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How to monitor your investment on the Stock Exchange Market

Updated on October 20, 2010

 One of the duties of an investor is to obtain information about the performance of his investment overtime so as to enable him monitor his investment on the Stock Exchange. The information that will help one monitor his investment on the Stock Exchange Market between can be got through the following means:

 News broadcast on radio and television: Most radio and television stations include in their news broadcast summary report of the Stock Exchange Market between Mondays and Fridays. This is a major source of information to any person who wishes to monitor his investment in the Stock Exchange Market.

National Dailies

Major dailies in the country also contain the summarized activities of the Stock Exchange on weekdays. Through them, one can obtain a good chunk of information of performance of his or her shares.

Reports posted on the internet: The internet has made the world a global village as almost everything can be got therein. Most internet websites post comprehensive Stock Exchange Summaries on daily basis. All that is required is just having the desire for information and talking the bold step.


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