advertising to clients who want publicity. Blogs which are able to do this are the ones who already have an established high number of traffic ranging in over 1 million hits per month. It also works best for blogs which have formed a niche for themselves and would attract advertisers to pay for such publicity on a time based rate.

Not making money from your blog yet? Well it's probably because you don't have enough traffic yet. You may need to do some site optimization for your blog in order to get more traffic. Ideally, you'd get more traffic if you focus on creating more user friendly content on your site as the more content you get, the more traffic you'd get. So if you have about 100 posts on your blog and not making money, then try making it up to 1000 blog posts and see the difference.


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