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How to reduce electricity bills

Updated on April 7, 2014

Save Electricity ! Save Money ! Save Nature !

Most of the people does not care about judicious use of Electricity and in the end of the month, when they see the total charge, they seem to get little frenzied about the exorbitant amount they have to pay. A little foresight can forestall the occurrence of the high cost.

Attitude is what matters in this case. You change your attitude and you will see that you have considerably got a grip on the bill. The second thing which matter is the usage of the modern technology apparatus which are rated energy star and are extremely low power devices.

The other benefit that you get is a deep satisfaction that arises out of the responsibility you are bearing. You can contend that you are helping, in a way, to protect your mother nature who is so generous to give us all the things that you want.

In this hub I have described very simple and down to earth methods which I found as a result of my experience and by applying which anyone can slash his/her bills considerably.

Technology upgrading reduces Power Consumption

Latest Technology in Television by Sony Corporation
Latest Technology in Television by Sony Corporation | Source

Attitude can make a Huge Difference

The first important step that I will discuss here is the Attitude. I have seen many guys who are very careless and lazy. If you have that attitude then you need to immediately drop that attitude since that won`t help you here.

I have listed below ,in points, some methods which can work wonder when adapted seriously.

  1. Whensoever you move out of the room switch off the devices. The switch board is generally near the door and the only thing you have to do is press the buttons as soon as you move out.
  2. Okay ! at first you might complaint because you forget to do so. My recommendation is that whensoever you remember that you have forgot switching go and switch them off. It might seem little uncomfortable but this discomfort will hint you to switch off the devices, as soon as you move out of the room, next time.
  3. Remember to shut your computer down when you and your computer both are idle.
  4. If you are idle but you use you computer frequently a more better option is to let computer slip either in sleep mode or hibernate mode.
  5. The hibernate mode saves your data and then shuts the computer. And when you want to reuse it you can easily do so since it does not take too much time to turn on.
  6. Remember to save water. Wasting water means running your motor pump more and hence adding to your electricity bills.
  7. Sometimes you move out of your room and you let the appliances running since you think that you will return very quickly but you become involved in some other work only to come back after few hours and see that appliances are still running and they have added to your electricity bills in vain.
  8. A better way to curb this habit is to stop for a while and take a witty decision of whether to switch off the devices or not depending upon the nature of the task for which you are moving out.
  9. Inculcate the culture of electricity saving in your family.
  10. Even when you are not at home but in some public place and you see that switching off a particular device like street light can save the electricity then go and do it. Remember a habit is built by regular practice.

Golden Gate During Earth Hour

Insert shows GGB before the power lights at his towers were turned off
Insert shows GGB before the power lights at his towers were turned off | Source

Conserving Electricity

Main hindrance, according to you, in conserving electricity is ?

See results

Use low power Consuming Devices

It is better if you upgrade your outdated electricity appliances. Though it requires some calculations regarding how much you will gain by investment but it is certainly commendable that you do some math. The new technology that you will use have many pros.

  1. You will get the best experience that current market can offer you.
  2. The second thing is that you will save considerably your electricity charges. A good example is replacing the CRT tube Television with LED`s one. It happens that most of the time Technology giants such as Samsung and Sony also have a scheme to replace your old Television.

If you are very concerned about your electricity charges then I recommend that you directly go for Laptop instead of personal computers which though cheaper and comfortable to use eat more electricity.

It is better if you abstain using Air conditioners in summer and Heaters in winters. You can certainly manage your comfort without these devices also. Our body has one very wonderful capability. It learns to adjust in the environment it exists. So it is possible that you may get uncomfortable in the beginning but soon you will learn to ease yourself.

If you cannot leave your Air conditioner then try to run it at a constant temperature. Frequent changes in the temperature consumes more power. Fan is a good replacement of the air conditioner. And warm clothes can replace Heaters.

Major Power Consuming Appliances

Serial no.
Air- conditioner
Can be manged frugally
Heating Systems
Can be avoided
Can be upgraded and reduced to one for a family
Washing Machine
Can be avoided at many instants
Clothes Dryer
Can be avoided

Does your Ego Hinders ?

There are many rich people who consider wastage and carelessness as the mark of affluence and leisure. If you are one of them do not consider my forthcoming words as a offense or assault.

