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How to refinance home

Updated on June 26, 2011

Refinance Now-Don't Wait

When in the process of refinancing my home,a few people tried to give advice that was unfounded as I found out later.I still hear people saying the same things now about refinancing your home.So you might be giving up a great opportunity to refinance your home because of false advise others give you or bad credit.Don't let someone else tell you not to refinance.Finding new sources and reading the facts yourself is the best advise here. You can even get a bad credit home loan from many loan companies.

A person without knowledge advised not to refinance because he had heard refinancing was a bad idea,with to many risks whether it be for your home mortgage,a student loan, or anything else, and that his dad had to foreclose on his home thanks to a refinance fraud.
So I hesitated for weeks until another neighbor refinanced his home and showed me the benefits he received in doing so.

He said to study the mortgage rates and speak to various lenders,and then make a decision to refinance.

My advice is this, if you know your purpose for refinancing and do the proper research for finding the best lender and mortgage package, then you can certainly save money. In order to meet your needs, negotiate costs and find the lowest rate using the many resources available to you, including the newspaper and Internet sites you will accomplish this feat,and be very happy you did with the rates as they are now.

The main factor is do not give up and don't fall for the first lenders advise.
Talk to three or more companies before picking one.

How to refinance home

Another plan by the United States Government to help the home owner who is behind on their mortgage.

Learn how to refinance your home loan.

The odds for struggling home owners are long and many will not qualify,for the Governments new bailout plan but don't let that stop you from trying to keep your home.

It seems many home owners these days are just walking away from their loans,due to the oweing more on the home then it is appraised for.

The United States Government says this program would help millions of troubled homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth,and also who do not have a job and need help with their payments.

This is up to the Banks and Investors whether the program will work,as many disputes have came about over reducing the debt owed by homeowners.

It is estimated that fifteen million homeowners qualify for the new program,and ten million are way behind in payments.

There are many Banks and Loan Companies in which one can check out to get a Refinance of their mortgage.

  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America
  • Citigroup
  • Quicken Loans
  • Chase
  • Lending Tree
  • FHA
  • Di tech

The main thing is do not delay in checking this new idea out.

There is nothing more upsetting for a family then loosing their home after putting so many years of money,blood,and sweat into it.

And the children having to go to another school,loosing close friends and not knowing where their next meal will come from.

Check your credit score and fix

  • Things to do before you apply;
  • Remove the negative figures and improve your credit score:
  • Get a copy of your credit report from the three bureaus and check it for any late payments, collections and etc) and inaccurate problems.
  • Dispute the negative items and try to get them removed from the reports.Pay off unpaid balances on debt,or you won't get a low rate and most likely will not qualify.
  • Most of all don't fall for lenders who will most likely offer you a bad credit refinance loan, as you will most likely get a higher rate and more fees added.


If you lose your home a tax could come next

In 2009 there were 3.9 million foreclosures in the United States.

The rules on tax on debt discharge is very simple:
 If the lender cancels the debt, that is taxable income to you, plus you and the Internal Revenue Service will get a 1099-C form, and you will have to pay tax  on that debt forgiveness.

Now the United States Congress gave homeowners a fat gift.The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.
This Relief act excludes as much as $2 million in debt relief from income taxes through 2012.

It applies, however, only to debt on primary residences.
If you had a mortgage canceled on your vacation beach condo, you could get stuck with paying taxes on it.
 And you'll still have to pay tax on relief from your auto loans,credit cards and other debt similar.

Calculate compound interest

Is this you?

Refinance your home

Personal income tax

Refinance home

Refinance now

Do you think the new loan program will work?

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