Wastage can never be justified by any means. Electricity wastage leads to frequent power cuts not only in residential but also in Industrial estates where electricity is the Umbilical chord of their operations. In cities like Kanpur and Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh, India lots of factories were closed due to unavailability of continuous power and hence relegating the prosperity of the region and depriving millions of employment.

The other hazard is the pollution which out mother nature faces due to over-usage of electricity. More electricity means more coal in Thermal power plants and hence more smokes in chimneys of the power plants.

Your little careful attitude can end above miseries and add to your Dad`s or your balance even if you have plenty of them.

Solar Power is a Boon

Recent advancements in Solar technology have made it possible to go for solar power options. Though initially costly but in the long run it can considerably reduce the electricity bills hence proving to be a judicious and profitable investment.

This option can be more fruitful in the areas which experience 1 to 2 hours power cut. Now in the market there are solar inverters which has dual power option, i.e. they can charge batteries via solar panel as well by electric power. So the solar power that you use is almost free of cost.

Now there are buildings which are designed in such a way to absorb the maximum solar power. If you are planning to build a new house then it is highly recommendable that you consult a professional in this field as people in India consult Astrologers for Vastu Shastra.

Here is a link where you can further find information regarding the solar power and other means to save your electricity bills. Do visit it since I have not described the methods which are already given in this blog.

Get Solar Inverter now

Solar Inverter Off Grid 1000W
Solar Inverter Off Grid 1000W

Harness the Power of Sun and save your Electricity Bills.


A Green Building

 A 3D-snapshot of the mkSolaire (or "Smart House"), a house design originally designed by Michelle Kaufmann, design is now owned by Blu Homes
A 3D-snapshot of the mkSolaire (or "Smart House"), a house design originally designed by Michelle Kaufmann, design is now owned by Blu Homes | Source

Commit yourself to Save Power

Earth Hour is observed across the world in more than 7000 towns and cities. It was organized by World Wide Fund for Nature. It entails switching off the non-essential lights for one hour. It is usually held in the end of the march. In 2014 it is scheduled on Saturday, 29th of March. If the whole world can do it then why can`t we.

Learn to switch off your non-essential lights on holidays and you will feel a strange sense of excitement due to darkness. You are in a way helping yourself with the family budget and also collective effort of the family members to save the precious power, brings them together. You can make fun out of the wonderful hour in which you are going to spend your time with minimum electrical appliances. Suppose you decide to switch off your lights for one hour then you with your family can sit on bed and play verbal games(which does not need vision capacity) such as Antakshari.

A Video guide to Slash Electricity bills

Planning can make a lot of difference

This section I have included to stress that if somebody who is planning to build a new residence or planning to move to a different area, what-2 things he must keep in mind so that he can make a considerable saving in his electricity bills.

Consult a Expert who specializes in power management. He will guide you and suggest you various ways which though may require little investment and may add austerity to the architecture of the house but in the long run they are going to be your best decisions. One good example in inclusion of ventilators and window according to the locality and geography of the location on which the house is to be built. An efficient planning can make your house cool enough in summers hence eliminating the need of appliances.

If you are planning to buy a new house or apartment be sure to consider it aspects related to the Electricity. In Mumbai Best(6 Rs./unit), Reliance(6.8 Rs./unit) as well as Tata Power(5.8 Rs./unit) provide electricity. Tata Power is cheapest. Hence if you are in a metropolitan city like Mumbai where there are many Suppliers you can choose the cheapest area in terms power tariff.Also can you select the Apartment according to the geographical locations.

Here`s a link suggesting more practical ways to cope exorbitant electricity bills. I recommend you to visit it surely.


I found out while searching online that methods, which are given on the top websites, have assumed that person will readily follow what ever he finds on the website. I have seen that with most of the people this is not the case. It happens that most of the time it is our attitude which makes us pay high power tariffs. Hence first I have covered those inherent and essential things without which no implementation is possible. After one gets acquainted with them or simultaneously he can implement other technological measures listed in the Hub.

I have described ways but there may be many which my readers might know and could suggest to make this article more useful to the needy. Hence I request my readers to comment and add their relevant suggestions so that one can make best out of it. I would be happy if some diligent readers point out my mistakes. I will surely correct them.

Wishing a Low Electricity Bill


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